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Muscle And Fitness May 2018
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Yoga Fitness for Men is the ultimate no‑nonsense guide to yoga.

It was made specifically for men looking to improve their fitness with yoga. This comprehensive, beginner-friendly book is your ultimate tool for learning yoga, starting a yoga practice, and getting results with yoga. The author of Yoga Fitness for Men is Dean Pohlman, the co-founder of Body By Yoga and founder of Man Flow Yoga.

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A Message From Dean

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The book was written to specifically accomplish 3 things:

  1. Motivate and inspire you to practice yoga regularly, so you could stick with it and get results.
  2. Teach you everything you needed to know to start yoga safely and effectively – including key concepts to follow, answers to FAQs from men and beginners, and comprehensive information on each pose.
  3. Give you a plan to get started – a workout schedule and routines to follow so you can follow a program and get results in just weeks.

Here are the 3 men that will most benefit from this book:

Athlete or Fitness Enthusiast

Do you want to boost your athletic performance and stay rejuvenated for every workout? The Solution: Yoga will complement your existing workout routine to make you stronger, improve your athletic performance, and prevent injury.

Back, knee, shoulder, or other joint and soft tissue problems

Do you want to fix your body and help you avoid more serious problems.

The Solution: Yoga will help strengthen the areas that cause daily aches, restore a functional level of fitness, and promote both physical and mental longevity.

Seeking a sustainable fitness regimen without the stress of high-impact exercise or weights

Do you want to get stronger while being kind to your joints?

The Solution: Yoga will keep you active, build muscle, manage your weight, and help you feel great without the stress of cement sidewalks, plyometrics, or fast-paced weight lifting.

Yoga Fitness For Men Has 4 Sections:


Once you purchase Yoga Fitness for Men, you’ll also be eligible for the following bonuses:

6 Video Routines (3+ hours of streaming video) from Yoga Fitness for Men, including the following routines:
  • The Lazy Yoga Routine
  • Stiff Neck Relief
  • Strong Spine, Strong Body
  • Total Body Strength
  • Posture Fixer Upper
  • Total Body Soreness Relief

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