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Yoga for Cyclists

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Yoga for Bikers

Are you a cyclist? Are you a road biker or a mountain biker? Do you love triathlons?

Did you know that yoga is a great practice for those who love to ride their bikes?

Whether you are …

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Yoga for BJJ

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How Yoga Can Help with BJJ

Did you know that flexibility is important in Brazilian Jui Jitsu (BJJ)? If the answer is yes, and you practice BJJ, then what are you doing to increase your flexibility? 

Did you know that …

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Yoga for Runners

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How Yoga Can Help Runners

Did you know that at least fifty to sixty-five percent of runners get injured each year? Whether these are small or larger injuries, runners are prone to getting hurt, caused by the constant pressure and …

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Why is Yoga Great for Athletes?

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Why Should Athletes Do Yoga?

Yoga is great for everyone to do, but each person can benefit from it in different ways. Even athletes, who exercise and move around on a regular basis, can especially benefit from a yoga practice. …

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