Yoga For Back Pain.

Did you know that a majority of people experience back pain? Learn more about our free yoga for back pain videos and tutorials below.

Enjoy these free tutorials & mini routines for back pain relief and for back pain prevention.

What Can Cause Back Pain?

The truth is that there are numerous reasons why a person might experience pain in the lower back. Let’s take a look at the most common causes of lower back pain in order to understand the best ways to treat it.

Soft Tissue Injuries- The soft tissues of our bodies include muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. The majority of back pain is actually due to muscle injuries. This can cause muscle spasms in the back which are very painful. Any soft tissue damage in the back can result in varying levels of pain depending on the severity of the injuries.

Poor Posture- Our posture is incredibly important to keep in alignment. When our spines are not properly aligned, they can lose their natural curve. This can result in pressure being placed on the wrong parts of the spine which can cause the discs to bulge or even rupture. Poor posture can affect mobility and can make everyday activities uncomfortable.

Tight Muscles and Joints- Our lower backs and hips are very much connected as well as affected by one another. If the ligaments of your hips are overly tight, this can put strain on the lower back. The hamstrings and muscles of the back are also connected. If your hamstrings are overly tight, this can increase strain in the lower back.

Medical Conditions- Back pain can also be caused by conditions that are common as we age. Osteoporosis and arthritis are two examples of medical conditions that can cause pain in the lower back as well as many other areas in the body. Conditions like scoliosis can actually change the curve in the spine, causing a lot of pain. You should always consult with a doctor before using yoga to help with lower back pain if it is due to a medical condition.

How Yoga Helps Back Pain.

Relieving VS Preventing Back Pain- There is a difference between relieving and preventing back pain. Let’s say you are sitting in your office and your back is hurting, so you take an ibuprofen to reduce your discomfort. This might help in relieving pain in the moment, but it would not assist in treating the actual source that is causing it. Yoga, on the other hand, actually helps to prevent back pain in the long run by targeting the source of it.

Strengthening and Stretching the Muscles for Back Pain Prevention- Yoga teaches specific poses and movements that can aid in the reduction of back pain. Yoga helps to increase mobility and flexibility in the hips, and hamstrings, providing relief for the lower back. When practicing yoga, you can both strengthen and increase flexibility in these muscles. In addition, yoga can increase strength in the glutes and core, allowing for more support of the back while improving posture. 

Flexion VS Extension Based Pain

There are two types of back pain that we will take a look at here that can be caused by improper posture. These are flexion and extension based pain. By understanding the difference between the two, it becomes easier to learn more about your personal back pain cause and how you might be able to work on it.

Flexion Based Pain- Flexion is the decrease of an angle in the body. We can use the knee as an example. When the knee is straightened, this is flexion. When considering the back of the body, flexion can be seen when the natural angle of the back is decreased through rounding the back. A person might be experiencing flexion based pain if they tend to walk with a rounded back.

Extension Based Pain- Extension is the opposite of flexion. It is the increase of angles. If we were using the knee as an example here, bending the knee would increase the angle. This is extension. When looking at the back, extension would be seen when increasing the angle of the spine, like when you are doing backbends. A person might be experiencing extension based pain if they tend to walk with a deep arch in the back and the hips pressing forwards.

How Yoga Helps with Flexion and Extension Based Pain.

When it comes to flexion vs extension based pain, yoga can help with both. Different poses and routines are specifically designed to assist you with correcting posture. 

Yoga for Flexion-Based Pain- If you are suffering from flexion based pain, then your yoga practice will probably include more back bends to stretch the back in the opposite direction, bringing in the natural curve of the spine. Poses like child’s pose or camel pose would be helpful here.

Yoga for Extension Based Pain- If you are dealing with extension based pain, yoga can help with stretching and rounding the back to help decrease the curve of the spine. Poses like bow pose or cobra pose would be good options here.

How Long Do You Have to Stick With Yoga to Reduce Lower Back Pain?

How Often to Practice

While everyone is different with how often they should be practicing yoga, having an ongoing practice is usually best for everybody. This is why it is good to keep your yoga practice going if you can. If you are not able to keep practicing, then doing yoga for at least a few weeks will have some results. In order to see real, faster results, you will want to have at least twenty minute practices a few times a week for at least two to four months. 

Why You Should Keep Practicing

The problem is, when you stop doing yoga, if you go right back to your old habits and routines, you might revert back to how you were before, finding that the back begins to hurt again. However, if you use your new yoga habits to avoid reverting back to old routines, you might be able to get away with maintaining your back health. For example, if you were to use mindfulness techniques that you learned in yoga to be aware of how you are holding your posture, you might be able to avoid reversing your progress. If you were to use strengthening techniques to integrate into your other exercise routines, this might allow you to keep your back healthy as well. 

Best Body By Yoga Programs for Beginners With Back Pain?

Body By Yoga offers a variety of yoga programs for you to choose from. Our Better Back Yoga is our best program for back pain. It involves three practices that are twenty minutes long, and a free ten minute class as well. Our first class focuses on stretching while our second and third are themed to help with flexion and extension. Our bonus ten minute class aims to help with immediate back pain relief. If you want to check out this program, click here!

Better Back Yoga is designed as a complete yoga system for back pain with three 20 minute yoga sequences. For best results, use the program at least three to four times per week. For best results, alternate between the stretching routine and the strengthening routine every day.

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