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Supplemental Yoga Workouts For Sports
Recover, Restore, and Rejuvenate!
Made For Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers, Weight Lifters,
Team Sports, And Anyone Who Workouts Out
Great For Golf and Tennis!



Created for avid runners, competitors of all types, and anyone who works out. You’ll be able to increase power, strength, and mobility as you soothe sore muscles, protect your joints, relieve pain, and enhance your recovery. Tackle every workout with renewed energy!

Inside, you’ll get access to two easy to implement sessions perfect for rest-days and post-workouts that are just 25 min long. You’ll also get a special matrix that allows you to select the yoga exercises best suited to your sport.

  • Strengthen your knees and ankles to run faster, longer, and smoother.
  • Improve muscle activation in your glutes for more explosive squats.
  • Increase rotational strength for more powerful throws and swings.
  • Build core strength and improve hip flexibility to strengthen your lower back.
  • Improve your range of motion for more power in your lifts, runs, and sprints.
  • Increase body control and balance for quicker changes of direction.

Whether you’re simply hitting the gym to get into shape, competing as part of a team, or training for race day, you’ll be able to achieve your goals sooner, safer, and with less chance of injury while feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for more.

Featuring chief yoga beast, Dean Pohlman, you can expect a fitness, anatomy-based approach to yoga without the traditional yoga lifestyle. No painful postures. No hymns, chants, or gongs. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle to your existing training regime.

Take your game to the next level and get the confidence you need to push yourself to the limit – without the fear of injury.

Find your competitive edge with Yoga Edge!  


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How does flexibility help performance?

As athletes, we don’t often rank mobility very high in importance. We’d much rather improve our quickness our agility, increase our strength, or get more powerful. But increased mobility actually enables us to get better at all of those things, both directly and indirectly:

Increase your range of motion, for more power, deeper squats, a longer stride, sharper cuts, and more fluid movements

Decrease your risk of injury, by making your muscles longer and more supple, more able to lengthen to unexpected situations, and prevent common soft-tissue injuries such as knee ligament tears and strains, ankle sprains, hamstring pulls, and rotator cuff tears. (Needless to say, this also enables you to keep working out!)

Speed up your recovery. Grow muscle more quickly, and get stronger in less time. (Who wouldn’t want that?)

Reduces symptoms and addresses direct causes of chronic soreness and overtraining that lead to injury. (And again, this enables you to keep working out, instead of sitting on the couch wishing you weren’t injured.)

How is Yoga Edge different from other types of yoga?

Most yoga is not appropriate for athletes. Yoga “flows” are typically faster-moving workouts designed to slightly elevate your heart rate and work up a sweat. Athletes already do this with their other workouts, so this isn’t really useful to them. Flows also aren’t appropriate for athletes for a number of other reasons including:

Lack of technique awareness – Improvements in technique happen when you take the time to slow down, make adjustments, and improve. When you spend just a few seconds in each pose, this is impossible.

Lack of muscular awareness – Most yoga tends to focus almost exclusively on the breath, which is great for stress relief and improving breathing, but has little application to proper muscle engagement.

When yoga lacks these aspects, it means that athletes are missing out on some of the most important aspects of strength they stand to gain from. But we don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater, sort to speak – yoga can be extremely beneficial to athletes if it’s taught in a way that’s specifically oriented to athletes.

Yoga Edge help athletes address the full spectrum of their fitness potential by slowing things down and working on aspects of their fitness their traditional workouts neglect, such as balance, mobility, core strength, flexibility, and restorative work. Combined, these elements directly and indirectly contribute to increased strength, improved performance, and decreased injury, to give athletes a competitive “edge” in their sport of choice.

How to fit Yoga Edge into your training regime

We knew three things when creating this program:
The workouts needed to be short and effective.
They needed to be easily incorporated into anybody’s schedule.
They needed to be accessible to beginners and to seasoned athletes alike, and they needed to be fun, new, and exciting.
Here are our recommendations on how best to use this program:
Yoga Excel:
Use as a form of active recovery.
Use as a warm-up for a low-medium intensity workout.
Use as a morning or evening workout to complement your main workout of the day. (Yoga Excel in the morning, weights or cardio in the evening).
Yoga Restore:
Use immediately after other workouts for a comprehensive cool-down.
Use the day after a game or workout to reduce stiffness, soreness.
Use on recovery day to speed up your recovery and prevent injury.

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Program Workouts

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80 reviews for Yoga Edge

  1. Menante’s

    Our family loves the video. Quick and concise.

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  2. dokerson

    older guy flexibility

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  3. Susan

    Great for the aging athletes who don’t stretch enough. Has really helped improve my balance, core strength and flexibility.

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  4. Ed Wing

    Nice stretch routine for after a workout. Would prefer less talking, though, with any talking that is done being brief and explanatory for the specific exercise/stretch. For me, too much talking is distracting and often times does not seem productive to the workout.

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  5. FD

    I really enjoyed the Yoga presented in the program.
    The instructions are easy to follow along and there are modifications for most of the movements to assist beginners. I feel my muscle sores and aches recover quicker by doing the exercise regularly.
    Its really good for active people who just want to find yoga exercises to supplement their workout.
    Btw, the instructor’s other Yoga program – Yoga Boost, is also a good Yoga program.

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  6. James Hayashi

    I was skeptical when I was looking at yoga in that I did this it was a “workout”. What has impressed me greatly is the way that Dean is able to explain in detail the position and know what we may do wrong. It was funny I was shifting my weight to the wrong leg. At that very moment Dean had said to check where your weight was.
    The biggest and best difference with this program is that Dean has turned yoga into a gym work out. Also he has not forgotten the basic of yoga with meditation and how important it is to work your mind also.
    I would highly recommend this video and to go to his website for other training programs. Just to let everyone I started to look for something because of my back pain and Zoom meetings there are so many things that Dean shares with us that is really helping. I have been doing his program for about 3 weeks and I can actually stand up after sitting at my desk.

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  7. Jerry

    Hi Dean, the program is perfect. Awesome, and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it.
    I really like your style and the presentation.
    HOWEVER, in all frankness, i have to admit, i made a mistake maybe in even ordering it, as i
    am a Senior Citizen and am limited in my both my movements/range & with my strength abilities.
    i had never bought a Yoga video before, and though i am able to follow along and try the exercises,
    my doctor tells me i should not overdo, and should have purchased a special Yoga video for more sedate senior males. i didn’t even know they had such things. Do you also offer one of those? i’d be most interested in obtaining one. thank you for your professionalism & what you are offering/sharing with others. Continued Success, Jerry Shipman

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  8. Robin Snyder

    The instructions provided throughout the program ensure you are being safe and effective. I was impressed with the variety of moves and surprised to find it worked muscles probably most of us don’t think about (i.e. wrist and ankle). I appreciate this program so much I will be gifting it to others.

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  9. Jaz. S

    I only use this video for the strengthening portion, so this review is only for that. I do his entire preset routine (i.e. I don’t skip around to individual exercises). I’d actually rate this 3.5 stars if I could, because the exercises themselves are fantastic – serious burn and lactic acid going. My complaints are: 1. He does do a bit too much talking, once you’ve done it a couple times and learned the routine, it’s a bit insufferable having to listen to his long talking breaks, and 2. The biggest failure of this video to me is that he spends WAAAAYYY more time on one side of the body than the other during some sequences. There’s one section where it’s 40% longer on the left side than the right (because he goes into one of his speeches and clearly loses his perspective of how much time has elapsed while talking). It’s as though they just set up a camera and pressed record, with ZERO post editing or quality control (i.e. ensuring the exercises are balanced equally on both sides of the body). If you can remember which side you start with the last time you did the video, you can switch back and forth (i.e. when he says to lift the right leg, do the left instead) and alternate each time you do the video. But you really SHOULDN’T have to try to remember to do something like that when purchasing a professional products. My 2 cents.

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  10. jacob

    I’m pretty new to trying yoga, 24 years old and I have had hip flexor problems on my right side, back pain, and some knee pain. I started adding in these yoga sessions after my workouts. I normally use the regeneration and it has made a world of difference. Not nearly as sore as I use to be, and not in as much pain in those problem areas I listed above. The other workout options have been enjoyable but can be tough in some areas if not used to doing some of these.
    I definitely recommend trying it .

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  11. Lacrisha Bennett

    There is something about this instructor that makes it super easy to do yoga daily. The segments are only 20 minutes, but a great workout. He explains all the poses in a way that makes them easy to do and adds variations that are easier. Highly recommend!

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  12. L. Kanizay

    The content of this video was good, even my husband likes it. The moves combine balance, stability and stretching. I wish there was more in this video though, it is a little short/ doesn’t have a ton of different options/ workouts.

    (0) (0)
  13. D. Jackson

    This has been a great post-weight training program. There are two programs and condensed versions for people crunched for time. For those skeptical of the oddities of yoga, fear not because these are very direct instructions and all those OOMMMs aren’t involved or anything like that.

    I recommend it. Makes your body feel great.

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  14. Anonymous User

    This is my kind of yoga!! I have really been enoying the Yoga Edge program and additonal Body By Yoga workouts online. I do not like yoga because it is so and painful. This is still pretty hard for me because I am so inflexible but I like Dean’s style of teaching. The way he explains each pose and the benefits of the pose helps takes my mind off the pain. I bought this program because I wanted a good stretch/strength routine after running, not for relaxation or meditation. I will definitely buy more of his programs.

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  15. Christopher Robshaw

    well presented, easy to follow, improves with practice

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  16. Diane P. Childers


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  17. Feded

    As a 60 year old man I knew I needed to improve my balance and flexibility. I bought the program yoga boost and followed that one with yoga strong and then got this one a few days ago. I think they are great. I would recommend the yoga boost to start if ( like me you had never done yoga) but Dean makes all of these easy enough for anybody to follow. I did NOT say they were easy to do only easy to follow. My flexibility and balance are much better than before. You will see an improvement almost immediately. When I finish one of these I am very sweaty and will almost always be sore the next day. I highly recommend.

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  18. RTR

    Great workout. Enjoy Dean’s (BBY) other workouts as well. Recommend.

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  19. Charles B.

    Really enjoyed the video workouts. First time doing Yoga and find these very challenging but good.

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  20. Mnr A. Jordaan

    It is the first time that I have done Yoga, Dean is a very good instructor, he tells you exactly which muscles you are working or stretching. As an athlete it has helped allot, I don’t have the stiffness and soreness the day after anymore. I can highly recommend all his program’s because I have them all, If you do the sessions you will have a happy result! Thank you Dean!

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  21. Customer

    I just finished the “Restore” yoga session on Yoga Edge. I’m a road and trail runner and regularly weight train. What an incredible workout! “Restore” stretched my tight muscles in ways I wouldn’t think to do. I feel great–even feel like I’m standing taller (is that possible?!). Can’t wait to do it again. Thank you so much.

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  22. Brand

    Very good instruction

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  23. Star Quest

    Good video with great exercises but it’s really short. For the amount I paid, I was hoping there would be more exercise.

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  24. Perry Purnell

    Yoga instructions are easy to follow.

    (0) (0)
  25. Renee D. Andreuzzi

    Ive been doing this video for a few weeks. I love all parts of it and it has completely loosened up my tight shin muscle from running. No more pain!!! Easy to follow and highly recommend

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  26. Lisa Z.

    I have been practicing Yoga for about 20 years (I am 58). I am not advanced. I am always looking for new instructors and workouts to add to the 30ish Yoga programs I have. I really liked the “work out” on this program and would love to give it 5 stars, however I had to deduct 2 stars for the amount of talking he does. It is excessive. There are options for the type of music you want to play. I wish there was an option for the amount of talking you want. Poses Only or Full Instruction.

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  27. Rich

    Dean is a great yoga teacher. Explains the poses and exercises in a way easy to understand. Great for stretching and building your core. Highly recommend any of his products.

    (0) (0)
  28. Bifdy

    As a triathlete I have found this program to very helpful. The Restore program is really just a series of very helpful stretches. The Excel program has a little more traditional yoga but is focused mainly on balance and strengthening core and auxiliary leg muscles, something that doesn’t happen with the endless pounding of running and cycling. I find traditional yoga irritating. This program is very helpful and I plan to continue using it.

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  29. Customer

    I thought I just needed to stretch my hips, but this program really challenges me to not only stretch but strengthen the smaller muscles and work on my balance

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  30. matt

    Excellent program to supplement other training

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  31. Diva Mom

    Great way to stretch it out.

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  32. Melissa Bucher

    This is too difficult for beginners like me but I am excited to graduate up to this in the future.

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  33. Jerry Kosem

    Will help me get faster Power Walking. Haven’t watched all of . Have learned some new postures I will incorporate into my post workout routine. Well done! Was worth the purchase.

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  34. Joe Cashin

    I notice a significant difference in how I feel when I do this program, and when I don’t. The pacing is great, and its built for a novice user or a seasoned yoga veteran. Have recommended to all my friends who are active Brazilian jiu jitsu competitors.

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  35. Anthony L

    I like the instructor and the format of the videos but video 1-3 are duplicates. Same with 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15. So basically you just get 5 original videos. To make things worse 13-15 are just cuts from the other videos. No transitions from one exercise to another, it just cuts to different positions. I’ll most likely ask for a refund.

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  36. Paul

    The videos by Dean are by far the best yoga workouts for those who do not want to meditate or spend an hour going through a sleepy routine. Fast, efficient and excellent stretch for your body and if you have Amazon Prime check out Yoga Sweat.

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  37. Jason

    Wonderful program nice flow.

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  38. Kyle Boudreaux

    Dean is very knowledgeable and does a great job explaining everything. Follow him on social media to add to the program

    (0) (0)

    Techniques are good, however, it seems it is repeating stuff through different sessions. I might need some time to finally give a better concept.

    (0) (0)
  40. Uber Vita

    I hate yoga because am SO very locked up from years of cycling and trail running injuries, the instructor is a named Dean, a fit chap but not one of those ‘lithe impossibles;’ he wobbles now and then and keeps it real. Each session short approx 20 mins and kept to only a few moves. No whiplash from moving too fast like other classes. It IS challenging but do able – not intimidating and actually enjoyable, but best of all, useful. I noticed a difference from the very first session. For the first time the message received is confidence can actually be developed in yoga. Appreciate the encouragement this provides and although have a long way to go, actually look forward to doing these ‘classes.’ For me, this is functional yoga and thus a more functional me – if only had this 20 years ago!

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  41. JR

    It was quick, thorough and effective

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  42. Denise

    I am doing my first triathlon and needed to find some targeted yoga to help me with my overall training. This fits the bill perfectly. There are two workouts, and also a matrix that allows me to choose what types of exercise I want to complement. (also you get to choose the type of music, which is cool)

    I’m already able to do intermediate level yoga, so for me the routines were more restorative than strengthening, but that’s exactly what I was looking for. I did encounter some exercises I’d not seen before, and some form instruction I haven’t heard before, so that’s much appreciated. The instructor is practical and encouraging. This is not yoga as a spiritual practice but as athletic training.

    My only criticism of the format is that the program menu doesn’t tell you how long the various options are.

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  43. Jyoti P. Mahalik

    I don’t normally write a lot of reviews but I had to write this review because I got immediate benefit from this routines. I believe he must have tried a lot of yoga poses and pushed it beyond its normal limits to find out what benefits the athletes. Thank you Dean for sharing your best experiences in the form of program. I am a runner and I face a lot of difficulties due to back and hip issues. His routines are very targeted towards runners and I guess for other kind of sports relate issues. I benefited from it immediately and I highly recommend to runners.

    (0) (0)
  44. Malik

    I got this program because I was tired of the long, drawn out yoga program I had been using (Rodney Yee). I wanted something more fast paced that focused on strength. Dean coaches you through everything and you can choose your own background music, too. I didn’t like that you had to go to the website to see the ab workouts instead of just watching them on the program. Also, Dean is hot.

    (0) (0)
  45. Jon Stalcup

    I really enjoyed these tapes. My legs feel so much better. If you enjoy running you will like these tapes as well.

    (0) (0)
  46. Terresa L. Falls Lunsford

    As described

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  47. Jonas

    Very easy to follow and begin into yoga with Dean.

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  48. Erin Janssen

    I just got the yoga boost. I am an avid runner and wanted to start incorporating yoga for stretching since my hamstring injury. Which one is best? Are they any different?

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  49. Cal Turner

    WOW! I’m a runner and started late in life. I’m almost 60 and have been running for 2 years. This program saved me from pain in my gluts and hamstrings and IT band too. The yoga is easy to follow and the teacher is awesome. And I’m running better than ever. If you are an athlete of any kind, get this program program. It will change your life.

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  50. Cliente de Amazon

    Excellent video with routines, emphasizing balance, extraordinary after intense training, advisable 100%.

    (0) (0)
  51. nate dog

    Love these programs and look forward to more coming out in future!

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  52. Customer

    Provides an amazing workout!!!

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  53. Crown Family

    I love the Body By Yoga series. Dean, the coach, comes across as knowledgeable and the presentation fits as if he knows when you are struggling and new to the series or dialed in and performing well. I tap into the series on my off days when other workouts just don’t sound appealing or to get back to workout after a trough. I never fail to feel refreshed and more energetic, while these programs help me perform better with other more traditional cardio or kinetic workouts. As importantly, they hold my attention and fit into my busy lifestyle. Great work, keep them coming.

    (0) (0)
  54. Marc

    I recently completed p90x3. I used this program to help recover from some of the more intense workouts. The yoga portion of this program is actually a a really good workout where the p90x3 yoga was a little too basic. Whenever I was sore I used the recovery program to stretch. I have never felt such instant relief for sore muscles! As I switch to a different workout program, I will be sure to supplement with Yoga Edge.

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  55. Peter Gallagher

    Deans approach and demeanor I find very attractive. and his programs are inspirational

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  56. E

    The workout itself is wonderful… Or I should say two workouts are wonderful… But they’re only like 30 minutes and laying. I was hoping for a little bit more in-depth work here.

    (0) (0)
  57. Michael F. Modleski

    I’ve been an athlete all of my life, primarily as a runner and cyclist. As a single dad of a 5 year old girl, I’m a little less of an athlete these days. It’s diffiult to get a run in or go to the gym during the every other week that I have my daughter, making any kind of workout consistency difficult. I’ve done workout videos in the past but none that have sustained my interest for long. Until this one. A friend referred me to yoga edge, and I just finished my 2nd workout with Dean. I can’t believe how different my body feels after the 25 minute routine. It’s immediate. It’s challenging. It’s rejuvenating. I know nothing about yoga (no mat for me) and while I could use a few more practice sessions in front of the mirror, I was able to follow along fine, though I challenge anyone to get through his workouts without a break. This is exactly the kind of at-home supplement I needed for those days I can’t get on the road. I love the fact that in less than the time it takes to watch a tv sitcom, I can improve my strength, flexibility, balance, and body awareness in a way that feels good. I can’t say enough good about this program.

    (0) (0)
  58. Ryan K.

    The restorative session is exactly what I needed to work into my fitness regiment!

    (0) (0)
  59. elena84

    This was a fantastic program. The instruction was clear and motivating. The stretches and poses really help me with my hamstrings and other pains caused by running. I highly recommend this program!

    (0) (0)
  60. VFar

    Fantastic!! Well put together workout, time flew by, & felt great afterward. I will be recommending to family & friends!

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  61. J Guen

    Guys, you will love this video! Dean is an awesome yoga teacher! If you are new to yoga, do not fear, you will do just fine with this program. If you are experienced in yoga, you will take it to another level.
    I especially like how everything is explained in the video. You will learn a lot about the anatomy and the movements.
    Enjoy the program!

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  62. LindaZ

    Given as a gift & they seem to like it. I watched the tape & might order another for myself

    (0) (0)
  63. Drew H.

    Yoga Edge is a very well designed workout for people looking to take their fitness to the next level. The instruction was very thorough, which I appreciated. Some of the movements were above my level, but I like that I have something to progress towards. The Excel workout challenges the strength and balance of your body. And the Restore section helps stretch and rebalance your body. With both sections i felt parts of my body working that I’ve never felt with traditional exercises. I feel that my body is becoming more stable and strong and resistant from day to day. Great workout and I look forward to mastering this and other workouts from Body By Yoga.

    (0) (0)
  64. JCshopping

    Very good

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  65. Customer

    Great product. I do crossfit five times a week and was looking for a yoga program to aid in recovery. After trying RomWod which I didn’t really have luck with I bought this. I like that I can choose my music and more. Would def recommend for the beginner to more advanced.