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3 Morning Routines
1 Power Yoga Routine
2 Evening Wind-down Routines
1 Pre-Bed Routine
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Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $29.99.


RISE – Take on your day with confidence with this complete morning routine! Not a morning person yet? No worries! We’ve broken down this workout into three 10-15 minute workouts! We’ll help you build a morning habit to get you ready for the complete 45 minute workout!

POWER LUNCH – Enjoy this challenging power yoga routine designed to get your heart pumping and your muscles burning. Turn any lunch break, rest day, or weekend into power hour and start transforming your body today.

ENERGIZE – Designed as a centering and refocus tool, this energizing routine starts you out on the floor and almost tricks you into working out! Divided into two parts, you can use the full routine as a complete workout in the evening, or just the first part as a quick pick-me-up before going to the gym, out on the town, or hanging with friends and family.

RE-CHARGE – If you have a hard time falling asleep, find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, feel like you have low energy in the mornings and always have the need for coffee, then we invite you to join us with this gentle evening routine for better sleep! 

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61 reviews for Yoga Charge

Based on 61 reviews
  1. Gene DeCourcey

    I am a retired military veteran who has been through a lot. I was at my wit’s end because I have been having mobility issues, surgeries, etc. I felt like the world was taking things from me and I was not getting anything from it. Now, I found Yoga Charge – AM/PM Yoga For Mornings, Lunch, Afterwork, and Evening | 7 Routines and from Day #1, I was and still am hooked and it has only been a week. Thank you very much for being in the right time and place to help a fellow guy grab back the reins of his life. Much appreciate it for sure!

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  2. Sunshine Girl

    Ordered this back in October 2020 after enjoying my experience with BBY Yoga Body Strong since 2019, but am just getting around to leaving a review. I absolutely love doing Power Up (the full 45 routine) on weekend mornings and the way my body/muscles feels afterwards. My husband has even expressed an interest in joining me… which is pretty surprising since yoga is totally not his thing. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, I’ve decided to order Yoga Max 33 too since it looks fun and challenging as well (and will be a nice break from other high-impact workout programs for a bit). Keep up the great work Dean/BBY!

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  3. Tmm

    I love this program and all the body by yoga programs. Very simple and effective workouts. I love that you can do short or longer workouts.

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  4. Marci

    Not for beginners. I did the warm up fine but then he went straight into a balancing pretzel and my 250 pound 5’1″ frame with badly swollen feet looked at him and said “nope” then turned it off and ordered a cheeseburger. Not very motivating when you can’t even do something labeled for beginners. I tried, but after that I gave up easily.

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  5. Alex

    I’ve been following Deans yoga for many years. This program is awesome. All the routines are wonderful. However, my favorite is the re-charge evening session. It’s easy to do and you will sleep very comfortably.
    Dean tells you what you should be feeling in the poses and uses breath with movement for best results.

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  6. jmumv

    The stretches are good. Instructor sets a slow pace, most of these are more warm up routines. I wish for more continuous yoga flow to lubricate joints and build strength. Also less talking, more doing would be nice. Why are his feet so orange?

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  7. Paul Montefusco

    This is a great video of the best yoga program around.

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  8. Martin Rea Hdez

    This program is amazing ????!! It cost 20 dollars but it worth thousands!! Thank you very much for this wonderful content!! Dean guide you step by step even for a beginner it’s easy to follow!! It’s absolutely wonderful!!

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  9. Kim

    The video quality itself as well as the instruction are excellent. I’m grateful for the expertise, disciplinary and technical, that contributed to making this available. Dean rocks – his narrative is supportive and clear. Love it.

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  10. chillout

    I’m 50yo this year and everything started to hurt. Several friends said to try yoga. I looked around for yoga targeted to men and found Dean. I did a free preview of this program on his youtube channel and was hooked. I feel like I did 15 years ago. Every aspect of my life has improved and the pain in 95% gone and it’s only been two months of yoga. If you think yoga is not for you, then you found the right program.

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    Great workout video with excellent instruction. It has helped me be more flexible and relieved the tension in my back and hips from sitting for long periods of time.

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  12. WBR

    As a beginner with Yoga I have really enjoyed these workouts so far. I feel challenged, but feel energized and ready to go after the morning sessions. High recommended!

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  13. James Rowland

    I have practiced yoga intermittently for many years always with instructors in live interaction. When the lockdown came I ordered my first yoga program. In fact, this one. I am astounded at how safe and effective Dean leads you through these sequences. His instruction is excellent and often superior to instructors I have experienced in face-to-face interactions in the past. The moves I am using in Charge yoga program are familiar and Dean leads you through safely with emphasis on breathing and modifying if you need to. Dean’s pace is exceptionally good. I completed my first session completely energized—that terrific feeling you have when your yoga session has done what it was intended to do. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered Dean and the Body By Yoga Team.
    Highly recommend!

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  14. JDB

    I have added Dean’s yoga routines to my regular workouts, I find that Yoga Charge is perfect for everyday routines to supplement my other workouts. Even if I have to skip a workout I find time for the routines in Yoga Charge.

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  15. Amazon Customer

    Dean does a great job explaining each step as you go through the workout. Not just how to get into positions but why you are doing this. For me who works out a lot with weights and running for conditioning for motocross races this helps a lot. I really don’t feel as tight as I use to and I seem to be pushing more weights with less fatigue. Well worth the money and the time.

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    This is my husband and I’s 5th program we purchased from Body by Yoga. Each program is a new challenge for us that we wholly accept! Dean is a great instruction on how to do the multitude of poses. In the case of Yoga Charge, Dean really hones it on fitness and relaxation. This is great for absolute beginners, those of us who work in an office, or just looking for different path to doing yoga! All of the Body by Yoga program, including Yoga Charge, has helped us….TREMENDOUSLY! How? It is helped with my husband’s perpetual back issues. He’s gained more flexibility. better posture, and has less pain in his back. For me, its helped me to loose weight as well as gain better flexibility, posture, and better awareness of my body!

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  17. michael bowser

    Great workout for longer available time workouts.

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  18. BDBA

    Good techniques and instructions, without a focus on spirituality. Exactly what I wanted.

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  19. B Davis

    What a great idea, a program you can spread out over your day and pick & choose what fits in best for you. I absolutely love Deans straightforward and easy to follow style of instruction, I never feel like that guy who is always struggling to keep up and is constantly looking at the instructor for guidance. I can do this! I’m still struggling with my man-strings and it may be a while before I can do a good forward fold but with programs like this I feel like I’m on my way. Thanks Dean for the inspiration!

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  20. Larry R.

    Dean always gives excellent instruction. Another awesome program.

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  21. TimT

    Great adjunct to my workout program. I mix this in with yoga boost workouts to compliment my weight lifting plans. It has helped with balance, strength, and flexibilty. It has aided in recovery and reduced soreness.

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  22. Afish

    Four great workouts to choose from dependent on the amount of time you have and your energy level. The Rise routine is perfect to do before your first cup of coffee and a great way to start the day.

    The Energize routine I’ve used a couple of times after way too many conference calls – but an excellent way to get a boost of energy for the rest of day. His Power Up routine is another great option. I haven’t tired the Re-Charge routine yet, but looking forward to it.

    Dean’s instructions are some of the best I’ve experienced in a studio or recorded. His explanations and descriptions provide excellent subtleties that have no doubt improved my form. He also provides excellent modifications for every fitness level – Definitely worth the purchase!

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  23. Myles

    This is a serious workout with great instruction, it is energizing, it is challenging and it burns calories. Just like the cover says, there are several workouts and I love them all. I’ve never done yoga before March 2020. After shelter in place orders I watched a free version available to Amazon Prime members and loved Dean’s instructions and movements. I’m a man in my mid 50s with one knee replaced and the other on it’s way out because of arthritis. and a plate in my clavicle. I am used to lifting weights and using cardio machines to stay in shape and I didn’t think I could get a serious workout from yoga but boy was I wrong. These workouts have pushed me to my limit, using muscles I haven’t used maybe ever. The instructions concentrates on the core but I also get a great leg, chest and shoulder workout from this program. I read some of the the complaints that Dean talks too much….if you know the poses and the movements I can see how that could became too routine, but I don’t mind it and I don’t find it intrusive. i would recommend this program to anyone beginning their fitness journey and to a seasoned athlete. I even bought a copy for my 83 year old mom, who’s been doing yoga for many years. Some of the poses are a bit challenging because of her back but she manages to do the modified movements successfully…. and Dean, this is from mom, you have beautiful blue eyes and ” you might as well have someone handsome to look at while doing your workout”. Bravo on great program.

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  24. MrDio710

    I love Dean and am very excited to start Yoga Charge. Dean is an awesome instructor. You will not be disappointed if you make this purchase.

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  25. thatonefrancis

    It’s a good program. It’s broken up based on the time of the day that it’s recommended to do each class, but by all means, do whatever you feel you need. I also like how each “class” is also broken up into the smaller increments so that you could either focus on what you were really feeling needed work, or if you just had a crunch for time and couldn’t fit in a whole class. It’s a nice home program for anyone wanting to add a little yoga into their regime.

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  26. Heather

    I like that there are 4 different workouts depending on what your needs it. It is good instruction and even if you are practicing yoga every day it is nice to change it up with a new routine. It gets areas one may have missed, because of different moves. I practice but needed a change. I did the after work one and was actually sore in a few places the next day. Just because this routine worked out a few small areas my usual routine did not. I have also done the PM yoga and it was a nice wind down from the day. I am not sure it it helped me sleep better or not, but my mind was not racing as much when I went to bed and I didn’t wake up as stiff. I have only had this a few days, so the other two programs have not been tried yet. However, I look forward to getting to them.

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  27. Elizabeth Pettit

    Have done three of the four sets on this collection – the Rise, the Power Up, and the Re-Charge. Power Up is a LOT of work (I gave up on the abs at the end, but will try again and again, I promise!). Rise was a lovely morning wake-up, and Re-Charge was a perfect after-work move into the evening.

    I enjoyed the workouts and, as always, enjoy Dean’s presentation. He seems personable and knowledgeable and gives a good explanation for every pose – how to do it and why, and then offers good alternatives if you just can’t do it.

    I’m planning to enjoy this program for a while! Thanks very much, Body By Yoga!

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  28. John Garcia III

    I have been doing yoga for years and have Yoga Strong, which I really like. Yoga Strong has 3 progressively harder routines, all very good. I bought Yoga Charge and have found the routines very through and challenging. I recently received it and have tried the Morning Routine a few times already and the Evening Routine a couple times. Both very good. I will try the Lunch and Afterwork routines this week. Dean explains things very well and gives options on the poses depending on your yoga level, which I really like. Even though I have been doing Yoga for a while there are still some poses that I find challenging and it’s good to have the easier variation. Keep up the great work Dean!

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  29. RTR

    Excellent set of workouts!

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  30. Eric

    I mostly do the workouts of Dean, but it’s nice to have an offline version that I can throw in a program player or bring along with me.

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  31. Han Do Jin

    Dean is a great teacher. These lessons are perfect for the living room. Make sure you buy 2 yoga blocks to take full advantage of these lessons, especially if you aren’t that flexible.

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  32. haiku notes

    Dean hit it on the nail again! We can’t get enough of his videos and this one didn’t disappoint! Although Dean films for men, my husband and I have been following along with his videos every week, keeping us both fit and happy! I’m a yoga teacher and I am always learning something new from Dean’s instructions and it is so easy to get my husband on the mat for this yoga!

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  33. O. Banarie

    I’ve been using various yoga instructional programs and online content for years. Yoga Charge is the first one I have found that gives specific routines for use during different parts of the day – to relax, recharge, unwind – so that I can select what I want quickly and easily. Dean is thorough in his walk-through and demonstration, and the audio/video quality is excellent. Very useful by busy people.

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  34. Jado

    I love BBY. I have several of Dean’s programs and the mat. All quality products and the customer service is awesome! Yoga charge is no different. Amazing workouts at a great price! Thank you BBY!

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    These workouts are perfect for use anytime during the day (or as prescribed on the program). You also can do them anytime you need a quick burst of energy or pick-me-up during the day, or to get going in the morning, and especially to re-charge in the evening or before bedtime. Plus, since they’re only 10 – 15 minutes a session, they’re the perfect supplement to whatever else you’re doing for health/exercise.

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  36. John. Kowalski

    Yoga Charge is an excellent addition to the workouts provided by Dean. I particularly like that one can choose short or long versions of the morning workout. The evening workout is a good way to de stress and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

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  37. RELL

    Love the workout! And you can stream.

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  38. Christopher Robshaw

    So far this has been great for a light work out or a hard work out depending on what I wanted. Well organized and well presented, I have enjoyed several programs from this series.

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  39. Danny marrs

    The most amazing thing about Dean’s technique is that for the very first time, I feel my muscles engage. Yes I am sore the next day but sore in a good way.
    What I like most about Yoga Charge, is that he gives you options of doing 12-15 minutes or extending your session to 30 or even 60 minutes.
    The morning wakeup programs have given me a way to start my day in a positive way by waking up my entire body. I am able to think clearer and focus much better.
    Dean, thank you for all you do and thank you for what your programs have done for me.

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  40. Tom B

    I have been using Dean’s online instruction for a few months. Because I enjoy that program, I purchased Yoga Charge because I liked the format and already knew I would love this program. I like how it gives you multiple options for practices for if you have shorter time to spend as well as longer. I also really love the nighttime before bed stretch/restoration routine. What I love most about Dean’s programs from other yoga practices I have done is the detailed voice instructions. He tells you what muscles should be contracted, how to modify things for more or less intensity, and how to do correct technique to protect knees, back, etc. It is so much easier to follow than just watching someone and trying to do what they do. Even though I have access to his full library of on-line practices, I keep coming back to these practices in yoga charge.

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  41. JRC.

    I first found Dean and his MFY stuff when I was recovering from back surgery a couple of years ago. Prior to lumbar surgery, I had been very active with F3 and have a physically demanding job. With over 25 years in law enforcement, I considered myself pretty ‘old school’ when it came to working out. I was very skeptical about yoga, but humbled laid out on the floor. I bought Dean’s beginners yoga program to give it a try. I’m an absolute believer now. I found Dean’s style of instruction to be straight forward and relatable. There’s no goofy atmospheric music or any of the ‘spiritual’ stuff I had associated with yoga. Just straight forward hard work. I have referred dozens of friends and colleagues to the MFY site and I recently purchased the chair yoga program for my parents (who love it!).
    Yoga Charge is exactly what I was looking for- several great, longer routines which are broken down into 15 minute or so mini workouts for the times when I don’t have an hour to exercise. Great variety of routines for selected times of the day or desired target areas. I really appreciate the ability to stream the content (on my tablet or phone) when I’m away from home.
    As I’m approaching 50, my main focus is now functional fitness. I can’t imagine a regimen without the core strength, flexibility and balance which I’ve only been able to find through these MFY routines. Thanks Dean for this awesome fitness resource! Keep up the great work!

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  42. Kindle Customer

    This is a great collection of beginner-challenging yoga routines. As always Dean goes right to the movements and muscles with surgical accuracy and clear descriptions and demonstrations. No extraneous Sanskrit. Also has a very good Pre-sleep relaxation routine. Full of excellent less than 30 minute sessions th at are fun yet not too easy

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  43. Firas R.

    I started out with Dean’s yoga workout programs in 2018 with Bulletproof Your Back (I was 40 years old at the time). I had suffered from crippling back pain due to degenerative disc disease for 14 years+ at that point and Dean’s program was pivotal in turning me from being crippled and unable to lift the lightest of bags or weights to being able to safely lift weights, playing all sorts of sports and most importantly being able to play with my 3 daughters now. I’ve been practicing yoga on a daily basis since then (also have an annual subscription on his site) and I’ve used various other programs from him such as GuyYoga, Strength Foundations and many others available on his web site to resolve knee pain, shoulder pain, and build my overall strength and mobility. He has so many programs to accommodate all the different levels of fitness and activity. Are you new to yoga, a seasoned yogi, runner, weight lifter, office worker sitting at a desk all day, senior citizen? He has a program for all of them and then some!

    This latest program Yoga Charge is another great program and offers each of the 4 workouts in either smaller chunks of shorter workouts (15 mins. or so) or longer 45 mins. workouts for you to fit into your schedule as suits you. Dean is the best yoga instructor I’ve come across and explains the workouts in simple, clear and precise language that makes you feel he’s in the room with you as you follow along with his videos. I highly recommend this and all of his other programs and subscription service.

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  44. David Smith

    Easy to follow, challenging but gratifying when finished

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    The routines in this program are fantastic and I especially love how they are organized by the time of day.

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  46. Terrence F Malloy

    This has been the perfect companion during the governor’s “Stay at Home” executive order. The workouts are challenging but doable at my age and level of yoga practice. Dean has a profound background and understanding of human anatomy and exercise. He’s created an excellent video to match your health goals.

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  47. Michael G

    Really digging Yoga Charge! I really like how the classes are broken down into short segments that you can do through the day, or just do one segment in a day when you just have little time, or choose to do all the sessions at once for a great thorough workout. Being a newbie to Yoga, Deans ability to advise on technique is appreciated since I really need that clarity.

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  48. T. Turner

    In the past I practiced yoga on a regular basis and really enjoyed it. Then life happened and I got out of the habit. With the recent ‘stay at home’ orders I decided to use the time to find an exercise routine I could do from home and I found Yoga Charge. This is exactly what I wanted and happy to say I am getting back in the yoga habit. Dean is an excellent instructor, helps to ensure that you are doing the poses correctly. There are a variety of routines depending on time of day, or I imagine according to your mood or what type of workout you want. Highly recommended, extras with purchase.

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  49. Kyle B

    Love the new approach to Dean’s daily, all-day yoga workouts. It inspires good energy and better body movements throughout the day. I continue to appreciate his ability to walk us through the movements/postures in an encouraging and gentle way, especially when certain postures can prove more challenging than not. Another great addition to his vast library of variable workouts that can address even specific needs. Thanks again, Dean, for your innovative approach in keeping us and feeling fresh and new!! Great blogs as well with health tips and goal setting guidelines that can truly compliment this experience.

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  50. Wayne G. Burrows

    Dean does a great job of making the moves simple and of encouraging us to keep trying. Always feel like I’ve got a good workout and finding myself less strained and stiff. Absolutely worth following his videos and subscribing to his channel.

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  51. Michael J. Crum

    Something for everyone in this video, from restorative to very challenging. The workouts aimed at specific times of the day are particularly useful.

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  52. Patty

    This is a great program for anyone looking to incorporate more strength, flexibility, mobility and overall wellness into their day. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new element to their training.

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    Dean does an amazing job and this new program is no different. Clear and concise instructions and feels fresh after each section. He is a leader and a giant in a crowded field of fitness. Yoga everyday is the key to a well lived life. Thanks for another resource to keep moving forward.

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  54. Girevik

    Short Review: Buy it! You won’t regret it. If you aren’t familiar with Dean’s programs, he targets yoga to appeal more to guys, emphasizing strength, balance and mobility (flexibility) with little to no emphasis on the meditative/spiritual side of yoga. He has a broad portfolio of programs ranging from the raw beginner (Yoga Start, Yoga Fix) to the “beginning intermediate” (GuyYoga, Yoga Charge) to advanced (Yoga Strength, Strength Foundations, etc.). All of the programs are great and if there is a trick, it’s to make sure you are starting with the right program dependent on your skill/experience.

    Yoga Charge (this program) is an expansion of GuyYoga with longer programs (approx. 40 min.) with the same focus on Strength, Balance and a greater emphasis on Mobility which I personally find appealing. In addition, there is a 28 min. program which is all Mobility/Flexibility and is the best stand-alone Mobility program I’ve come across (Dean, if you listening out there, a full program of Mobility programs ranging from 15 – 60 min. would be a great add to the line-up!). Dean’s positioned these workouts as targeting the start of the day, lunch-time, after works and before bed. While I agree they certainly serve this purpose, some might interpret that these programs aren’t great stand-alone programs to include in your practice. Not so. These programs are excellent routines to rotate into your weekly routine and will challenge all of the core elements of your practice and provide a great workout. You’ll find them as challenging as the “GuyYoga” routines and a great expansion to build in more variety to your practice. And as mentioned above, the dedicated Mobility routing (“Re-Charge”) is one you’ll do as a stand-alone or add to the end of other programs.

    Back to the short review….Buy it! You won’t regret it!

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  55. Jackson Dowell

    I’ve been following Dean’s programs for a couple years, and for me, Yoga Charge hits the sweet spot of challenging and energizing. I’ve been practicing the “rise” routine every morning for a couple weeks and I consistently feel more effective for the rest of my day as a result.

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  56. R. Ryden

    Dean Pohlman’s yoga videos are very inspiring and instructive. He motivates you to do your best through clear directions, guidance and positive motivation. I look forward to each session.

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  57. Timothy Wenk

    There are lots of options for video lengths in this program, so no matter how busy my day is, I can find a class that fits my schedule. Additionally, I can easily find a class that fits my energy level for the day. There are classes for the morning, evening, and more challenging power options when I am looking for a more intense work out.

    I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in doing yoga at home, or as supplement to other workout routines.

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  58. Michael F. Modleski

    A year ago, I had three running injuries back to back, one of which kept me from running for 6 weeks. A friend of mine suggested bodybyyoga to improve my stretching, strength, and stability. I shamefully admit, as a guy, I have always felt a little uncomfortable with yoga, so it appealed to me that I could do this from the comfort and privacy of my living room. I made body by yoga a part of my training routine, and I’ve been running pain and injury free since. This week, I tried this Yoga Charge program for the first time. It didn’t disappoint. The Rise was a great way to start my day, and I challenge you to get through even half of the Power Hour without stopping. The fact that these exercises are both in full length workouts and broken up by 15-20 minute segments is great for a guy like me, who uses yoga alongside my running and sometimes just has 15 or 20 minutes to sneak it in.

    While I consider myself a “novice” yoga guy, I can’t imagine ever outgrowing or tiring of these workouts. The best part about them, to me, is that it feels like I’m in a yoga studio. Dean seems to know just when to remind you to breathe or just what corrections to suggest to improve each pose. There’s perfect balance of instruction, challenge, and encouragement. Dean and team have made a great product for those looking for a way to improve their bodies from the convenience of home.

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  59. bostonfit

    Dean is amazing. I have all of his programs and they are amazing. And this one doesn’t disappoint. This is the perfect workout. And Dean instructions are flawless. Highly recommended. Thanks for another great program Dean. You rock!!

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  60. Iman Wilkerson

    I’ve taken a lot of yoga classes and I believe I’ve discovered the best one out there. It’s a perfect was to begin or end my day! The instructor was great and loved the flow sequences.

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  61. Scott H

    Very happy with the programs on the program. The instruction is easy to follow while providing a good physical challenge. Dean also gives great instruction for proper form and offers alternatives in case of limitations. The variety in time and focus of the routines allows from great options to fit into even the busiest life. I would gladly recommend this to anyone wanting good Yoga routines.

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