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Yoga Tips For Beginners

Read these before you do yoga for the first time. We’re watching you. And we’ll know if you didn’t.

1. It’s going to feel weird.

If you’ve never done yoga before, many of the postures are going to feel weird, because it involves movements that your body is not used to. Fear not, however. The soreness you feel the day after your body experiences some weirdness is your body adapting to new movements and becoming stronger.

2. Breath Through Your Nose

Yoga helps train your mind to stay cool, calm, and collected. Especially under duress. It does that by teaching you to breath through your nose in slow, controlled breaths. To breath correctly, avoid breathing with your mouth. Instead, link your movements with your breath by inhaling and exhaling long, slow, breaths during each movement. Breathing controls the natural rise and fall of your body. Inhaling lifts your body, while exhaling lengthens and releases your body. Breathing also controls how you let stress affect you, the rate of your heartbeat, and many more physical and mental processes your body completes on a repeated daily basis. Focus on your breath, and the control of your body will follow.

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