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Beginner’s Yoga For Weight Loss
1 Class Just 25 Minutes
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Yoga Sweat is our power yoga class for beginners, designed to get your heart pumping and your muscles burning. No flexibility required!

This is yoga for fitness. This… is yoga the Body By Yoga way.

Yoga stretches and strengthens your muscles at the same time.

It’s how you get that lean, totally ripped look. 

There’s a reason why yoga is almost every pro athlete’s best kept secret.

There’s a reason why the top physical therapists and sports scientist in the country all draw on yoga exercises.

And there’s a reason why you should be adding yoga to your fitness routine.

This is a fun and challenging 25 yoga workout for beginners from our hit Yoga Boost series for beginners.

Yoga Sweat is one of four workouts included with Yoga Boost. Try it today without committing yourself to an entire program.

If you thought you couldn’t sweat from yoga, then you better think again!

Who’s it for?

Are you a beginner to fitness who wants to get in shape?

Are you a fitness enthusiast who want to get the most of their “rest” day?

Are you seeking a low impact, strength building workout?

Would you like to improve your mobility and soothe sore muscles?

Seeking the benefits of yoga without the extra spirituality?

Have you been wondering about yoga, but didn’t think it was a good enough workout? Thought it was too easy, or too boring?

Attended a yoga class, but felt out of your element?

Wondering how to incorporate yoga into your exercise plan?

If You Have Been Curious About Yoga, Now Is The Time To Discover All Of Yoga’s Amazing Benefits

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73 reviews for Yoga Sweat 2.0

Based on 73 reviews
  1. mlssa

    Was hoping he’d have his shirt off like in the preview. Where are all the hot men? Sigh

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  2. Daric Sitzman

    I’ve been using this video for years. I always get a workout from it and enjoy us quick and efficient instructions.
    If you’re out of shape this is great to get back into working out or for a relaxing stretch day for between heavy workouts.

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  3. drg

    This was a great yoga ( not your fluffy love yourself yoga) but a real workout following yoga concepts. Dean is a great teacher and his videos are both a great workout but also an education in how to do the poses and make the most of them!

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  4. Shawna

    All over body workout- felt amazing!

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  5. Hank Seeley

    I am not huge into yoga. I have done it only a couple times. This workout was incredibly easy for me, and by the end I did not feel like I got a good workout in. I did sweat quite a bit, but at no point did I feel my heart rate increase or any muscle fatigue. I doubt I burned many calories.
    This workout is geared towards people who may be either out of shape or have never done any yoga and want to have a positive first experience.

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  6. ami allison

    Absolutely LOVED this yoga workout. My whole body felt engaged and feels engaged after. My body feel tight and amazing.

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  7. Customer

    It’s an easy video to follow, he is a great instructor and reminds you of how to keep your form. It’s quick and easy to fit into a day and my back doesn’t hurt after twelve hour shifts. I like that his focus is on the exercise. I am not a fan of some of the other Videos I have done where they talk about themselves, or their day, or how many cups of Coffee they drink in a day.

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  8. Luvmesomebrandon

    I’ve been sleeping and sitting and watching too much TV during this pandemic lockdown. I’ve gained 5 lbs easily, but worse: I feel sluggish and out of shape. This video finally got me off my lazy a$$– I converted my unused dining room into a yoga studio and started working out at home every day this past week. I begin each day with this yoga sweat video, which is a perfect warm-up. Then 20 push-ups and crunches on the yoga mat, increasing in number a little every few days. I will add jumping jacks, burpees, etc, as my fitness level improves. I do wish this instructor had more videos, I like his style and his level of fitness is what I’m aiming for myself. But for a free, quick power yoga class in the convenience of my dining room, it can’t be beat!

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  9. Ally

    Best yoga class ever

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  10. D. Casto

    I decided to give this a try for social distancing during Covid-19 and I really liked it a lot. The instructor gives great instructions, and even though I’m not new to yoga, I found this somewhat challenging. Will be looking into more videos

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  11. Larry D.

    Really great for someone getting back into yoga or just trying to stay active in these cramped times. Highly recommend!

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  12. Laura S

    Great sequence for stretching your lower back and warming up core…highly recommend!

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  13. Vlad

    I like how the instructor re-casts a common yoga routine in terms more familiar to guys. Downward dog should feel like “being at the bottom of a pull-up, or doing a dumbbell raise”, etc. There’s also a greater emphasis on where and when you should ‘feel the burn’, with no flowery metaphors about releasing your stress or internal energy flows (unlike most yoga instructors, sadly).

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  14. Customer

    I hadn’t been to a yoga class in over a year, so decided to start with a video at home. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one, but I’ve done it at least three times a week for a month and feel so much stronger. Dean, the instructor, explains the poses well and offers modifications. My husband who has never done yoga tried this with me and also really enjoyed it.

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  15. Baby Fishmouth

    This is short, but challenging flexibility and strength workout or those who are used to weights and cardio. It’s a nice pace with good direction. Some knowledge of basic yoga poses will be helpful.

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  16. Anne Golden

    This is obviously geared towards men who don’t do yoga. I am a beginner yogi (woman) and trying everything I can find on here. I enjoyed this workout, instructor was great and I did work up a sweat in a short amount of time. I wasn’t left exhausted either but felt strong.

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  17. Heather

    I love doing this class before work as it is short on time and effective. Though it says it is for beginners, it feels intense and powerful. The moves are simple to do but strengthening because they are slow and focused. Get in and get out in under 30 minutes. Great for days I want a good full body yoga work out but have to leave the house early.

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  18. mb

    I break a light sweat in a cool room (at home)-Quick!… and I feel toned from holding the positions longer. This is the video that I think about when trying to figure out about quitting internet?

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  19. M. Schoeneman

    love this for when I’m traveling

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  20. Pat Davies

    I’m a weightlifter and cyclist. Although I work out often, I’ve never done yoga and don’t want to spend more time at the gym. This was awesome! I do it in the morning before work andI feel strong, energized, flexible, and relaxed afterward. This will be a 3 day a week morning routine!

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  21. Jeh

    Good. But would be better if the pace was just a bit slower.

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  22. T. Dowell

    I’m new to yoga and feel like this gives me a pretty good workout. The best video I’ve used.

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  23. Hannah Bejarano

    I rarely leave reviews but I gotta say. I have been looking for the right yoga instructor for me. And he is awesome. I totally love this video. Perfect for beginners! I wish there were more videos from this instructor.

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  24. Terry Cayea

    Great introduction and instruction for power yoga. Felt great afterwards and want to do more yoga workouts.

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  25. Carissa

    I love this workout. I do it first thing in the morning and it completely energizes me.

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  26. JH

    I really enjoy this. Wish there were more. I do this routine with my 2 year old son and he loves it too. Great instructions and directions.

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  27. Maria

    Great video. Loved the pace and the instruction. Also liked that he was in an actual studio vs. his living room like the other video options that came up.

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  28. Alison

    I have done yoga classes and also taken yoga in college. This man does not do a good enough job describing what your body motions are supposed to be. I had to constantly look up at my tv to make sure I was following along. By the time i figured out the pose he was trying to describe he already moved onto the next pose. It was terribly disappointing. Especially when I know the poses and the names. He did not do a good job talking you through the video nor did it cause a sweat. I hope he does a better job in the next video otherwise I will not follow this man’s yoga work-outs. Wish he knew how to describe the body motions better.

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  29. Kacy

    I work from home and don’t always have time to go to the gym. This was the perfect lunchtime routine for me between meetings. I found the poses not difficult but a good challenge for my body and breathing technique. I will definitely make this a part of my indoor workout routine, especially with the winter right around the corner.

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  30. Customer

    Yoga bores me to death (I yawn through every yoga class I have ever done) but do it because I recognize the results. This short video is fluid enough to keep me engaged and short enough that I can see it as a regular addition to my weekly routine. I also had not been working out for a few weeks after moving and a cold, this turned out to be the perfect way to get back into it, flexibility is key before running, cycling or any other activity that may result in an injury if you have not stretched.

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  31. Rinzi

    Subtle workout that does not seem hard until you try some push ups afterward. Great instruction, I like the pacing to really get the breathing and poses down in order to obtain the best strength and core engagement. I wish there were more from this instruction. I liked his explanations and his voice throught the video. An excellent 25min workout that seemed to go quickly.

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  32. Lisa S.

    I regularly took power yoga classes at my local gym, but then I moved so I couldn’t take those classes anymore. So I’ve been searching for a good video to get back in the habit. This video provided many of the basic sequences of a 1 hour power yoga class. It’s a great starting point to get back in the habit. I’ll probably continue to use the sequences in this video, and do more repetitions of each and hold each pose longer. I like how the instructor walks through the poses and breaths as well.

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  33. Tomestis Scott Vivian

    I’m not a stranger to doing yoga, but this does allow you to ease back into it. You will sweat!

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  34. Aimee Bachmeier

    Excellent overall workout! My favorite so far!

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  35. Kimberly Mullins

    SLOW enuf to follow relaxing and easy-ish

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  36. Aaron

    Great workout. Good for intermediate levels, too. Nice variety.

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  37. Benjamin Szweda

    Great yoga session. It was quick but it was challenging. Do not let the word beginner deceive you. This video, while just a half hour, is still a challenging workout. This is possible owing to the slower pace of the flow and the amount of time you hold the positions. The explanations provided by the solo instructor are very clear and easy to follow along with.

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  38. monica

    So glad I purchased this for my husband and I. The instructor explains each move in detail, just like being in a live class. You really work every muscle, I feel great. My husband was shocked how much he enjoyed this. He has never done yoga and was only trying it to humour me. We have started to look for our next set of programs. Just wish it came with block and strap.

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  39. Rafael B.

    I have been a member for over a year now, and today I also did his BBY Yoga Sweat for weight loss, and even at my current level of progression this beginner’s video was a fantastic, short intense workout that’s formidable to my skill set. A beginner will certainly enjoy adapting and growing to this workout, heck, I will be taking it on again soon for an afternoon pick-me-up.

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  40. Robert Tomchak

    Awesome program. Nice for a quick stretch/work out

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  41. shnsmly13

    Great video for beginners and still get a great workout!

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  42. Trevor

    Great for what I wanted. A beginner’s workout that was tough, but didn’t make me feel stupid as an non-flexible old guy.

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  43. K Dub

    Good beginner work out.

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  44. Jim Stauffer

    A nice starting level yoga class. Short enough to start my day off with.

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  45. Customer

    I’ve done yoga off and on so I’m not an expert, but not a beginner either. I really like this video because it is somewhat challenging, but the instructor is great at explaining the steps and helps you focus on your breathing.

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  46. MD

    This is a great workout. I really wanted a quick routine that I could use on those days when I didn’t have time for a studio. Good for those that haven’t tried yoga and those that just want a good sweat/stretch. I wish the rest of the series were part of the Prime membership too!

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  47. Customer

    great way to intro and get started

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  48. Ab

    Excellent for beginners

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  49. Kate Harris

    Just what I want a beginning yoga workout to be. Challenging but not impossible to do. Feel great for doing it.

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  50. Gventro

    Good intro yoga. I’m a novice who’s been out of practice for a while. There are so many different philosophies and routines to choose from it’s hard to know what you’re getting without trying it. Some video yoga instructors are just so annoying it’s hard to focus while going through the poses, but that is not the case. Give it a shot, it’s only 25 minutes out of your day.

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  51. Letty

    Really enjoyed it!

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  52. Andrea P.

    For a quick yoga workout it is great. Not too difficult for beginners and still challenging enough for more flexible individuals.

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  53. Jennifer L. Blankenship

    Definitely like the ability to do this when I have no yoga experience at all! The pace was great and he took the time to show poses correctly as we were doing them!

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  54. Ross

    Very beginner…I wouldn’t call it a power yoga class, even a beginner one. A nice video for getting the blood pumping in the morning.

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  55. Janice Y.

    It’s doable and comfortable without one feeling like a total slacker.

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  56. Tom

    Nice compact yoga workout – only 25 minutes. Very good instructions, especially on breathing.

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  57. Bruce

    Great workout. I love the difficulty, yet simplicity that is offered in this workout. Thank you.

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  58. Raymond F Shafer

    Nice workout and sweat, really enjoyed it.

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  59. Customer

    Good work out video in a short amount of time

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  60. SfK

    I am on vacation and miss my regular yoga classes so decided to follow this video. It was a great workout and I enjoyed the instructors style of teaching. If you are looking for a good workout, give this video a try.

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  61. J76

    What can you say about Dean’s approach to yoga? The guy is awesome in crafting his workouts, they are extremely focused on body awareness and positioning. I got his intro series a while back and within a month I took one of his 21 day challenges and by the time I was done with that I had subscribed to his website.

    I don’t know Dean personally ; but I would have to say hands down getting back into yoga with his workouts was a top ten things I did for 2016.

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  62. Reed Cowan

    This was my first time doing a yoga video at home and it was an awesome workout! Dean is a great instructor and I am definitely going to continue with these exercises!

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  63. Ron M

    I highly recommend Yoga Sweat for anyone looking to increase their muscle mass through yoga. Dean is the best instructor I’ve ever used. He is methodical, innovative and has a genuine interest in his clients.

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  64. Customer

    very good

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  65. B. K. Youmans

    I liked yoga sweat, some enough for me to follow, although I couldn’t bend in certain ways, he speaks clearly, not to slow. And the music wasn’t drowning his voice out.

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  66. John

    First timer here and I found it challenging and yet easy to follow.

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  67. Todd C

    Great starter workout! Been a while since I’ve done yoga, so this is great to start back. Would be great for a beginner! Poses are held longer, but helps stretch out the muscles nicely. Video well done. Simple to follow.

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  68. Maryann

    I love walking and had been making a concerted effort to walk regularly and was pretty successful at being consistent, but then the weather started getting cold and wet and I was forced indoors on the treadmill if I wanted to walk. I think there are few things more boring in life than walking on a treadmill. I started dreading it to the point that I knew if I didn’t do something, I was going to fall off my exercise wagon, and I was determined that not happen. So I began looking for something different to do that would be challenging enough to be a good workout, but not so challenging that it felt impossible, or cause me to hurt myself. I’ve done some yoga before and enjoyed it, but had never done any power yoga. I stumbled across this video, tried it, and absolutely loved it! It’s challenging enough that I can tell I’ve worked out after I’m done, but the moves are structured in such a way that I don’t feel like I’m going to hurt myself. He goes through the breathing and proper form of each exercise along with modifications. The end result being that I have substituted this video for my daily treadmill. I’m looking forward to exercising again, which is a plus. Looking forward to purchasing and trying the other videos in the series.

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  69. Alli C.

    Really great, easy to follow workout that prepares you for harder yoga sweat workouts. Also only 30 min so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Perfect for non-yogi beginners like me 🙂

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  70. Patti

    I just did this video for the first time, I am not new to yoga but I don’t do it regularly so thought I would try it out. It was very good in explanations and instructions. This was still challenging workout. I would recommend and I will look for more Yoga videos from this presenter.

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  71. Y

    I’m new to yoga and thought the explanation of poses were good. The modification options were appreciated. I wish more by this instructor was available. Recommended.

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  72. Becky Bartholomew

    Freshmen physical education classes love this video

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  73. Jesse Lee

    I have been doing this simple routine for two weeks and I really like it. The poses are faster and the entire routine gets my blood pumping. And the whole thing is less than half an hour but gets the job better than any hour long yoga session I’ve ever done. I’ll check back when I’ve done it for 30 days straight:)

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