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Level: Absolute Beginners

Time: 25 min

Description:  Introducing a chair yoga routine for absolute beginners, with modifications for those who can’t touch their toes. If you have been curious about yoga, then here is your chance to get started – without twisting yourself into a pretzel, and without the painful postures. This unique yoga workout for absolute beginners utilizes a chair to bring the ground up to you – so you can experience every exercise the way it was meant to! Discover all of yoga’s amazing benefits today in just 25 minutes. 

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63 reviews for Yoga Start

  1. Griff


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  2. Steve L

    I prefer to do yoga at home and this video is perfect … Dean has great form, offers good challenges, and very encouraging. Highly recommend it.

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  3. Megan

    Simple, easy to follow, effective and very doable!

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  4. ProudVietnamVetWife

    Great for Beginners

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  5. D. Garcia

    This has been a phenomenal program to do with my teenage son. He has tight hamstrings and needs to do a lot of stretching. We tried some other videos first and I realized it would be better to do something led by a guy with easier poses. This fit the bill perfectly. Dean provides a lot of modifications for the poses for those with tight muscles and explains them well. I also appreciate the yoga for physical fitness approach and setting. My plantar fasciitis disappeared in the first week. My husband has even joined us on the weekend and may be the surprise yoga star of the family. I admit I have always been suspicious of injuries with yoga but now I see it as a tool to help prevent injuries.

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  6. Mudd001

    Just what a recovering fat guy who’s not that flexible needs.

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  7. maria jacobs

    This is an OK video if you need an introduction to Chair. But to use the video more than say, two times, it gets really old because he is constantly explaining what you’re doing rather than just going through the poses.I would’ve liked it better if it had two versions, first the explanation version, then the just doing it version

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  8. Kayden

    Just what I needed

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  9. Barbara Reming

    This is a great video for beginners. I like the way he explains the different poses and what they are supposed to to.

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  10. Leslie B

    The chair exercises were great for someone like myself thats not very flexible but there are limited exercises and no room for advancement

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  11. Customer


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  12. Dan

    This instructional video is really well made and really easy to follow!

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  13. daveinnova

    I have always hated yoga and have never been able to get anything out of it, but Dean’s program is great. I look forward to the workouts and am making real progress.

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  14. Carolyn Morgan

    Easy to follow instructions for folks that don’t know yoga positions by name. Great for beginners, helps back pain and general mobility

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  15. Samsara

    I am recovering from breast cancer treatment, have advanced arthritis, and really, sorry to say, a pretty frozen, sorry body. I had hopes this would work for me, because sometimes “beginner” still means you’re in fair shape to begin with, and workouts too much. I went slow, still having to modify some moves, but was thoughtful in my execution. I felt better the first time out… in some pain later, but the good outweighed the pain. I’m pretty happy with this purchase.

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  16. mike spearman

    It’s great for anyone that’s is just starting or is a little older.

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  17. Christopher

    It’s awesome, I’m 45 out of shape. This was slow, methotical and hard enough to see results but not too difficult. And it leads perfectly into the next series when you are ready

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  18. MW

    I’m not just a beginner, I’m a beginner with weight issues (which in my case means mobility issues), and this was largely doable in at least some version of what he was doing. It was exactly what I was looking for: good stretching, but none of the spiritual elements that can accompany yoga. Definitely would recommend this.

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  19. wisconsinC

    my lower back pain nearly dissappeared after doing this consistently. great exercises for those who are not flexible.

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  20. increttable

    This is a great routine. Made me feel capable of doing yoga. I’ve been away from it for a while and find that some beginner routines aren’t really that. These really are great modificationsite and he’s right having a knowledge of how the positions feel and great form will benefit you as you go deeper into the pose. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

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  21. Raerood

    Easy to follow. Short enough to get the stretches in. Very good for someone with back pain.

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  22. Danielle Buettgenbach

    This is worth $0.99. I was expecting a little more than a 25 min tutorial. Not worth $6.

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  23. iCarrie

    This is a great stretch workout for those of us that are inflexible. I like the pace of this video and you don’t twist yourself into a pretzel. Highly recommended.

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  24. Amazon Customer

    It’s great I need some upper body the same way!!!!

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  25. Davewaterman

    Bad angles on the camera to see the instructor

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  26. gizbalanay

    I absolutely love this workout! I haven’t done Yoga in a very long time and this was a great way to reintroduce it back into my daily routine. The modifications were perfection and made all of the movements doable. Dean’s personality was a great compliment to the movements as he was calm and straightforward. I’m looking to adding more of his workout into my routine.

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  27. bluntone

    Having not done much yoga, I wanted to start slowly. This was a bit too slow and a better fit for people with limited mobility/flexibility. The chair I find to be an issue, the only chair I could use was a kitchen chair with a high back and a pretty high seat since I am only 5’3″. My mission us to improve core strength to improve sciatica pain, some of the chair stretches caused pain yet without the chair there was no pain. Also, for the price it was too short. My husband had knee replacement surgery 10 weeks ago and he is using it as an addition to physical therapy.

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  28. marc f


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  29. Pamela W.

    Easy to follow. Quick. Not cheesy

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  30. Mescook

    This is a great workout, especially for those of us who are not flexible at all. Great modifications!

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  31. Manny Mang

    good for people just starting on yoga. I’m a beginner yoga. The yoga forms on this video are difficult but easy to follow.

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  32. cw

    Really good for the modifications and explanations of poses. I really like that the pose is shown from the front and the side. Will definitely look into his other sessions. Just the right timing for a quick foundation.

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  33. Customer

    I’m a beginner and needed some yoga for back soreness. This program helped a lot. Easy to follow and use.

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  34. Russ Moores

    Great intro to get you on the path to extended flexibility and onto Dean’s tougher workouts in a short space of time.

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  35. Paul S. Wood

    I really feel that yoga is what is going to help me in my life and search for a work out routine. I have been tryed many different yoga programs. It is a very hard thing to do if you have never done yoga and can not do 80 % of the moves. This was the first time I was able to follow along and do the whole routine. Thank you for bring it to the basics so I can build off this.For those of you that worry incorporating all the other aspects of yoga (Breathing, OMS ect..) don’t this is very basic and it is only a beginning

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  36. Jessica

    Great workout for those of us who are not ‘fit’. This is the only yoga program I’ve stuck with. I just wish I could find the rest of the series on prime.

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  37. HayChe

    Very good program for yoga beginners, just as the name says.

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  38. david

    Very basic and easy to follow. No focus whatsoever on breathing.

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  39. Droopy-99

    Nice starter ‘class’ and good if you only have about 25 minutes. So far I’ve not found the rest of this series on Amazon Prime video, but would like to. I do want to try his more advanced sessions.

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  40. Ryan J Brown

    Very instructive video that really helped me with some of my poses. I have done a few other yoga videos and while some are better for repeating as a workout this one really tells you how to do the poses and stretches. Specifically how to engage the muscles on the warrior pose surprised me since I thought that was one of the few poses I did know.

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  41. Clyde Evans, Jr.


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  42. Rafael B.

    If you’ve ever been astounded by the health and fitness benefits of yoga but felt daunted by the unwieldy language or seemingly unreachable contortions of svelte bodies, give Dean a try. He simplifies and demystifies the challenge of yoga with a great teaching pace that is explained in plain language. Dean is meticulous about explaining poses in a way that a beginner can follow right along and build up their skill. It’s great for men and women of all shapes and sizes. Check out his intro and you’ll want to do the more advance sessions, I am a member of his site, which also includes some valuable diet and lifestyle advice. I’ve lost weight, gained muscle tone, improved sleep, and that’s just a few of the benefits. Here’s a pic of how far he has gotten me, from total novice to this:

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  43. kris

    it was easy to follow great modifications and still challenging

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  44. Anna

    Love that this is yoga for people who don’t normally do yoga (which is me), and that it’s more of a workout than your standard yoga video.

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  45. Big Guy

    Great beginner program!

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  46. BW8

    These videos are a great way to start yoga at your own speed. Dean’s athletic approach helps me to better understand how yoga supports my other activities and overall fitness goals.

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  47. Henry

    Great beginner video for people who want to start with Yoga. The workout is easy to follow and the instructor explains things throughly.

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  48. D. Greer

    I’ve done a fair amount of chair yoga, but this video is a step beyond – more dynamic, with a stronger explanation of muscle awareness, and includes a logical sequence of popular yoga poses. You’ll engage all the muscle groups that tend to tighten up. As a writer I sit for long periods of time, so the benefits with this video are obvious. But I also walk for exercise, and my hips tend to tighten up. One round of Yoga Start really helped loosen up the tightness in my lower body – whoa! I expect weightlifters would feel the same benefits. Plus this half hour was just challenging enough to feel like exercise, without complicated postures, and special equipment, and without taking too big a chunk of time from a busy work day. Am definitely interested in trying the rest of the series soon.

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  49. Steve MacCormack

    I discovered Dean Pohlman and his work about one year ago. I’ve been using his training and techniques ever since and it has literally changed my body and the way it works. The old injuries that have plagued me for years no longer prevent me from doing what I want to do and I no longer feel like a typical 53 year old beat up weight lifter…do yourself a HUGE favor and grab Dean’s program today! You’ll never regret it.

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  50. Jack Clark

    This is a great primer for those who are new or less flexible. Also if you’re not a Yogi ( I Am ) you get all the basics without the “spiritual ” stuff!
    Highly Recommended

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  51. Rob Barber

    What a great way to start moving my body and feel the benefits right away!

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  52. Angelino Pinanez Galeano

    I’ve doing Dean’s brand for about a year and a half now and I will stick to it until I quit doing yoga. Which is when I stop breathing. He’s that good.

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  53. Marisa

    I really enjoyed Dean’s approach to yoga because of the focus on fitness. As a physical therapist, I highly recommend this system of yoga! Dean’s knowledge goes above and beyond other yoga instructors. Definitely a great way for anyone to get started with yoga- especially inflexible people.

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  54. Misha Pinkhasov

    This is a program product by Dean Pohlman. I have been following Dean for years, during which he’s taken me from being a novice to knowing enough about yoga to practice on my own. I especially appreciate his focus on the physical benefits and the importance of proper core strength, effective muscle engagement and flexibility. With his approach, every workout is a complete workout, so you can target specific areas and still get full-body benefits. His explanations are crystal clear, and he moves slowly through the postures so that you have time for micro-corrections and do the poses properly rather than throwing yourself clumsily through a fast-moving choreography. And he provides modifications for some of the more challenging poses, so that you can get maximum benefits regardless of your fitness level. In the 3-4 years that I’ve been doing yoga with Dean, I’ve stopped going to the gym and supplement his workouts with just swimming a few times a week. Now in my early 40s, I am getting more and better results in less time and with less effort than I did during two decades of traditional weightlifting and cardio.

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  55. Cody Schank

    Dean is the best. Always explains things clearly.

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  56. Customer

    Dean is one of the best that is out there. I followed him on you tube first and then became a member. He has a unique method of combining yoga with body isometrics that will transform you body. I also attended one of his classes in NYC at Barton Gym and had a great workout. The man knows his stuff very well! I enjoy all his workouts and this is something you want to get for your regular routines. It will never grow old!

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  57. Edgar Ramos

    Love it, a very fun way to get started with Yoga!

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  58. Nadia Botha

    Would recommend anyone starting their journey in yoga to check Dean’s video’s out. His programs have taught me more about yoga and how to perform the moves correctly then any other lesson i have been too. So thankful to have come across his programs.

    (0) (0)
  59. Joshua Rex Vanderhoof

    Just watched the new video. And I’m just floored by Dean’s ability to keep me
    Motivated and inspired to do yoga. I came to yoga for mental spiritual health and along the way I realized I needed help with some physical fitness. I see Dean’s style as a much needed voice in the ocean of yoga teachers. He has brought some rigor to the way I’m growing and developing in my own practice, and the way I teach yoga in my classes. Keep producing more!!!!!

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  60. Patti Knowles

    As one who cannot touch toes or bend very well, I love this workout for its ease of motion range. I will continue watching the video and see if maybe by this time next year, I can touch my toes! Thank you, Dean!

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  61. Christian Cho

    I used to do yoga a lot a few years ago but stopped and started doing CrossFit. After five years of beating my body up, I needed a break. Even though I’m a pretty flexible guy, my muscles and tendons have really gotten worn down due to CrossFit, so this video was a great re-introduction into how my body should behave when I’m NOT throwing barbells around.

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  62. Ty M.

    I have been looking for a program to inspire and teach me how to get, and stay fit on my own time, in the comfort of my home. I have started incorporating Dean’s workouts into my regular routine and I have to say I am feeling better than I have in years. I still have a way to go to accomplish my goals, but I can tell you this approach works for me. Dean not only leads you through the program, he explains how it should feel, and why you are doing it. This is far more helpful than a “monkey see, monkey do” program. Yoga Start is just the beginning, Dean has an entire interactive website to inspire in all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend you check it out.

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  63. Aaron Benz

    I have loved his youtube videos and content on his website for a while. This is another very well-done set that I’ve already incorporated into my weekly routine.

    Thanks for keeping my body strong Dean!

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