Best Yoga DVDs and Classes

Best For Athletes

Dean is really thorough in his explanations on the alignment for each pose, why you’re doing it, what you should feel as well as how to modify the posture. If you’ve never done yoga before and need professional guidance without diving into the spiritual side of the practice, then Yoga Boost might be exactly what you need. As seen in the list for Yoga DVDs That Are Worth Every Penny

If you’ve always wanted to try yoga but didn’t want any of the woo-woo commonly associated with it, you might want to give Yoga Edge a try.

Yoga Edge is a good yoga DVD geared towards athletes, although almost anyone who wants to do yoga without all the spirituality normally associated with it will enjoy it, as well. The practices are all less than 30 minutes, so you can easily do them as an add-on after a workout, or on rest days. The musical choices, online content, and instructor’s demeanor also make Yoga Edge very appealing.

10 BEST Yoga DVDs For Seniors

Body By Yoga has not one, not two, but three DVDs in the list of top 10 best yoga DVDs for seniors.

  • Best Workout DVD For Men

Best Workout DVD For Men

Ranked # 1

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The Yoga Boost might be a perfect option for people who don’t regularly do yoga. It includes four episodes of easy yoga routines to build muscle, improve balance, and relieve stress. Every yoga pose is clearly explained and modifications are provided for beginners.

10 Best Yoga DVDs 2019 with Strength and a Peace of Mind

This DVD is great for improving your physical fitness and building muscles with powerful yoga poses. The price is great as the quality of the videos and the narration is very good.

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