Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the programs on this website and the programs on Amazon?

Several of our programs are available for sale on both Amazon and Body By Yoga. The content of these programs is the same as their digital counterparts. The following programs are available for individual sale on our website, as well as on DVD on Amazon:

Yoga Boost
Yoga Strong
Yoga Edge

Can I purchase a program without enrolling into the subscription plan?

Yes, you do not need to purchase a subscription on our website. Most programs are available for individual sale with lifetime access and no reoccurring payments. Simply navigate to the “Classes” tab and scroll until you see the desired program.

Why would I purchase a subscription if I can buy all of the DVDs?

When you purchase a subscription, you are able to access all of our programs for approximately half of the cost of an upfront purchase and you are able to access classes that are not available on DVD. In addition, you are able to stream them digitally on your phone, tablet, and PC.

The following programs have not been released on Amazon DVD at this time:
Yoga Fix
Yoga Charge
Yoga Vitality
Better Back Yoga
Yoga Release
Yoga Max 33
Yoga For Back Care
Yoga For Abs
Yoga Start

Please note that we are currently in beta mode for our All Access program.

We have just finished filming new classes and are still working on an accompanying app. If you are interested in joining our All Access program during this beta period, we can generate you a 70% off coupon code for any plan. Simply send an email to results(@)

Is there a method to download classes with this streaming service?

For those who wish to download our classes and practice with us without wifi, you have two options:

1 – You can purchase our programs on Amazon Prime Video. Once purchased, you can download them using the Amazon Video App. Amazon allows you to access downloaded videos, even without wifi.

2 – You can purchase our programs on our website. Once purchased, you can download them with our accompanying app, just like if you purchased them on Amazon Video.