Better Back Yoga

Gentle Yoga For Back Care

Program Workouts

2 Part System To Relieve Aches and Address The Root Causes of Back Pain

Part 1: Gentle Stretching

Releasing Tension, Relieving Back Pain – 20 Minutes

This routine works in two ways:
1) Stretch the hip and back muscles connected to your spine and release tension caused by muscle tightness.
2) Put your body in safe, easy positions that counter sitting and inactivity.

Part 2: Gentle Strengthening

Strength and Mobility for Hips, Core, & Spine – Address the root causes of back pain to get rid of discomfort and prevent it from happening in the future. This section has two workouts, in order to help you safely build strength and mobility – without pain. Choose from:

Option A – Extension-Based Strengthening – Pain while rounding your back? Use extension-based exercises and yoga postures to help strengthen your body without rounding your spine.

Option B – Flexion-Based Strengthening – Pain while arching your back? Use flexion-based exercises and yoga postures to help strengthen your body without arching your spine.

For your first 1-2 weeks, use Part 1. When you’re feeling stronger, add Part 2 into your routine. Use Part 2 as your main workout, but use Part 1 as often as needed for pain relief. When choosing which workout from Part 2 is appropriate for you, make sure you’re doing whichever workout causes you the least pain. If neither causes you pain, you can use both. If both cause you pain, go back to using Part 1 exclusively. With time, you’ll be able to do both workouts in Part 2.

Feel Better. Move Better. Live Better.

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