Enjoying Body By Yoga? Dean Pohlman is also the CEO and “Chief Yoga Beast” at Man Flow Yoga, a widely acclaimed online resource geared towards men for athletic performance, functional fitness, and injury rehabilitation.

Man Flow Yoga has over 300+ workouts, member retreats, meet-ups, live Q&A’s with Dean, ongoing challenges to help keep you accountable, and an active and supportive community of students who post progress and share motivation.

How is Man Flow Yoga different from Body By Yoga?

Man Flow Yoga workouts are filmed in a different way and have their own style, with a greater emphasis on physical therapy inspired movements – though with 300+ workouts, the library has all types of routines. To learn more about the workouts available at Man Flow Yoga, click here.

Man Flow Yoga and Body By Yoga are separate websites.

Note. A membership with Body By Yoga does not get you access to the workouts available at Man Flow Yoga. Similarly, a membership with Man Flow Yoga does not include the workouts available here at Body By Yoga.

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