Read these before you do yoga for the first time. We’re watching you. And we’ll know if you didn’t.

1. It’s going to feel weird.

If you’ve never done yoga before, many of the postures are going to feel weird, because it involves movements that your body is not used to.… Read the rest


Your crazy aunt has been doing yoga for some time now, but now so is Lebron James.  Your gym partner, your neighbor, and that cute receptionist you’ve had your eye on have all been telling you how awesome yoga is. And now, you just found out that your mom is doing it too.… Read the rest

Yoga has a system of steps that turns everyday schleps into badass yogis that can understand the universe.

There are 8 basic steps. Yogis call them the eight limbs.

Physical postures and exercises are one of those steps. Actually, they’re the third step, but more on that below.… Read the rest

Guest Article By Ronni Mott

We all have gifts and challenges. Regardless of gender, all yogis fall on a spectrum that runs from very strong to super flexible. Men are naturally stronger, in general, and woman tend to be more flexible.… Read the rest

You’re sitting in the stands waiting for the home team to take the field, and you see trainers crouched over athletes, stretching their legs across their bodies. Then later, you see an ad for yoga clothes, and the stretch is the same.… Read the rest

When something seems intimidating or unattainable, we tend to make excuses for why we can’t or, at the very least, won’t try.  The number one excuse for why a person hasn’t tried yoga yet, is the lack of flexibility.

But you do not have to be flexible in order to try yoga.… Read the rest

Does Breathing Like Darth Vader During Yoga Decrease Stress? Sort Of.

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you’ve probably noticed that guy who sounds like he’s moving trucks with his bare hands. Or the woman who may or may not be giving birth in the corner.… Read the rest