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Body By Yoga has a free app to help you achieve all of your fitness goals.

One account for your all of your devices. Take Body By Yoga with you wherever you go! 
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Stay on track to achieve your goals.

In-app Calendar

Easily schedule videos for specific times and days. Stay accountable with an automatic tracker that marks videos as 'watched' or 'missed'.

Daily Journal

Record and reflect through private daily journal entries.

Automated Push Notifications

Automated push notifications to remind you of your schedule.

Search and filter your our entire library in seconds.

Smart Search

Search titles, descriptions and keywords to easily find the video, lesson or class they're looking for.


Create a customizable filter to filter content by length, category, teacher and more.

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App 4

Create your own personalized playlists.

Custom Playlists + Favorites

Create and save videos to your own personalized playlists, just like YouTube.

Schedule + History

Easily view videos you have scheduled in the calendar and easily browse through recently watched workouts.

Secure Downloads

Secure downloads for offline viewing so they you watch wherever and whenever you'd like.

Get your free Body By Yoga app today.

Monthly Calendar

Make your monthly calendars interactive with an in-app calendar and journal feature.

Daily Journal

Help them record and reflect through private daily journal entries.

Custom Playlists

Easily create and save content into their own custom playlists.

Secure Downloads

Secure downloads for offline viewing so your users can watch wherever and whenever they like.

In-app Purchases

Your favorite yoga programs and yoga gear are just a click away.

Chromecast and airplay

Cast to TV using Chromecast, AirPlay and Bluetooth.


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