Flexible Excuses

When something seems intimidating or unattainable, we tend to make excuses for why we can’t or, at the very least, won’t try.  The number one excuse for why a person hasn’t tried yoga yet, is the lack of flexibility.

But you do not have to be flexible in order to try yoga. Especially with Body By Yoga!

Sure, if you get on social media there are thousands of yogi’s posting pictures of themselves standing on their heads or twisting into some sort of contortion.  And sure, it can be intimidating to imagine a yoga class filled with spandex-clad people putting their legs behind their heads – and thinking that you are going to be the one person who can’t do it.

Truth is, yoga isn’t about being able to hold an arm balance or do the splits. Many classes don’t even go there. And even if they do, with a little practice, you’ll be able to do them too. Those are just some of the benefits that come with the territory.

There are so many benefits that out weigh the excuses!

  • You will get more flexible, which will help prevent injuries in other sports
  • You will get stronger in your core and may lose the back pain that’s been ailing you for so long
  • And you will be able to grow into the workouts as a good yoga class will always offer modifications and prop usage to help get you where you need to be.

When you do get yourself on the mat, you’ll find no one is even aware you are practicing next to them as the practice takes you strongly into the moment and task at hand.  You will probably, also, recognize many of the poses as variations of exercises in other workouts such as planks, squats and lunges – only with fancier names!

Not sounding so intimidating now, is it?

So stop limiting yourself, stop making excuses and get on your mat.  The sooner you do, the sooner you will reap the benefits of yoga and be able to take them into other aspects of your life.

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