Beginners Yoga 2 Min Series | How To Do A Side Stretch For Max Results With A Yoga Block and Strap

Are you a beginner to yoga? Yoga is great for everyone of all levels, so even if you are brand new to the practice, you can still find a version of it for you.

In fact, we offer many tips for beginners on our website. You can check those out here.

So many of us suffer from pain in the back and sides of the body. This is due to the fact that the majority of us spend a lot of time sitting down or being immobile throughout the day. A great stretch that you can do to open up the muscles in the sides of the body would be crescent moon pose, also known as standing side stretch. In the video above, we demonstrate how to do this pose with a strap.

Using props to modify poses is a great way to ensure that you are being safe and using proper positioning while practicing the pose. The strap used in the video above actually enforced correct posture in the pose while helping to really engage the muscles while keeping the core tight. Stretching out the sides is so important for the body and can help to relieve tension in the muscles.

This sequence is from Yoga Fix, our 5 day, 20 minutes per day gentle yoga program for beginners.

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