Gentle Beginners Yoga For Better Posture – Learn Puppy Pose And Mountain For Better Posture Practice

Did you know that yoga can be a great way to correct and realign your posture?

These days, so many people suffer from poor posture due to the fact that many sit hunched over their computers and cell phones the majority of the day. The longer you sit and stay immobile, the more your posture will be affected.

Poor posture can cause a lot of pain for a variety of reasons. If you round your back too far or straighten it too much, the discs in your back can become compressed by your vertebrae. These discs will then be at risk of herniation.

You can see why proper posture is so important, and it is troubling that the majority of us suffer from incorrect postural alignment

You can use yoga poses to strengthen your spine and promote better alignment while making you more mindful of your posture and how you are holding it. 

We recommend using poses like puppy’s pose and mountain pose for correct posture. Both of these poses help to bring your awareness to the back of the body and how you hold yourself up.

Where do you hold your tension in your body?

Is your posture in alignment?

How can these poses help you and your posture? Checkout the video above to learn more.

Like our straight to the point teaching style? This short clip is from Yoga Fix, our 5 day, 20 minutes per day gentle yoga program for beginners. Learn more at:

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