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Self Myofascial Release

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A comprehensive home system that combines stretching, mobility, yoga, and self myo-fascial release.

You’ve seen these exercises in medical offices, in the gym, and on the field with athletes – and now it’s your turn to see how quickly you can recover between workouts, how easy it is to undo the effects of sitting all day, how limber you can feel with a few select exercises, and how you can prevent and rehabilitate injuries with self myo-fascial techniques.

This program comes with 4 targeted routines:

  1. Shoulders
  2. Head & Neck
  3. Lower-Back & Hips
  4. Knees & Ankles

Each class consists of three 10 minute sections

Join us for the entire class for maximum results or hit play on any of the 10 minute sections below.

Section 1. Foam Rolling

Start with foam rolling to loosen your muscles and release muscle tension. Foam rollers target larger muscles of the body, and helps prepare you to work deeper into your flexibility.
Section 2. Self-Myofascial Release

Use mobility tools to work into hard-to-reach areas, release painful or restrictive muscle knots, and even activate your parasympathetic nervous system.
Section 3. Stretching

Finish with a stretching routine that builds on the mobility work you’ve done in the previous sections. Discover how deeper you can go into your stretches and how noticeably different you’ll feel.

What are the benefits of Self Myo-Fascial Release?

According to National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), here are some benefits of Self Myofascial Release:

1. Corrects Muscle Imbalances
SMR helps our muscles relax and at the same time provides optimal length-tension relationship, which helps avoid muscle restrictions when we perform an exercise, so it will give a positive feedback to our CNS.

2. Improves Joint Range of Motion
SMR can basically break the knots (which restrict our range of motion) in our muscles, which can help us use our full range of motion.

3. Relieves Muscle Soreness and Joint Stress
SMR speeds up recovery because of better blood circulation in the body.

4. Improves Neuromusclar Efficiency
SMR is good for blood circulation hence, it also provides better oxygenation in our muscles.

5. Relaxes our Muscles
Foam rolling helps our muscles relax by activation of sensory receptors connecting our muscle fibers to our tendons.

6. Provides Optimal Length-Tension relationships
According to Joe Hashey,CSCS, foam rolling lengthens your muscles and breaks up adhesion and scar tissues.

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