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What’s the difference between Yoga Strong and a typical yoga workout? – Free Yoga Strong Sample Video Inside!

“What’s the difference between Yoga Strong and a typical yoga workout?”

This is a question I have been asked often, and the easiest way to answer this is giving you my story of how I started with yoga.

I started doing yoga back when I was a collegiate lacrosse player.

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Why we changed the name from Yoga Body to Yoga Strong

As you know, we had to change the name of our Yoga Body DVD because we were worried about a potential conflict with another website.
Truth be told, we’re actually really excited that we had the chance to change the name.… Read the rest

Producer Spotlight – How I lost 20 Pounds With Yoga And Got My Life Back On Track.

My name is Paul, and I’m a producer and marketing manager at Body By Yoga. I’ve been working with Dean to produce our Body By Yoga DVD series. I like to think of myself as Dean’s friend, partner, and most importantly…his guinea pig.… Read the rest

Welcome Message To Body By Yoga Customers


Thank you for your purchase and your support of the Body by Yoga workout videos. We are honored that you are open to learning how you can improve your physical fitness through yoga with us. The workouts in these videos were the result of years of critical thought, input from experienced yoga instructors from around the country, and many beta testers, people just like you, who were interested in the benefits that a fitness-centric style of yoga could provide and were just looking for the right guy to teach them.… Read the rest

Behind The Scenes – Finding A Yoga Mat That Works


What’s the most amount of yoga you have ever done in a day?

For Dean, it was about 12 hours when we put together the first batch of Body By Yoga workout videos. We already knew he was a yoga beast.… Read the rest

DVDs Coming Soon!

Check out this little teaser for our upcoming DVDs. It’s a little dramatic but what can we say? We’re like REALLY excited to release them!

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Not Your Typical Yoga DVDs

Aren’t you glad our yoga DVD doesn’t look like this!


Or this?


These were the firsts couple of DVD cover mockups that came in from our designers.

They look a lot like your average yoga DVD don’t they.

Thing about yoga is…you don’t have to be on a beach or a mountain top to relax.… Read the rest

Did Spartan Warriors Do Yoga?

What do you guys think of this potential DVD cover for Guyoga – Yoga For Men!?

We’re trying out a few different designs.

Is it too, shall we say…300?

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Yoga . . . For Athletes? Seriously?

Secret is out. We are producing a yoga program for athletes called Yoga Edge. Stay tuned and get ready to run faster, jump higher, and train harder. There’s a pose called the “warrior” for a reason.… Read the rest