beginner's yoga workouts for men and women who want results

Yoga Is not About Making You More Flexible . . .

Most people think of yoga and think flexibility, but the truth is that flexibility is just a byproduct of all the other physical benefits that come from doing yoga. Here’s what you can expect from just a few minutes of yoga!

Energy boost

Some workouts can leave you drained. Yoga is like a caffeine energy shot!

Build Muscle

Develop long, lean muscle in a safe, low impact way.

Burn fat

Lose weight, get toned, and scorch those extra pounds.

Habit Builder

Yoga is a great way to develop a regular fitness habit.


Improve cardiovascular breathing and prevent injury.

Improved Focus

Sustained focus throughout the day.


Improve joint health and muscle recovery to minimze stiffness and pain.

Better Performance

Improve agility, balance, and core strength while increasing power.

Pain Relief

Instant help with the pains and aches that hold you back!

Better Sleep

Release muscle tension, wandering thoughts, and reduce pain.

Discover Our Unique Style Of Yoga For functional Fitness. For free.

Our beginner friendly yoga workouts use straight-to-the-point, anatomy-based instruction which focus on the physical benefits of yoga. See for yourself with the free workouts below. Our workouts speak for themselves. That’s why we let you try them for free.


When you’re ready, move onto our full programs and get 14 days for free!

Who are our beginner yoga workouts for?

Are you a beginner to fitness who wants to get in shape?

Are you a fitness enthusiast who want to get the most of their “rest” day?

Are you seeking a low impact, strength building workout?

Would you like to improve your mobility and soothe sore muscles?

Seeking the benefits of yoga without the extra spirituality?

Have you been wondering about yoga, but didn’t think it was a good enough workout? Thought it was too easy, or too boring?

Attended a yoga class, but felt out of your element?

Wondering how to incorporate yoga into your exercise plan?

If You Have Been Curious About Yoga, Now Is The Time To Discover All Of Yoga’s Amazing Benefits

Benefits of yoga as a workout.

Did you know that yoga can be a great workout? Whether you are just starting out or have been practicing yoga for years, the dynamic movements of the practice can be beneficial for everyone. Let's look at how to start your yoga practice and how beginner’s yoga workouts for men and women alike can be a great way to stay in shape.


While yoga can help enhance your strength training routine, it can also help to strengthen the body on its own. Yoga targets all of the muscles instead of just a few particular ones. When you strength train, there are very specific muscles that are often worked with. Yoga helps you to keep all of your muscles in shape. While it might not necessarily build muscles in the same way as strength training, it will still help to define your muscles and keep them strong.


Having more flexibility allows you to be able to do more when it comes to movement. While you do not have to be super flexible to do yoga, yoga will naturally increase your flexibility the more you practice. Working on your flexibility helps to decrease the risk of injuries and pain, allowing you to confidently keep yourself up and moving.

Pain Relief

Do you have chronic pain or a past injury that just does not seem to go away? Just can help with pain relief by releasing thigh muscles and strain in the body, correcting posture, and opening up the fascia. When you have less pain, it becomes easier to stay mobile, enhancing your entire exercise routine. For this reason, yoga can be a great addition to your routine, or it can be your main source of exercise.


Balance is obviously important. Through specific yoga poses, like warrior III or dancer’s pose, one’s balance can be increased. This is helpful when approaching other exercises in order to have more stability when doing things like lifting weights or running. In addition, as we get older, our balance naturally decreases from changes in joints, posture, and so much more. Strengthening your balance ahead of time can help to avoid this as you age, giving you more control over the body, and decreasing risks of falling.


Understanding different ways of breathing can be especially helpful. These techniques are often included in a yoga practice and can be used within other exercises as well. You might try deeper breathing during cardio or more controlled breathing when strength training. Learning about the proper ways to use your breathing can be a great way to enhance your fitness routines in general.

Which beginners yoga program is right for you?

No Flexibility Required. All Programs Are Loaded With Modifications For The Inflexible!

Yoga 101

Yoga Fix: Gentle strength Foundations For Absolute Beginners to fix pain, posture, balance, and energy.


Yoga 102

Yoga Boost: Beginners Yoga System to build muscle, lose weight, and soothe sore muscles.

boost 2 0

Yoga 101. Yoga Fix.

Gentle Strength Foundations For Absolute Beginners to Fix Pain, Posture, Balance, and Energy

Boost your morning routine. Boost your metabolism. And boost your fitness goals with this complete yoga system for beginners.

Yoga Fix is a complete 5 day gentle yoga system to fix your strength, energy, posture, and pain in just 20 minutes per day.

Designed to fit into your busy schedule, it’s the perfect program to do in the mornings before work, or after a long day at the office.

No previous experience or flexibility is required. Created for absolute beginners, middle aged adults, and desk workers, we provide safe, gentle modifications to traditional yoga poses to ensure that anyone can do yoga. Even if you can’t touch your toes!

Our unique, anatomy driven approach to yoga has already helped thousands of people and now it’s your turn.

No painful postures, no twisting yourself into a pretzel, and no preaching or spiritual philosophy. Yoga Fix is part workout and part educational video. You’ll not only learn how to do each pose properly, but you’ll also learn the anatomical benefits of each pose.

Want to reduce back pain? Check.

Want to improve your posture? Check.

Want to reduce stiffness? Reduce belly fat? Check and check.

Join us for the next 5 days as we work together to get stronger and leaner and become better and healthier versions of ourselves! We’ll help you become more mobile and agile, reduce pains and aches, and become a better, more confident, and resilient you.


Yoga 102. Yoga Boost.

Beginners Yoga System To Build Muscle, Burn Fat, and Soothe Sore Muscles

Boost your morning routine. Boost your metabolism. And boost your fitness goals with this complete yoga system for beginners.

Yoga Boost is a brand new yoga fitness system created specifically for men and women who haven’t done yoga before.

No painful postures. No twisting yourself into a pretzel. No hymns, chants, or gongs. This is yoga for physical fitness. This is yoga for those who don’t normally do yoga!

Yoga Boost consists of 4 distinct easy-to-follow, professionally-filmed workouts to address whatever your physical needs are for the day. Improve strength. Increase flexibility. Wind down from work. Sweat and lose weight. Whatever you need, Yoga Boost has it.

The workouts last just 20-25 minutes, so you’ll be able to get in, get out, and get out with your life knowing that you’ve completed an excellent, effective, and efficient workout every time.

We designed Yoga Boost as a total workout system. You can do the workouts on their own, integrate them with your existing workout, or use them to turn yourself from couch potato into movement enthusiast.

Workout 1 – Sharpen: This beginners yoga workout focuses on the fundamentals. Slow moving, energizing, and filled with modifications. This full body introduction to yoga is designed to improve your flexibility, your strength, and your control over your body
Workout 2 – Strength: We’ll show you how anyone can use yoga to build strength in a safe, low impact way, even if they are not very flexible. Whether you are a beginner to fitness, or an athlete looking to improve their performance, this is the workout for you.
Workout 3 – Sweat: A power yoga class for beginners, this faster moving yoga workout draws on dynamic movements to get your muscles burning. This is the type of session you’re most likely to see in your local gym or studio!
Workout 4 – Stretch: Release tension, boost your recovery, and get rid of those sore muscles with this restorative workout. Use it as your cool down after the other workouts, or use it to unwind and de-stress after a long day.
boost 2 0

Over 50,000 beginners have chosen Body By Yoga.

Fit for busy schedules

Effective workouts just 20-25 minutes long

Created for all ages

Low-impact, safe exercise for more mature adults

AM/PM workouts

Jumpstart your fitness routine and create lasting habits in the mornings and evenings

Rest-day workouts

Boost recovery and get back to your workouts sooner

Stackable workouts

Do one, two, three, or four workouts at a time


More than just a workout, learn the benefits of every pose.

Can you really lose weight and build muscle with just yoga?

We practice yoga as a physical fitness tool, not as a lifestyle. For us, yoga is a low impact fitness tool with real, proven benefits. We deliver because this is yoga with a scientific, anatomy based approach to achieve your fitness goals. We do that by focusing on:
  1. TECHNIQUE – telling you how to do each pose correctly
  2. EXPLANATION – Explaining why it will help your fitness goals,
  3. MODIFICATIONS – Providing you with modifications to make the pose work for you
Not only will you learn technique from head to toe, you’ll also learn how every exercise affects your body, so you understand the process of getting more fit with yoga, while at the same time learning about how your body works!

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

One of the best parts about this program is that people are noticing results in just WEEKS. Check out reviews from real people, just like you, to learn about the dramatic improvements people have experienced from working out with Guyoga!

Here’s another list of reported benefits from following Guyoga: Beginner’s Yoga for Men
  • Belly fat loss
  • Reduced sciatica pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • weight loss
  • increased flexibility
  • reduced daily aches and pain
  • Improvements in overall physical feeling
  • waist slimming
  • Increased muscle
  • Improved core strength
  • And more!

Is Body By Yoga for men?

Our unique take on yoga is designed for those of us can’t twist themselves into a pretzel. It’s for those of us who have tight muscles and who need modifications they probably wouldn’t get in a group class.

Basically, it’s yoga fitness for the rest of us.

Body By Yoga classes are a favorite for anyone who currently lacks flexibility. That’s because we go out of way to provide safe modifications to each and every single pose. That is, we show you how to modify every pose so that you can still get its intended physical benefits, even if your flexibility doesn’t allow you to do the full version of the pose. These modifications are incredibly useful to inflexible beginners of all types, including athletes with tight muscles and older adults with mobility restrictions. Often, that includes men as well.

For men, there are certain poses that can be more challenging based on their level of flexibility. However, the same can be said for anybody with less flexibility. A yoga routine for newbie men will be suitable for anyone with limited flexibility who is looking to try yoga. 

In general, women tend to naturally be more flexible than men. Of course, that’s just an average, and it is not going to be the same across the board. Flexibility varies from person to person and you should work with your own level of flexibility and not try to force yourself deeper into a pose. When beginning yoga, it’s always a good idea to start slow and take things easy. This will prevent injuries and improve your flexibility over time. 

In a nutshell, Body By Yoga is for everyone – but inflexible beginners of all types will find it particularly useful.

Are some yoga poses harder for men?

Yes. Take pigeon pose for example. Pigeon is a great pose for hip flexibility and mobility, but for the same reasons, it can be harder for males than females. Pigeon pose involves deep stretches in the hips and hamstrings, so for those who are not very flexible in the hips and thighs, modifications for this pose might be necessary.

Downward facing dog can also be more difficult for men. Although it’s a great pose for strengthening the arms, chest, core, hips, back, and legs, men naturally have tighter hamstrings, which makes downward facing dog harder to do. 

For those with less hip flexibility, tree pose, Warrior 2, bound angle pose, and Goddess pose can also be more difficult.

Shoulder mobility is another area that can make some yoga poses more challenging for men. In particular, poses such as Warrior 1, Chair Pose, Eagle Pose, and Cow Face pose can all be difficult for men. A yoga workout for men will include modifications to the above poses so that they can still get the intended benefits of the pose without risking injury. Over time, flexibility will improve and these poses will become easier. 

How does Body By Yoga modify exercises for inflexible beginners?

Yoga Blocks

Many of the modifications we show make use of yoga blocks. These little guys are the building blocks to increase strength, balance, and mobility. 

Blocks are great tools because they bring the floor closer to you. You may feel that some of the poses are not accessible to you because reaching the floor with your hands or forehead creates too much strain. Think of blocks as extensions of your arms and spine.

Blocks come in many different sizes and materials. The tutorials in this page use a larger cork block, which we sell on Amazon. The most common materials for yoga blocks are foam and bamboo. Foam blocks are generally the most affordable option. If you do not have a block at home, you can use any hard surface such as a textbook or even a coffee table. 


In some cases, we also provide modifications that you can do with a chair. Almost any type of chair that you have around the house will work. Just make sure that it has a flat surface for sitting and four straight legs for support. Ideally, the chair will also have an open back. For caution, rest the chair against a wall to prevent it from sliding away from you.

Most of our chair modifications will be found in our chair yoga programs, which are going to be especially useful to those who are brand new to yoga and inflexible beginners of all ages. In general, we recommend starting with the chair modifications for seniors, absolute beginners, and anyone with a history of injuries.

Yoga Straps

Occasionally, we also use yoga straps. You can think of yoga straps as an extension of your arms. Yoga straps will allow you to reach further when shoulder or hamstring mobility restrictions arise. If you don’t have a yoga strap, you can use a belt or a towel. 

Why should men do yoga?

So, why should men be doing yoga? Or better, why would they not be?

There is no one gender or type of person that yoga is meant for. Yoga is for everyone.

However, there are specific benefits that yoga offers, and they might differ slightly depending on the person, their prior experience, and even their gender.

Let’s take a look at specific benefits that yoga has to offer for a males:

Strength- Many men tend to practice strength training quite often. Men, on average, naturally have more muscle mass than females. Yoga can actually help to enhance a strength training practice by increasing mobility in the body as well as further defining muscle and focusing on the smaller muscles that often get overlooked when strength training. Yoga also helps to increase oxygen in the body through breathing exercises, and this can be a very useful skill to have when strength training.

Flexibility and Mobility- Male bodies are naturally less flexible than female bodies. We will look more into this later in the article to learn about why this is. Yoga can increase flexibility, opening up tight muscles, and making other exercises more accessible. By increasing mobility you can decrease pain and discomfort from tight fascia.

Stress Relief and Emotional Health- In society, many men feel they can not express themselves or be sensitive. This is a problem, preventing many males from feeling comfortable with their emotions. Yoga creates a space where feelings can be safely felt, where thoughts can be examined, and where there is no judgment. This encourages people to be more secure in who they are and what they feel.

Can't decide which beginner's program is right for you?

No worries. Try our reasonably priced All Access pass to get all of our workouts. Prices start at just $8.25/month.

What are men and women saying about Body By Yoga workouts?

Verified Customer
Read More
I came across a couple of Dean's Youtube videos when I was doing a search for yoga geared towards guys. I am a bigger dude with and my flexibility sucks. I also travel 2-3 weeks out of the month. I have always had an interest in Yoga but was intimidated because even the "beginner" classes I have taken I have felt lost. Hard to find a good gym routine when hotels have all different kinds of gym and equipment. After watching a couple videos on Youtube, I decided to hop on his website where I saw that Guyoga was just releasing. I bought it and started the program and WOW! I woke up muscles in my body that I didn't even know existed! After the first workout, I was a sweaty mess, but really felt the best I felt in a long time. A sense of accomplishment and a bit of euphoria. Don't get me simple as this program is laid out and easy to follow, it's still very much a challenge. But then again why would you buy a program that isn't a challenge?! His directions are so easy to understand. He doesn't assume you know all the yoga terminology and literally approaches yoga in an easy to understand way and a way that makes perfect sense to a bigger dude like me...progress, not perfection. I think the biggest compliment I could give him about this program, at least for me, is that I don't have to be constantly looking at the screen and follow his every move. He has such a way of explaining the poses and what body parts to engage that just listening to him walks you through everything. Of course watching him helps with form, but I'm not constantly looking up and down at the screen. The workouts are also short and effective. I am too busy to sit there an chant and burn incense! (not that there is anything wrong with that!) So flash forward to now, almost a month after I started the program. Do I have Ryan Reynold's body now? Hardly. However, my flexibility and range of motion is so much better, my muscles are tightening (pants are looser in the waist), I sleep better and just feel better overall. And I am just beginning...I am in this now for the long haul. Not only can I touch my toes, I can actually see them as my belly is shrinking! My biggest advice to couch potatoes like myself is to get the program and DO IT! At such a minimal investment, I have gotten so much out of it. It's really been a catalyst for me to want to really reap the benefits of yoga....and look like Ryan Reynolds...or Dean! lol I'll settle for the happier, healthier version of me! 🙂 Thank you Dean!
Verified Customer
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5.0 out of 5 stars Not just for guys - for anyone that can't touch their toes! am not a guy, but I love this yoga video series. If you aren't that flexible, have never taken yoga in your life and are a little out of shape, this is a great way to get into it. Everything is clearly explained and alternative options are given for those of us who struggle just to touch our toes. Don't think for a second that makes this a leisurely workout. If you take it seriously, you will notice that you can hold poses longer, stretch a little deeper, breathe a little easier and transition a little smoother every time you do it. After not being able to touch my toes when I started, a few weeks of this and I can easily bend down and touch the floor with my hands flat. I've tried other videos and been irritated by the stupid music, breathless whispering of the instructor and inability to explain what the heck I'm supposed to be doing. This really is THE BEST way I've found to learn basic yoga poses and get some flexibility back.
Verified Customer
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Game Changer! Life Saver! Dean and his yoga programs have made a huge impact on my life! When I discovered Yoga Boost (specifically Yoga Sweat) I was extremely overweight. I was in the worst shape I've ever been in. I had hit rock bottom physically and mentally. I stumbled his work outs and decided to give them a try. Honestly the rest is history. I do yoga now 7 days a week. His workout are short but intense. If I can, some days I'll fit in 2 workouts. When I started doing Dean's DVDsI was pushing 330 pounds. My blood pressure was through the roof. I was suffering from sleep apnea and depression. I'm now just about 250 pounds and in the best shape of my life. Doing yoga has opened so many other doors in my life. I've started running and working out regularly. Hell, my sex life has improved, a lot! If that's not a good reason to try his DVDsI don't know what is!
Verified Customer
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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing workout for beginners to Yoga. Amazing low impact back strengthening for pain/injury. I am a woman who just received this dvd 2 days ago and have already used it twice. Don't let the picture on the front fool you, this is GREAT for women! I LOVE IT! I am a complete beginner to yoga, have never done it before so I didn't know what to expect and was a little nervous. The instructor is very clear and thorough in explaining the positions and the benefit of each position. I've done all 4 workouts on the dvd and each one of them is excellent and unique in their own way. I suffer from disc degeneration in my lower back and after only 2 workouts I can feel my back becoming stronger without putting any stress or pain on it. I never thought I could be so sore from yoga, I feel like I just spent all day at the gym, but instead got to enjoy (yes ENJOY) this workout from the comforts of my home where there is no judgement. I look forward to continuing the use of this dvd in hopes of strengthening my body and my confidence. Thank you, Body By Yoga for such a great, uplifting workout regimen. I highly recommend anyone looking to try yoga to give this dvd a try. You won't regret it!
Gene DeCourcey
verified customer
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I am a retired military veteran who has been through a lot. I was at my wit's end because I have been having mobility issues. I felt like the world was taking things from me and I was not getting anything from it. Now, I am hooked. Thank you very much for being in the right time and place to help a fellow guy grab back the reins of his life. Much appreciate it for sure!
Verified Customer
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5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to understand Easy to understand and love the alternative poses for some of us. These are beginner routines but with plenty to make all of us in our group sweat.
Verified Customer
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Exactly what I have been looking for... something I find that I am sticking with. I stumbled across BBY on Amazon, and so very thankful that I did. I’m not a man, but Dean’s “man yoga” is exactly what I’ve been looking for all along – yoga for fitness without the all of the “yoga” hoopla. I am really enjoying his style. He is very likable and easy to listen to (and look at for that matter … a bonus for the ladies ;). For me, there is nothing annoying to get in my way, which is why I’d abandoned yoga so many times before. Dean provides the perfect amount of clear instruction, explanation on technique, why you’re doing it, what you should (and shouldn’t) feel, injury prevention, modifications (for both easier AND more of a challenge), etc. These are great work outs for building strength, balance and flexibility. He’s even cool enough that my teens (daughter and son) want to do it with me. I’m only three+ weeks in, and can already tell a huge difference in my strength, see daily progress / growth in my ability and balance. My son is very athletic, and I love that this appeals to him too. About me: I’m 51, 5’3”, right at 120 lbs, and although I’m not much overweight, I am out of shape right now (strength and muscle tone). I’ve spent the last 18 years having babies and raising kids, without consistent exercise. I positively don’t have time to go somewhere every day, and although I do like group exercise, a group of women is not my thing. I quit running, and exercise in general, about 4 years ago after a fall down the back stairs caused torn ligaments in my knee and ankle, along with multiple broken bones in my foot. I have mild arthritis (hands, knees, and left hip), and know that osteoporosis is a concern for me. I have always been, and still am very limber, but have never been able to do a push-up and balancing poses are a challenge! For a number of reasons, I’m done with running and high impact, but need and enjoy fast walking, strength conditioning, weights, flexibility, balance training etc. My first goal is to be able to do push-ups. Anyway, I’ve found the right “guy”, I can fit this in everyday before my shower, and I’m really enjoying the workouts. I started with Boost, and very quickly purchased Yoga Strong (more challenging for me than Yoga Boost) and Yoga Edge. I’m so impressed and pleased with his method and the workouts.
Verified Customer
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5.0 out of 5 stars Love this program...and I hate yoga! Doing yoga usually makes me want to hurt the person that is making me do yoga. It is just really was not my thing. I came to this program after an short run of an antibiotic destroyed my body leaving me with weakness and tendon issues. Yoga was recommended by someone who had gone through the same issues from the same drug. I really like this program and he gives really good clear instructions. I’ve tried Yoga many times of the years (hating it every time) and this guy makes it enjoyable. Highly recommend to anyone at any fitness level to help solve pain issues or just get stronger and feel better. Note: if you are using it to combat any health issues, like I am, recommend checking with doctor first. I had to go slow to get to where I am now.
Verified Customer
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5.0 out of 5 stars I like it so far. Challenged 100 Days of doing this program. It's 2021 and I was challenged to do 100 days of this program. I am overweight about 135lbs from my body type and have no flexibility. I can't touch the bottom of my knee caps. I am doing the Yoga Sharpen for 10 days to work on fundamentals. I currently cannot complete the program without stopping. I have no core. AND I can tell you that just by completing these fundamentals steps I feel really good about where this is headed. If you are overweight I highly suggest following along on a tablet or phone until you understand the poses - as I cannot keep my eyes on what he's doing and have my head facing the floor. You will need a Yoga Block - a cheap addition to this great platform. I have never done Yoga before and even made fun of it - just from a few days in I can see I was a complete @$$ about it. It's truly a hard workout.
Verified Customer
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5.0 out of 5 stars Good intro to Yoga. Really good workout routines. I've been using this for a while and it's a great work out. There are 4 basic workouts: Sweat, Strength, Stretch, and Sharpen. The title says it's for beginners but it is a good workout that you can make more challenging as you progress. Each routine is 20 -25 minutes. The thing I like about it is that the exercises work your balance, flexibility, strength, and lots of muscles I don't normally exercise. I also appreciate the stretching; I can see why athletes would like this for injury prevention. I used this to replace the Tony Horton program I was using. Don't get me wrong, I love Tony Horton's routines. They are rigorous and I lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks doing his Hard Corps routine. But I'm getting older and I need something that is challenging but won't make me dead tired when I'm done. This is a happy medium. I've also found that I'm firming up all over, abs, legs, and arms. It's worth buying.

More frequently asked questions

You’re doing yoga to GET more flexible, not because you are flexible. Body By Yoga is unique because we provide modifications for people who aren’t used to doing yoga, ESPECIALLY inflexible people. You do not have to be flexible in order to start.

Yes! Yoga is NO-IMPACT, which means that you’ll be able to get a fantastic workout without any of the wear and tear on your joints that accompanies traditional workouts like running or lifting weights.
Yup! Yoga is one of the best ways to maintain bone density, mobility, and muscle mass as you age. It’s low-impact nature makes it perfect for people who aren’t able to do what they used to do with as much ease.
Absolutely. Not only does it immediately relieve back pain, but it also helps to address the root causes of back pain, including hip mobility, core strength, poor posture, and more!
Nope! We focus on the workout aspects, and you can meditate on your own time.


We want to keep you safe!

Please consult your physician, assess your fitness level, and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program, nutrition plan, and/or using any equipment.

Body By Yoga provides a variety of exercise programs, some of which are physically demanding and high-intensity in nature. For this reason, you must listen to your body, use common sense, take breaks, and hydrate as needed to avoid injury. If at any time you feel any discomfort, pain, dizziness, light-headedness, shortness of breath, or nausea, stop exercising immediately and consult your physician. Incorrect or excessive training can result in serious injury or death.

When doing any outdoor workouts or activities, be aware of your surroundings and avoid anything that could hurt you or disrupt your exercise, especially when walking or running in public areas such as sidewalks and streets.

If you have any unique or special medical conditions, such as if you’re pregnant, have diabetes or asthma, or if you have a history of knee, ankle, hip, shoulder or spinal (back or neck) problems, you must consult your physician to understand all potential risks and complications of using our exercise programs, nutrition plans, and/or equipment, and receive approval from them to proceed before beginning. Failure to do so could result in significant injury to you and others (including, if applicable, your unborn child). By engaging in any exercise program, nutrition plan, and/or using any equipment, you assume all dangers, hazards and risks of injury or death.



Certain programs may utilize equipment, such as yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps, chairs, foam rollers, and other equipment which, if not used correctly, could lead to serious injury or death. Carefully review all safety, care and use instructions and manuals prior to beginning.

For your safety, you must:

Use any equipment shown in the workouts only as demonstrated, using proper form.
Inspect any equipment for wear or damage prior to each use and refrain from using any equipment that appears damaged, worn or defective.
Keep children, pets and any other obstacles away from equipment and exercise area at all times.
Always use a secure, proper, and stable anchor for any equipment that requires hanging or attaching.
Always exercise caution during use of any equipment to make sure you do not lose your grip or control, such as making sure your hands are not wet or sweaty.
Ensure exercise bands are firmly secure and assembled to prevent slipping, snapping, recoiling and injury to yourself or anyone else.
Ensure your workout bench and pull up bar is stable, strong enough to hold your weight and does not move during use. If you do not think you can safely perform exercises with your bench or pull up bar, or you do not have the proper equipment, you should do the modifier exercises instead.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Body By Yoga and its parent, affiliate, and subsidiary companies will not be liable to any person or entity for any injury, death, damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by any exercise programs, workouts, nutritional supplements or plans, equipment (including without limitation the Body By Yoga mat and Body By Yoga blocks), advice or any other products, services or materials.

By checking the box and clicking “Accept”, I acknowledge I have read, understand, and agree with this warning.