Yoga Charge – Free Beta Videos – Morning 1 Version 2

Hope you enjoyed our first morning yoga video. If you missed the link, you can click here to get it. Today we are going to share another version of this short morning routine  from our upcoming Yoga Charge DVD.What did you think of the two versions? Can you let us know which one you prefer more and why?

This video is still meant for the morning, but we’ve made a few cuts and changed up the order.

This slightly shorter sequence focuses on waking you up and getting you moving in the morning

And unlike typical yoga classes, it is only 15 minutes long!

Leave us your comments below or shoot us an email at results @ to let us know what you thought!

Enjoy!Dean and Paul

P.S. Wondering about best way to leave feedback? Leave us your comments below the video on our website, or if you prefer to a little more anonymity, please feel free to reply directly to the email as well!

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