Morning Yoga Routine For Confidence And Energy

I hope you are as excited as we are to check out this free yoga morning routine. This video is from Dean’s private library of hundreds of video for EVERY situation and purpose, and this particular video is from the …

Quick Yoga Routine To Relieve Stress From A Busy Job

Discover specific videos for almost ANY situation you can think of by accessing hundreds of yoga videos for just $1 on Need a yoga workout that’s gonna get you out of bed? Dean’s got those. Need a yoga …

Shoulder Mobility for Office Workers

Have you purchased Yoga Strong and are ready for more variety?

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Afternoon Yoga Warmup For Running And Weight Lifting At The Gym

Looking for a quick warm-up under 10-minutes long? Discover this warmup routine from Dean’s private library of videos on Use this to help prevent injury, improve fluidity in motion, and increase your performance?

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How To Do The Yoga Push-Up Correctly And Without Hurting Your Shoulders

This is one of the most commonly incorrectly performed yoga postures in yoga. Done correctly, however, can lead to significant muscle building in your upper body!

Watch this tutorial and learn how to do a proper yoga push-up (chaturanga). This …

How To Use Yoga Strong

Whether you are using Yoga Strong as a standalone fitness program, or using it conjunction with an existing exercise routine, we wanted to help you eliminate any guesswork for how to use Yoga Strong.

This quick guide includes 2 sections: 

Want the secret to mastering crow pose? (FREE Video Tutorial)

Yoga Strong is our intermediate DVD workout series, and that means we’re going to be doing some intermediate poses. Crow Pose is on that list – and not just because it looks super awesome. (See below)

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Did you know crow …