What did you all think of the workout? Did it get you to sweat?

It’s our hope that yoga becomes one of you go-to ways of exercising.

It’s great for beginners because it is so low impact in nature that you’re not risking any unnecessary injuries.

And it’s great for athletes because it gives you a way to continue working out, even during your “rest’ days.

This particular video was created as an introduction to power yoga, although it is still intended to be a beginners friendly version.

To make it more difficult, you can stack it on top of Yoga Basics or Yoga Strength for an even longer workout, or, you can wait for our more challenging videos from our second, more difficult DVD we call “Body By Yoga – The Total Body Power Yoga Workout”

We’ll send you the more difficult total body power yoga workouts a little bit later.

In the meantime, please leave us your comments below, on youtube, or send us an email with your thoughts!

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