Your first video is our yoga basics for beginners video.

It’s from our upcoming DVD called Guyoga – Yoga For Men For Beginners.

But really, it’s not just a video for men.

Our unique take on yoga is designed for anyone who can’t touch their toes, anyone who has tight hamstrings, and for anyone who needs modifications that they probably wouldn’t get in a group class.

Basically, it’s yoga fitness for the rest of us.

It’s for those of us who don’t relate to the typical yoga lifestyle; for those of us that want a great workout without words and phrases like melting heart, and be one with the universe.

It’s for those of us who have been curious about yoga, but might be hesitant to try out a local class.

And that just happens to sum up a lot of men.

But yoga is for everybody. It’s the perfect low impact workout. Ideal for anyone new to fitness. And indispensable for anyone who is working out on the regular and who wants to supplement their exercise regime with yoga on “rest” days to boost recovery and prevent injuries.

So without further ado.

Check out this 20 minute basics program below. It’s our gateway video. Your intro to yoga and hopefully the start of your fitness goals.

It is 20 minutes long because the sections in this video are designed to be “stackable.”

Want to work out for an hour? Our DVD menu will allow you to “stack” three workouts in a row. For those that want to ease into yoga with a shorter routine, or who want to get in a quick workout, you’ll be able to use this 20 minute introductory practice.

Go get your towel (you’re going to need it) and leave your comments below when you are done watching the video.

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