Best Mats for Yoga

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The Best Yoga Mat for You

There are so many yoga mats to choose from in the world. When you walk into a store looking for a mat, you will be surrounded by different brands, materials and prices of yoga mats.

Many people will simply choose the mat that they think looks best, while others will be looking for the cheapest possible one. More experienced people who do yoga might choose a more high-end mat based on the brand name. 

Mats come in different shapes, sizes, materials, thickness, and so much more. 

It is important to not just pick the first mat you see and trust that it will be the best. Some mats are made just to be as cheap as possible and others are designed just to look nice. Some mats are sustainable and others can harm the environment.

Certain mats are more padded and others have more of a grip.

You can see just how different mats can be, and just how vital it is to your practice to choose the right one. 

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Different Types of Practices/ Uses

Mats have different benefits based on how they are made, what materials are used, and how sustainable they are. 

If you are using your mat for a restorative or yin practice, where you spend most of the time on the mat itself, you will probably want a yoga mat that has more padding and is thicker. Thicker mats can give you more cushion to protect you from feeling the ground beneath the mat. This is especially important for those who suffer from pain in the knees, wrists, and other joints. 

If your yoga practice involves more movement and sweating, such as power yoga or hot yoga, you will want a mat with a better grip. Some mats are designed to get stickier the more you sweat and the more you use them. When it comes to these mats, make sure to be careful to choose one that does not absorb your sweat completely to ensure that bacteria is not growing within the mat itself.

Each yoga practice is different, so it is helpful that there are so many mats, with varying uses and benefits, out there to pick from.

Different Locations

The perfect mat for you will also depend on the location where you will be using it. If you are practicing on a hardwood floor, you will want a mat that protects you from being able to feel the floor beneath you. If you are practicing on carpet, using a mat that will not slide and that can grip the surface will be your best bet. In a studio, the floor is often hard or slightly padded. If you often practice in a studio, think about the flooring and how your mat will interact with it.

Choosing Based on Non-Slip/ Grip

Having a mat with a good grip is important. When you are moving through yoga poses, you will need to use balance and have good stability. Finding a mat that offers you a grip will help keep you from slipping.

Many yoga mats have this feature, but each one might have different reasons for this. If a mat absorbs sweat completely to become stickier, it might be harder to clean, causing bacterial growth. If a mat holds you sweat on the surface, but can still react with it to become stickier, this is a better option. Cork, for example, will often have this feature. 

Many mats also become stickier and have a better grip with more use. 

If you find that your practice involves standing on one foot or balancing on your hands, having a mat with better grip will be the best option for you. 

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Choosing Based on Size

As we said before, yoga mats come in many sizes. Why does this matter?

Let’s say you are doing a restorative yoga class and you are practicing a wide-leg forward fold. If you were to turn sideways on your mat, and you found that your foot was leaning over the side of it, this could be pretty frustrating. 

Imagine if you were to lay down in the final meditation that most classes offer, and your body was longer than the mat. This would mean that part of your body would be touching the dirty floor throughout the whole meditation.

Just like mats, people come in different shapes and sizes. For someone who is shorter, having a smaller mat might not be a big deal. However, for someone who is taller, a longer mat would probably be necessary. 

Imagine if someone who was six feet tall owned a mat that was five feet and five inches. THat wouldn’t be very comfortable or easy to use.

Another thing to take into consideration is how wide your mat is. If you are spending a lot of time down on the mat, and you are doing poses that involve a lot of stretching out, a thinner mat will not allow as much support during your practice.

Overall, most people will benefit from having a mat that is both long and wide.

Choosing Based on Thickness

Whether you are spending a lot of time down on your mat, or even if you are standing for a lot of the practice, having some thickness to the mat is always a good idea.

You will want a mat that is not too thin or too thick, but has just the right amount of padding. The problem is that too much padding will cause more slipping, requiring more strain on your ankles to keep yourself stable and balanced. This can be especially tricky for beginners. A thinner mat will not offer as much protection, causing you to feel the floor beneath you, especially when you are on your hands and knees or laying down.

In addition, mats that are too thick are often harder to roll all the way out, leaving the edge curling during class, and making it harder to use and work with. Imagine laying in a meditation and feeling the edges of your mat rolling up beneath you. Think about how frustrating that would be.

Now, imagine having a very thin mat while laying in meditation, and think about how you would be able to feel the floor easily beneath you.

Choosing the Best Yoga Mat Based on Weight

Another factor to take into consideration when buying a mat is weight. As you just learned, certain yoga mats will roll and curl at the ends based on how thick they are. However, mats that are light while also being thick will be more difficult to keep from rolling up. This is because mats that are lighter do not have as much weight to hold them down, and if they are also thick, it becomes much more difficult to control them. One example of this would be a foam mat. Foam is light and thick and often rolls at the edges no matter how many times you have used your mat.

The weight of your mat should also be taken into consideration based on where you are practicing. If you are doing yoga at home, having a heavier mat is easier since you will not have to carry it as far. However, if you are doing yoga in a studio or at a friend’s house, and you have to travel often with your mat, a heavier mat might be harder to carry.

There are many travel mats out there that are thinner and easier to bring around with you. If you do decide to pick a lighter mat, it is essential to still make sure that it has enough padding, support, and grip for you to work with. Picking a mat just because it is light will often result in having a mat that doesn’t suit your other needs.

Choosing the Best Yoga Mat Based on Sustainability

Sustainability is also important to take into account when picking a yoga mat. Many mats are not environmentally friendly, while other mats are sometimes made from recycled or sustainable materials. 

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) mats, for example, are sometimes made with toxic chemicals that are not great for you and are very bad for the environment. 

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) mats are made in different ways. Some versions of these can be very bad for the environment. Since TPE is a mix of polymers, you never exactly know just what mix went into making your mat. This means that you could potentially be buying a mat that is not environmentally friendly without realizing it.  

Look for mats that are labeled as sustainable or eco-friendly. Many mats are also made of recycled materials. All of these options are much better than buying one that will harm the environment. 


Choosing the Best Yoga Mat Based on Durability

Yoga mats should also be durable so that you can use them again and again. What you do not want is to have a mat that is falling apart while you are trying to practice yoga. Having a mat that is durable also ensures a better and safer practice. If your mat is falling apart, and you are trying to balance on it, it probably will not give you the support you need. 

This is also why it is important to not pick a mat based on price alone. If you have found a mat that is incredibly cheap, and you purchase it solely for that reason, odds are that it will not hold up during your practice. Have you ever seen someone using a mat with the corners torn off or pieces raising up on it? This was probably a pretty cheap mat, and this is what a mat looks like that is not durable. 

Choosing the Best Yoga Mat Based on Price

When you find a less expensive mat, there is usually a reason it is so cheap. Cheap mats are often made with cheap materials and less material in general, making them thinner and harder to use. If you plan on practicing often, then these mats will not hold up properly. It is better to make the investment in a really good mat versus buying one just because it saves you money. 

The cheaper the mat, the more likely it is that you will be coming back to buy a new one.

That being said, this does not mean you have to buy the most expensive mat out there. Many mats are more expensive based on the brand name. Other mats might be pricier because of the materials used in them. If you find a mat that is more expensive, make sure to still check what it is made of and if it fits your needs. Having a brand name mat that is too thin or too thick and has no grip will defeat the purpose of getting a good mat entirely.

Did you know that some brand names that have nothing to do with yoga have decided to make their own mats? In this situation, the price of the mat is usually based on the brand alone and the mat itself will often not include proper yoga materials. You want to find a mat that is made to enhance your practice, not just one that looks and sounds fancy.

How Do Body By Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mats Stack up Against the Best Mats for Yoga?

So, now that we have looked into what makes a good yoga mat, and what to avoid when you buy  a mat, let’s talk about why Body By Yoga has one of the best mats out there, and how our mats can benefit you. Our cork mats are easy to keep clean, light enough to transport while traveling, made of one hundred percent sustainable materials, and also have a better grip than most mats out there. 

In addition, you will not have to worry about our mats falling apart. They are durable and strong as well as properly made to support whatever yoga practice you are doing.

Let’s take a deeper look at why our mats are the best for yoga!

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Why Body By Yoga Mats are the Best Mats for Yoga

Materials – Our yoga mat is made out of premium Portuguese cork. Cork, in general, is one of the best materials to use when it comes to yoga mats. The problem is that most mats that have cork only have a layer about as thin as sandpaper. We have managed to fit six times more cork than anyone else into our mat, and we found a way to keep it properly pressed down so that it is flat and smooth and does not break easily. Many cork mats are made incorrectly, causing them to fall apart more often than not. Our cork is also very easy to clean. Cork is naturally not porous, which is why it is used often as a wine bottle stopper. This makes them easier to clean and forces any bacteria and sweat to stay on the top layer so you can wipe it off. In addition to our premium cork, the bottoms of our mats are made with sustainable rubber, keeping them weighted down and in place so that they do not easily roll up during use. 

Types of Practices- Our mats are designed to suit whatever yoga practice you need them for. They are properly padded, making them useful for classes where you are on the mat or classes where you are standing. They also have a good grip to support you during balancing poses. 

Locations- Our mats can be used in any location where you practice. If you are practicing on a carpeted floor the weighted rubber bottom of our mat will grip and keep it held in place. If you are practicing on hardwood or on a hard studio floor, our mats will stay in place, not roll up, and keep you from sliding. 

Grip- The more you use our mats, the more of a grip they will have. Our premium cork is designed to get stickier the more you sweat and the more it is used. While most mats simply absorb your sweat, ours keeps it within the top layer so you can easily clean and disinfect your mat. However, you will not have to clean your mat as often when using cork. Having a mat with a good grip is essential, and we purposely designed out mats to support your balance and stability when you are practicing. 

Size- Our mats are extra large. They are twelve inches longer and two inches wider than your standard yoga mat. This gives our mats twenty percent more surface area! This will make it easier to practice and to spread out on your mat without having to worry about touching the floor.

Thickness- Our mats are made to be the perfect amount of thickness. They are not too thin and not too thick, allowing you proper support while practicing. We took into account that thin mats are hard on your joints and mats that are too thick will put strain on your ankles. This is why we worked hard to create the perfect mat with just the right level of thickness.

Weight- The bottom of our mats are weighted to keep them in place and unrolled during practice. However, we took traveling into consideration when making out mats. Due to the use of our lightweight cork material, we were able to create a mat that is less than ten pounds. This means that it is just heavy enough without making it hard to carry when going to a studio to practice. 

Sustainability- Our mats are made of one hundred percent sustainable materials. In fact, no trees were harmed in the making of our mats. We discovered a way to use gum trees to make our mats without cutting them down. Our cork comes from pieces of bark harvested from the trees. This bark will grow back over time. In addition, the rubber in our mats is created by tapping the gum tree as you would with a maple tree. The liquid that comes out of the tree is then used to make the rubber for the bottoms of our mats, and over time, this liquid also replenishes. Not only are our mats one hundred percent sustainable and eco friendly, but they are naturally antimicrobial and completely non-toxic.

Durability- Our mats are extremely durable, making them perfect to use for whatever yoga practice you need them for. They can even be used for other exercises like aerobics or pilates. The rubber of our mats are incredibly durable and strong, holding our mats in place so that you do not need to break them in.

Learn more about our mats by clicking here!

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List of Reviewers who Named Body By Yoga as One of the Best Yoga Mats

Checkout a list of websites and reviewers who have named our mat as one of the best. We have also included a snippet of each review, but feel free to click on the names below to learn more about what the reviews have to say. Click on any of the names below to read their review of our mats!

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” If you’re in the market for a thicc mat, consider this 6.5-mm cork design. It offers plenty of a padding, and the material is naturally antimicrobial, making it ideal for park workouts. Cork is also super-absorbent (bring it on, Bikram) and gets even grippier over time.”- Glamour

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Elite Daily called our mat the best cork mat overall.

“A great choice for everyone from beginners to professionals, this thick yoga mat is made from premium Portuguese cork with a natural rubber base layer. The extra-thick design measures 6.5 millimeters, which provides ample padding for everything from child’s pose to headstands, and the longer length provides over 6.5 feet of space for stretches and shavasana.”- Elite Daily

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“What makes this mat stand out from the rest is the fact that it is made from Portuguese cork. You may have heard of cork mat sin the past, but Body By Yoga has upped the ante.” – Gear We Are

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“Cork is one of the best choices for a non-slip yoga mat — it never gets greasy and is unrivaled in its grip — even during a Bikram session where you’re completely soaked. Still, tough as it is, it has a luxuriously soft surface. Another perk of the environmentally-friendly material is that it’s suitable for sensitive skin and never curls up, unlike rubber and other materials. This extra-thick Body By Yoga cork mat has built-on pose alignment lines and is suitable for tall yogis.” – Spy

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“First, Body By Yoga’s mats are made with Portuguese cork and come packed with cushioned support so that you not only feel stable while in your poses but aren’t hurting your knees and elbows while doing so. Next, the look and feel of these mats really stand out. We love that you can essentially keep these out in plain sight in the house and they’ll go nicely with any type of décor.” – JustLuxe

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“Body By Yoga Training Cork Yoga Mat is created by yoga instructors keeping in mind the intrinsic needs of yoga practitioners. It is made with premium-quality materials that are durable and sturdy.” – Style Craze

Screen Shot 2021 09 24 at 4.19.12 PM

I like to have room to move around and this mat definitely provides that. It’s 80”x26” which means you’ll have to reposition a lot less as you move from pose to pose. The cushion is also fantastic. It’s 6.5mm thick which is ideal for those who practice on tile or hardwood floors. If you have joint pain then this would also be a good choice. Furthermore, the thickness isn’t so much that it affects your balance.” – Yoga With Landon

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“Offers enough space even for tall people.” – Seattle Yoga News

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“The mat has approximately six times more cork than an average cork yoga mat making it as supportive as it is comfortable. Speaking of comfort, Body By Yoga’s mats are some of the larger mats on the market (80-by-26 inches) so you have plenty of room to flow during your practice.” – Oola

Screen Shot 2021 09 24 at 4.26.25 PM listed us as one of the ten best cork yoga mats!

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“With this mat, you can enjoy excellent stability and premium comfort and support that features extra thick padding for safe your knees and elbows. Body By Yoga uses some rare quality cork that provides extra cushion during challenging poses. Experience the smooth, soft and supportive gripping power of cork mat and keep you safe from slipping.” – Yes I Do Yoga

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“Does your sensitive skin break out with the slightest provocation? As a natural material, cork triggers fewer allergic reactions. It’s also naturally sweat-resistant. This model is also longer, wider, and thicker than most cork mats.” – Greatist

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“Large and thick mat that offers comfort, stability and impressive longevity for dedicated yogis… Substantial thickness of 6.5 millimeters and rubber backing provide ample support for regular usage. Resists slips and skid, including when moist. Various designs available.” – KTLA News

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“Cork is one of the best choices for a non-slip yoga mat — it never gets greasy and is unrivaled in its grip — even during a Bikram session where you’re completely soaked. Still, tough as it is, it has a luxuriously soft surface. Another perk of the environmentally-friendly material is that it’s suitable for sensitive skin and never curls up, unlike rubber and other materials.”- Yahoo

Screen Shot 2021 09 24 at 4.36.17 PM

“Body By Yoga’s Luxury Cork Mat was created by yoga instructors based on feedback from their own students. Between its premium Portuguese cork and ample cushioning, this upscale mat lives up to its name. Not only does this eco yoga mat feature a non-toxic rubber base, it’s also at least partially manufactured using recycled materials. If this mat looks thicker than your average cork mat, that’s because it’s made with six times the average amount of cork. Instead of bringing another minimally padded mat to the market, the instructors created a mat with plenty of cushioning and support for a variety of yoga moves.” – Heavy 

In addition to all of the reviewers above, you can check out some of customer reviews for our mats by clicking here!

If you want to learn more about our mats, or perhaps even buy one of your own, click here!

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