Sliding Is Fun. Just Not In Yoga.

Elevate your workout with the feel of a luxury cork yoga mat and discover how much better a soft, smooth, non-slip yoga mat can be. Experience it now.

As yoga instructors, we know exactly what our students want in a yoga mat.

And that’s why we’ve set out to create the world’s best yoga mat. Experience the epic gripping power of premium Portuguese cork, and practice in luxury with our extra cushioned support. You’ll never go back to a regular mat again.


Non-slip yet smooth.
Supportive yet stable.

It took us years to engineer the perfect yoga mat. We humbly believe we’ve succeeded. Why did it take so long to create this mat?

We wanted a non-slip, sweat-resistant grip . . .  that was still soft and smooth to the touch. (Many non-slip yoga mats are made out of rubber, and it’s not something you’d want to lay on over and over again)

We wanted it to have just the right amount of cushion – easy on the knees and joints, but tough enough for balancing and standing postures. (Extra thick mats are often sponge-like during balancing postures, making standing exercises more difficult and putting your ankles at risk)

The secret is in our premium Portuguese cork.

We’ve been able to use 6 times more cork than anyone else while molding it into a surface that is not only unbreakable, but is also soft and smooth.

See what it means to practice with a luxury cork yoga mat below.

Studio Photography

Great grip.

Nay, EPIC Grip.

Not only does all of that extra cork make the mat feel more smooth and luxurious, but it also provides for a better grip for sweaty palms and for hot yoga. Go ahead and sweat buckets. The grip gets better as it gets wetter. Perfect for pushing your practice to the limit.

Thicker is better.

Made with just the right amount of cushion.

The perfect blend of cushion and support with extra protection for sensitive areas such as wrists and elbows. Great for an aggressive yoga practice as well as restorative yoga and cool-down stretching.

Studio Photography
extra large cork yoga mat

Extra large size.

Extra long and extra wide. 

Finally, a mat that can fit your entire body. Stop worrying about your feet going off the mat or your hands going over the edge. This mat has 20% more surface area is 12″ longer and 2″ wider than yours standard yoga mat. Did we mention that more space to practice on means more of a personal buffer for practicing at a yoga studio!

Unrolls flat, stays flat.

No more break-in period.

Roll this mat out as soon as you buy it, and it rolls out flat, and stays flat. Other mats require a block or weights to stay flat, and getting them flat is a cumbersome or sometimes unsuccessful process. Say goodbye to this problem forever!

Studio Photography
Studio Photography

Heavy duty, natural rubber base.

Our base is made from sustainable natural rubber from Vietnam instead of TPE, a common material found in large retail stores. Natural rubber is non-toxic, sustainable, and comes from trees that are never cut down. Performance wise, this allows the mat to be thicker and still supportive – without the sponginess that makes it harder to balance on other mats.

Premium cork vs condensed cork particles.

Most cork mats have a layer of cork about as thick as sandpaper. Ours uses 6 times as much cork for better quality, more durability, and a longer-lasting experience.


Introducing totally unique alignment lines to better your practice

Now available with our built-in Perfect Posture alignment lines.

BBY 92

As yoga instructors, we’re focused on helping our students achieve their best results

That’s we’ve created an alignment system that can act as your own personal trainer. Use the built-in alignment lines to:

  • Ensure proper technique, for maximum safety and effectiveness.
  • Allow you to focus on your body instead of wondering if you’re aligned correctly or not.
  • Make sure you aren’t contributing to imbalances, or aligning yourself differently on one side vs the other.
  • Prevent pain or discomfort in your knees, back, and shoulders.
  • Help you prevent injury from improper movement patterns over time.
  • Get you better results in less time.

Here’s how it works: 

The markings on this mat are reference points. They are not direct foot or hand placement markers (like the game “Twister” for example) because it varies from person to person.

These markings are universal – they work for everybody. That’s because no matter what your mobility levels are, your feet will always turn out at the same angle for certain positions, and your goal is still to create certain lines with the body.

DSC 1617

Vertical Bisecting Line

A line that runs down the middle of mat extremely useful for proper technique in endless poses and exercises.
Helps you make sure you’re even in downdog, plank, and Warrior 2.
Avoid imbalances in Warrior positions, high lunge, and more.
Helps with balancing postures like airplane.

Clear Angles For Warriors and Lunges

Ensure proper foot placement for Warrior 1, Pyramid, Humble Warrior,Warrior 2, Side Angle, Reverse Warrior, Half Moon, Wide Legged Stance, and more…
Includes 90 degree indents For Warrior 2 with unique 15 degree modification lines for tight hips and inflexible folks

Track your progress

Aim towards a further alignment line every time you workout and measure your progress as you get stronger and go deeper into every standing pose. Allows you to measure both your strength and flexibility progress, both over time and on a day-to-day basis.

Balance Both Sides

Bring balance to both sides of your body to make sure you are not going deeper with your stronger leg. Our alignment lines allow to measure the width of your stance for both sides of your body to make sure you bring the same intensity to both legs. Designed to help you avoid the imbalances that can lead to pain, discomfort, and injury.


Get yours today.

When you order one of our Body By Yoga cork yoga mats, you also get the following free bonuses when you register your purchase:

1-Year Warranty – We stand by our products. If something goes wrong or you’re unsatisfied, just send an email to results @ and we’ll fix it.

Perfect Posture Tutorials – Learn how to use the alignment system on the mat.

3 Free Workouts – Let’s do some yoga together. When you purchase a mat, you also get three free workouts from some of our best selling programs!

Backed By Our Satisfaction Guarantee!

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