Yoga Fix

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Complete 5 Day System
20 Minute Workouts
One-Time Payment For Lifetime Access
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For Absolute Beginners

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $39.99.

Yoga Fix is a complete 5 day gentle yoga system to fix your strength, energy, posture, and pain in just 20 minutes per day.

Designed to fit into your busy schedule, it’s the perfect program to do in the mornings before work, or after a long day at the office.

No previous experience or flexibility is required. Created for absolute beginners, middle aged adults, and desk workers, we provide safe, gentle modifications to traditional yoga poses to ensure that anyone can do yoga. Even if you can’t touch your toes!

Our unique, anatomy driven approach to yoga has already helped thousands of people and now it’s your turn.

No painful postures, no twisting yourself into a pretzel, and no preaching or spiritual philosophy. Yoga Fix is part workout and part educational video. You’ll not only learn how to do each pose properly, but you’ll also learn the anatomical benefits of each pose.

Want to reduce back pain? Check.

Want to improve your posture? Check.

Want to reduce stiffness? Reduce belly fat? Check and check.

Join us for the next 5 days as we work together to get stronger and leaner and become better and healthier versions of ourselves! We’ll help you become more mobile and agile, reduce pains and aches, and become a better, more confident, and resilient you. 


How Long Will It Take To See Results?

One of the best parts about this program is that people are noticing results in just WEEKS. Check out reviews from real people, just like you, to learn about the dramatic improvements people have experienced from working out with Yoga Fix!

Here’s a list of reported benefits from following Yoga Fix

  • Belly fat loss
  • Reduced sciatica pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • Weight loss
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced daily aches and pain
  • Improvements in overall physical feeling
  • Waist slimming
  • Increase in strength and muscle
  • Improved core strength
  • And more!

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re doing yoga to GET more flexible, not because you are flexible. Yoga Boost is unique because we provide modifications for people who aren’t used to doing yoga, ESPECIALLY inflexible people. You do not have to be flexible in order to start.
Our unique take on yoga is designed for those of us can’t twist themselves into a pretzel. It’s for those of us who have tight muscles and who need modifications they probably wouldn’t get in a group class. It’s yoga fitness for the rest of us. It’s for those of us who don’t relate to the typical yoga lifestyle. For those of us that want a great workout without words and phrases like melting heart, and be one with the universe.
Yes! Yoga is NO-IMPACT, which means that you’ll be able to get a fantastic workout without any of the wear and tear on your joints that accompanies traditional workouts like running or lifting weights.
Yup! Yoga is one of the best ways to maintain bone density, mobility, and muscle mass as you age. It’s low-impact nature makes it perfect for people who aren’t able to do what they used to do with as much ease.
Absolutely. Not only does it immediately relieve back pain, but it also helps to address the root causes of back pain, including hip mobility, core strength, poor posture, and more!
Nope! We focus on the workout aspects, and you can meditate on your own time.
You can choose to purchase Yoga Fix only, which is our 20 minutes per day, 5 day yoga system for absolute beginners . . . Or you can join our All Access Pass in order to get the rest of our programs as well, including Better Back Yoga, Yoga Boost, Yoga Charge, and many, many more. Yoga Fix is a one-time purchase with lifetime access. The All Access Pass is a re-occurring subscription.
Yep, when you purchase Yoga Fix, it is yours to access anytime. It is a one time purchase and yours to keep forever.
When you purchase Yoga Fix, you will be able to play it on our website at as well as your on your phone and tablet. Each purchase comes with free access to our accompanying app where you can play your new program as well.

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110 reviews for Yoga Fix

Based on 110 reviews
  1. roberta cook Wilson

    Dean takes you through the positions slowly, but keeps a good pace for you to follow along. He recommends good modifications to go slower or faster or more challenging. I have all of his videos and am hooked.

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  2. LRox

    I have no firsthand knowledge of this product (PROGRAMS), since it was a gift. But I was able to purchase the video for myself through Prime from my TV. Dean is a great instructor! Not a lot of that ‘pose chatter’ that most of these women Yoga instructors feel is necessary. Ughhhh!!! As a woman, I’m grateful that Dean does a good job at cutting out that chatter while reviewing the basics, modifications, and benefits. Coverage is well done. He shows the poses from the side to show body alignment (I mention that because a lot of comments complained that he should move with the camera) – when I am sitting in CHAIR POSE, I like that Dean did NOT move with the camera, instead showing his hips & legs over the ankles from the side!

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  3. Amy P

    I have started buying all the programss this guy teaches. He is the best I’ve found where it comes to actually explaining exactly how to move your body and what to do. It’s not as relaxing as a lot of yoga programss, no soothing music, but you learn the moves and your body feels a lot better for it.

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  4. GilMarSF

    I liked the Yoga Boost PROGRAMS so much I thought I’d try this one as I’m 76 and practicing yoga which I find is easier on the body for us seniors. The Gentle Yoga Fix is straightforward and easy to follow and understand. Plus, Dean has a nice way of explaining and performing the moves. I’ll probably get more of his PROGRAMSs.

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  5. Kindle Customer

    I’m over 50 and have never really done Yoga. I took a class once and was overwhelmed, this video is very basic and is perfect for anyone who is not in great shape and has never done yoga. Unlike some of the other videos he is not irritating, he explains every move and how it should feel and the way to do the moves correctly.

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  6. Rickey

    Excellent starter video for Yoga enthusiast I can work at my own pace. I want to get the yoga blocks also that were suggest to help build stamina ????????‍♂️

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  7. Jerry Loewe

    Years behind a hotel front desk, hunched over a computer, plus a back injury led me to yoga, but I wanted more of a workout without the spiritual aspect, and I’m thrilled with this! I love having my workouts sequenced and Dean’s knowledge is terrific, great series!

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  8. Carolyn

    This is a great video for beginners, those stuck in a yoga rut, and/or people who now have to deal with the affects of telecommuting on the body. As a therapist and yoga teacher myself, I appreciate the way the instructor describes how a pose should feel and how he gives alignment cues. The segments are only 20 minutes each, which is a good length for learning how to fit yoga into your busy day. I also like that there is a different workout for each work day. I highly recommend!

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  9. Bill


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  10. Lois of Philadelphia

    Dean does an excellent job of guiding you through each step. He’s not as annoying like so many of the others. I have been doing this faithfully for about 4 months, and it is not boring, probably due to it’s short but intense length. I’m 65 and have done different workout routines for about 40 years. And although my aches and pains never completely leave me, I feel like this is a very positive contribution to my overall anti-arthritis regime. Recommended for anyone!!

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  11. Chicaroone

    I just finished day 5 and find the poses are well instructed — not too easy or too hard; the challenge level is on target for this middle-aged female! My chief complaint is the blaring intro (and concluding) music in relation to the instructor’s voice—this is something that can and should be fixed ASAP!! Also the camera angles are not well chosen as the instructor always looks as if he’s talking to my imaginary exercise partner 😉 I also like that there’s none of the idle chit chat commonly heard in videos with female instructors. Sorry if that’s sexist but I call it like I hear it!

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  12. BL Shap

    I used to do yoga and lift weights on a regular basis. Then life happened and I have several nagging injuries that needed rehab and a body that has not worked out regularly in years. This PROGRAMS is perfect for a total beginner or someone who needs some stabilizer and core muscle tune up. Each segment is 20 minutes which is a great length during the week for a busy parent. There is zero preaching about complicated breathing or cringe yoga culture stuff. He also doesn’t have you hold positions or repeat moves for the sake of showing off his own skills, this is a problem with many “beginner” yoga series in my opinion and is a great way to make an injury worse or get new ones. If you have muscle imbalances or injuries or just need a good place to start this is perfect.

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  13. Janie

    Easy to follow

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  14. larry h

    Have practiced yoga for three years, am 70 years old. This is a nice supplement for my regular class. Effective and quick as well as aimed for this senior male.

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  15. Kenneth Zarecor

    This is not an easy program for an older person with multiple probem spine and shoulder injuries, like me.. But Dean goes slowly, talks you through each step and is always positive and non-judgemental. I have a ways to go to be really flexible and rid of back pain, but, even after just a few weeks with the program, I already feel better, have better balance and feel motivated to continue. As I said, this program ain’t easy, but it is rewarding and worth your time. Challenge yourself and do it. You will not be sorry.

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  16. Francee K.

    I have had back problems for 20 years and have been doing stretching exercises for adhesive capsulitis in my right shoulder, too. My husband is 50 pounds over weight. We both feel better after doing the workouts. We have only done three weeks, but I can stretch my arm higher and further back already. My back feels better after the workouts when I do this in the evening (and will hopefully start feeling better all day). My husband said he thought yoga was for lazy people who didn’t really want to workout, but he is a believer now and really likes the program. We like that he really explains how to do each move properly and gives us time to figure out how to get into the positions. I have tried a couple of other yoga tapes that went too fast. Holding the poses for a longer time will hopefully help us build muscle and flexibility. If you are a beginner or haven’t exercised in a while (like us), you might like this idea. We took pictures of each other in some positions so we can have a reference point a few months from now to see if we are improving and to help keep us motivated when we see the changes.

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  17. Lonni Hendershott

    This is a awesome video . Dean is a great instructor and made it easy to keep up . I have back conditions and I’m 53 . This was a great way to start . Give this company a try it worked great for me .

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  18. MIG

    So easy to follow with very clear verbal instructions. Great program for me.

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  19. sailorwoman

    I thought it was pretty awful. Didn’t realize you needed bricks, books, or band. He offered substitutes. Did not hear much useful instruction. Guy has nice body but do I really need to see it? Know many liked this and the above is only my opinion.

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  20. Judy Reeves

    Love this program so much. Dean at Body by Yoga is so good at giving you easy to follow instructions and helping you ease into poses with the proper form and breath. Exercises are so doable for all ages & levels. I felt stronger just from the first day of exercise. Unbelievable. This feels like I’m back in a personal yoga class. Highly recommend. I bought 2 more program loved it so much I’m now mixing and matching yoga exercises. They are approximately 20 minutes each.

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  21. Sam Nicolosi

    I highly recommend this program for beginners and seniors. I have purchased many yoga programs in the past but this by far the one that I use almost daily, along with his YOGABOOST program. Dean takes you through a five day 20 minute yoga class. He explains each position perfectly. I have purchased two more of his program’s.

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  22. Leonard E. Greene

    This is only a 2-minute introduction to the rest of the episodes, with the audacity to be the same price as an actual episode of a yoga workout session. I was insulted because the advertisement was very misleading. This was a waste of money, so opted not to buy it at all and buy a product that describes itself more honestly.

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  23. J. Brock

    With the covid 19 pandemic and recently losing my father to cancer, I thought it would be good to get more mentally and physically healthier by trying yoga; working out at home. I had no idea what program to get but knew I needed the basics/beginner type program. This program nailed it! I found that I’m more consistent with 20-30 minute programs, and I really enjoy the 20 minute regiments, 5 of them with this program. Each workout was easy to fit in before my busy night shift at the hospital. Dean is efficient and concrete with his instructions; no fluff! After 5 days of this program – I’ve seen improvement with my lower back pain diminishing and my hip flexors; well they’re definitely not as tight. I’ll definitely be purchasing more programs from body by Dean Pohlman. By the way; the cork mat is freaking awesome! I Highly recommend that too! The nice thing with yoga I’ve found is that it really brings you present in the moment of every move and with everything going on around us it’s nice to have that focus – being grounded – I find it very cathartic. Give it a try!

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  24. Dean Nelson

    So far I’ve tried four of the five exercise routines. They are excellent and I feel so good afterwards. Instructions and poses are very clear. No question this is going to help me with my posture and back pain.

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  25. JB – L.A.

    I’ve been working for a few months now with several of Dean Pohlman’s programs: Fix, Strong, Edge, Charge and Boost.
    I’m still very much in the beginners stage, but I can tell you these workout routines have really changed my approach to exercise.
    The instruction that Dean Pohlman provides is gentle, precise, easy to follow, and really helps me grasp a better mind/muscle connection of what I’m supposed to be doing or feeling in my body during the exercise, instead of just mirroring the poses. I’ve gained more stability, breath control, and mind/body connection since starting the Body By Yoga workouts.
    Dean’s programs have also enhanced how I approach HIIT workouts, which I like to do, and there are many routines throughout these programs that provide excellent recovery from high intensity exercise programs, or even if you just need recovery from having to sit or stand at a desk all day. I had always wanted to try yoga but was hesitant until I found Dean Pohlman’s Body By Yoga. Highly recommended if you are advanced or a beginner like me.

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  26. tundra

    It’s low key and simple for older users. It helps with strength and balance.

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  27. Customer

    I am a 71 yr old male who exercises regularly. I took up yoga to improve my balance and limber up my back and legs. This program being only 20 min/ day is great for me as I can add it to my regular workout sessions. Great buy.

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  28. Customer

    What a wonderful start to learn yoga. Perfect for my time and helping with strength and balance. Love it! I’ve tried a few others, this one works for me.

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  29. Amy

    I have been doing yoga for a few years and bought this for my wife, who experiences back pain. I have purchased other videos by Dean and have enjoyed them, so I trusted this would be a good purchase. I have done all of the workouts and was pleased to see how much I got out of them. (I’m not new to yoga, but very inflexible.) Dean is a great instructor. He always lets you know how postures should and shouldn’t feel as you’re doing them. His commentary helps so that you don’t have to be constantly watching the screen to know if you’re doing it right. I would recommend the video for anyone who enjoys yoga, but especially people who are new to it.

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  30. Dave

    I really enjoy this program. It’s great for beginners and provides easy instructions, with challenging moves. I’ve been using it often. My only problem is it skips in spots and gets stuck. When it happens I can’t fast forward or even skip to the next chapter. This happened with another program that I purchased from this company. I’ve had it for a while so it’s too late to return or get an exchange. This shouldn’t happen after just a few months of intermittent use.

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  31. Noel Wyatt

    Liked that they are short sessions but I feel like I get a full workout.

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  32. oodles

    I am really loving this program. I have done 4 of the 5 workouts so far. Despite the title of ‘gentle’ I’ve found them kind of challenging. I am early 50s, and a good bit overweight, but had been doing strength training and martial arts regularly pre-pandemic. Then I did a couple months of yoga on you tube for beginners. Fell off the horse a few weeks and got this to get back on. It’s very different than most of what is out there. He’s obviously more focused on the strength parts, and there are well known yoga poses mixed in with things like leg holds that I would not expect, but are really what I need. I’ve found myself shaking in some spots trying to hold the pose, but most of it for me is in the sweet spot where I can do this…but I have to work at it and get a sweat on. Like holding a plank. So far I’ve been able to pretty much do all of it except my poor dolphin kinda died, that was a fail, but that’s ok. So if you avoided this one because it said ‘gentle’ and ‘older’ don’t…it is beginner friendly (though don’t feel bad if you struggle with some of it) but it is not granny chair yoga. (He does have a chair yoga vid but I haven’t tried it).

    Also, if there was music I didn’t notice it. It’s all very straight and to the point, with instruction and modification, but no off topic chatter (much as I appreciated the Adrienne of you tube fame..she drives me nuts that way). I also don’t think I’ll get board. 5 programs, 20 minutes each, which is just short enough to convince me to do it in the morning but long enough to matter.

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  33. Sandra L. Utterstrom

    I can play the program and follow along with the session. He’s very easy to follow. It’s a good program.
    I like it. I can do it even tho I’m not flexible, yet!

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  34. Customer

    BEWARE! Episode one is just a two minute introduction. If you pay a fee to try out the first episode you’re getting ripped off. The fact that they charge money for this is a crime!

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  35. Jim Connor


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  36. Customer

    I am not sure if it is my program player or the problem is the program; I do have older programs that have no problem loading. Once it is loaded I like the content of the work out.

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  37. Border Collie fan

    At just 20 minutes per day, my shoulders and neck, back, and hips feel better than before I started Yoga Fix. Dean knows his subject and is a careful and effective leader through the exercises.

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  38. Michael A. Younkins

    Fantastic program. Dean is easy to follow and supportive. I bought this and didn’t open for quite a while but I am glad I decided to. I really enjoyed this workout. Great for beginners.

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  39. Renee Cravens

    Great for beginners!

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  40. William Head

    I bought it for my wife and she liked it a lot . I had to purchase two more for her to give as gifts .

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  41. Cal Turner

    I have 3 different program’s where Dean is the instructor. He is a great teacher and all of his recorded classes can change your life if you do them regularly. He is very calming, easy to follow and lets you know if you can’t do things right away, it will come to you later – he is super encouraging. I look forward to getting off work after a stressful day, slapping in the program and taking a class- they will make your body feel much better and you will feel distressed. Even Dean’s voice is calming. So you can’t go wrong- Do it, stick with it, and you will quickly discover the benefits of yoga!!!

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  42. Christine Cantley

    I love all of his routines. Bought all 3 of his CD’s

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  43. Jerry Relation

    I love this video. I have had other yoga videos but this one is excellent for beginners and the information is very through.

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  44. Savvy shopper

    Good for beginners.

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  45. GreeenGeorge DC

    Good points: simple set, easy to hear and understand the instructor, good camera shot of him doing the poses. 5 very good 20 minute workouts, one per day. Each workout is targeted for a different muscle group/body area, of course there’s some overlap. Each pose is held for a while, it’s not a fast-moving practice. As you’re holding the pose, you’re building strength. Dean gives good guidance for each pose, reminders of how you should be breathing, what you shouldn’t be doing, etc. At the beginning of each workout, he tells you what equipment you’ll need, like a block or strap. I like that balance poses are included, always good for us old guys. I guarantee if you do all these poses right, you’ll feel it! And your body will respond. I’ve been doing yoga for ~7 years and altho this has not completely replaced my other practices, I’m doing these workouts and loving them. So I’m not a beginner, but age and physical problems makes this a great series for me. Like all practices, I have to modify some of the poses to accommodate my physical limitations.
    Bad points: Poor program production. It would be better if the program defaulted to the main menu, not workout 1, and why the sound track? It only distracts from Dean’s guidance.

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  46. >^..^<

    I ordered this in the hopes of fixing bad posture, stress from hunching over the computer, etc. I would not consider this for beginners. Almost all of the work is on the floor. As a 61 yr old, getting on the floor is not as easy as it used to be! I also experience nausea when doing floor work, so that will make this program difficult to use. I will have to be more careful with this.
    I also had trouble with it working in my external computer drive. I could not use the mouse pad but had to use the keyboard arrows and enter button. Not a biggie. (This did not happen with Yoga Vitality that I bought at the same time.)
    That said, it appears to be an excellent program and Dean knows his stuff. The program is clear and the audio is great.
    If you are a beginner and older like me, I HIGHLY recommend Yoga Vitality by the same company. If you are younger or more fit, this would be a great program.

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  47. Kim

    The instructor is clear, respectful, and measured. He gives excellent detailed guidance and the exercises are great. I appreciate his clarity and encouragement. As a 70 year old woman, I wish there was just a little more transition time between poses – the pace is just a bit too quick for me. Otherwise, this is the best instructional yoga video I’ve seen and I feel great after each workout. There are no high pressure commands that are on so many tapes, just clear guidance and helpful supportive options. The video is highly recommended – I purchased it to help with general back pain and it already seems to have a positive effect after only a few sessions.

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  48. Idahojack

    Dean does an amazing job with demo and presentation. It’s like having him there one on one.

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  49. BillR

    Like it says, it’s targeted to an older demographic, and with 5 20-minute workouts that are challenging but not too hard, it’s a great workout for a stretch and core-strengthening break throughout the week.

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  50. Customer

    My wife and I have started to do it every morning. It has been great to get the kinks out and get a work out for our old bodies. Still haven’t talked the wife into doing it in the buff.

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  51. lucas

    Absolutely amazing. Solid classes that are very well researched and down to earth. Easy to follow instruction by Dean and I wake up the next day with my back feeling good, which is a blessing!

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  52. Roy W Enochson

    Perfect program for the yoga beginner or more mature individuals.

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  53. Missy Osborne

    Thankful to have this video to help strengthen and stretch out my back. I want to find something to help the pain without having to keep taking pain medication.

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  54. Customer

    Dean Pohlman’s yoga program is where I got my start practicing yoga. I have been doing it for a little over a year now. I really enjoy the members area as well as these programs. Yoga fix is easy to follow and makes you want to do yoga more. I like how the focus is on yoga and not the spiritual angle. Although this program can be done by anyone, I like how its targeted to men and their range of motion. Keep up the great work! I highly recommend this program and the members area on the website.

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  55. Johnny Edwards

    Have been a member of the Dean Pohlman’s Community for a couple of years and it has definitely made a positive impact on my overall health and vitality.

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  56. Andrew Rollins Hutson

    Easy to follow, excellent delivery, thorough descriptions of why you are doing what you are doing during the videos.
    Would definitely recommend.

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  57. Customer

    I have been doing it daily. Amazing for my back. I have a chronic back condition (Tarlov Cyst Disease) and yoga has been such a benefit to my posture, core strength, and pain management.

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  58. elva veliz

    I have been taking a yoga class for quite some time so some of the moves are not new. However, I found his explanations to be informative. I got it because I’ve been having back problems. I’ve only taken the two days and found it already helping.

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  59. Timothy Wenk

    I came across these workouts on youtube and bought the program on Prime Video. I am a pilot and cross-fitter. I don’t sit at a desk but I sit for prolonged periods of time. I am beginner at yoga, and Yoga Fix is a great fit for me. I like the short workouts and the easy progression. It’s probably too easy for me as I should have probably purchased the next level up. Even so, and even having done other programs, in person and on video, and I am still able to gather good techniques from repeated viewing of these videos. Even though I do these as a beginner, I am able to improve my positions and find new challenges that build my strength and flexibility that take me beyond the beginner level. The improved strength and flexibility has relieved pain in my lower back. Additionally, these videos have improved my ability to perform better in other activities (e.g., lifting weights and running).

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  60. LuAnn

    I bought this to increase my flexibility. I have been using for 3 weeks. It is a 5 day program and each day the workout last 20 minutes. Not too hard and I have found the workouts very helpful.

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  61. SK

    Great program. For those of us that aren’t in our 20’s and need a little more instruction, Dean does a great job of explaining the poses, where you should be feeling it and modifications. Each program is long enough that you feel like you have worked out but not so long that if it starts to get truly difficult you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Best of all, each time you finish, you are glad you did it and ask yourself why you haven’t been doing to already.

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  62. StevieP

    I was new to yoga a little over a year ago when I found Dean’s programs. He is a great instructor and describes poses in detail explaining exactly what you should be feeling. I purchased this for a family member who is new to yoga.

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  63. Mikey

    I have worked with Dean’s yoga programs for several years now, and I have always found his programs to be clear and easy to follow. Dean provides clear instruction on how to do a pose while offering tips on correcting one’s position and information on why you’re doing that pose (ie, which muscle group you’re using and the benefits). Dean’s programs focus strictly on yoga as an exercise, so there is no philosophy involved. Yoga Fix is no exception.

    After using several of Dean’s programs, I can see that my body is more toned, and I have developed better balance, all attributes of these yoga programs. I find Yoga Fix perfect for my exercise routine although the program focuses on the beginner. I wish that the Yoga Fix had been available when I’d started learning yoga!

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  64. Customer

    This is a great way to workout. With my age it really meets my needs. I can workout and feel I have really accomplished something.

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  65. T Seattle

    Great easy to use yoga poses for guys who are just starting out.