Our tried and true pillars

Body By Yoga has already worked with thousands of men and women and now it’s your turn to discover yoga’s amazing benefits. Discover the tried and true pillars that set us apart:

The Training

Our classes are a workout first and foremost, no matter the level. Use them as standalone workouts or combine them with your existing training regime.

Targeted Tutorials

Instead of a one size fits all approach, select the yoga class that meets your specific goals and level of fitness.

The Emphasis on Technique

Most classes combines yoga with pilates, bodyweight calisthenics, physical therapy exercises, active recovery, and emphasize core strength and isometric holds through a system we call Slow Burn Power Yoga.

While most yoga classes use flows and quick one breath movements to slightly elevate your heart rate, we recognize that many of our students already practice running, walking, weight lifting, and a whole range of sports as part of their fitness regime. We don’t need yoga to try and imitate cardio.

Instead of fast flows that leave little time for cues, we go deeper into every exercise with proper form and technique to maximize the benefits of yoga in the least amount of time.

The Terminology

Created by athletes, Body By Yoga utilizes an anatomy based approach with practical, technique driven cues. All in English. All with physical fitness in mind. We leave the spiritually out of it.

  • Instead of telling you to “open your heart,” which often refers to straightening your posture, we describe what to do with your chest, shoulders, and back.
  • Instead of telling you to “root yourself to the earth,” which is often a phrase heard with standing postures, we describe where to plant your feet and clarify whether you should apply pressure to your heels or to your toes.

Teaching vs Preaching

You’ll never wonder why you’re doing a certain pose or if you’re doing it correctly again. We put proper form and technique above all else in order to explain:

  • where you should be feeling every pose,
  • how to use props to modify everything to fit your level of flexibility, and
  • why you’re doing each exercise and how to fits into your fitness goals

This is yoga for your body. While many of us at Body By Yoga practice mindfulness though mediation, that is not a practice we inject into any of our classes.

Have any questions about any of our programs or equipment? We want to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us anytime at results(at)bodybyyoga.training!

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