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” If you’re in the market for a thicc mat, consider this 6.5-mm cork design. It offers plenty of a padding, and the material is naturally antimicrobial, making it ideal for park workouts. Cork is also super-absorbent (bring it on, Bikram) and gets even grippier over time.”- Glamour

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Elite Daily called our mat the best cork mat overall.

“A great choice for everyone from beginners to professionals, this thick yoga mat is made from premium Portuguese cork with a natural rubber base layer. The extra-thick design measures 6.5 millimeters, which provides ample padding for everything from child’s pose to headstands, and the longer length provides over 6.5 feet of space for stretches and shavasana.”- Elite Daily

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“What makes this mat stand out from the rest is the fact that it is made from Portuguese cork. You may have heard of cork mat sin the past, but Body By Yoga has upped the ante.” – Gear We Are

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“Cork is one of the best choices for a non-slip yoga mat — it never gets greasy and is unrivaled in its grip — even during a Bikram session where you’re completely soaked. Still, tough as it is, it has a luxuriously soft surface. Another perk of the environmentally-friendly material is that it’s suitable for sensitive skin and never curls up, unlike rubber and other materials. This extra-thick Body By Yoga cork mat has built-on pose alignment lines and is suitable for tall yogis.” – Spy

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“First, Body By Yoga’s mats are made with Portuguese cork and come packed with cushioned support so that you not only feel stable while in your poses but aren’t hurting your knees and elbows while doing so. Next, the look and feel of these mats really stand out. We love that you can essentially keep these out in plain sight in the house and they’ll go nicely with any type of décor.” – JustLuxe

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“Body By Yoga Training Cork Yoga Mat is created by yoga instructors keeping in mind the intrinsic needs of yoga practitioners. It is made with premium-quality materials that are durable and sturdy.” – Style Craze

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I like to have room to move around and this mat definitely provides that. It’s 80”x26” which means you’ll have to reposition a lot less as you move from pose to pose. The cushion is also fantastic. It’s 6.5mm thick which is ideal for those who practice on tile or hardwood floors. If you have joint pain then this would also be a good choice. Furthermore, the thickness isn’t so much that it affects your balance.” – Yoga With Landon

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“Offers enough space even for tall people.” – Seattle Yoga News

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“The mat has approximately six times more cork than an average cork yoga mat making it as supportive as it is comfortable. Speaking of comfort, Body By Yoga’s mats are some of the larger mats on the market (80-by-26 inches) so you have plenty of room to flow during your practice.” – Oola

Screen Shot 2021 09 24 at 4.26.25 PM listed us as one of the ten best cork yoga mats!

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“With this mat, you can enjoy excellent stability and premium comfort and support that features extra thick padding for safe your knees and elbows. Body By Yoga uses some rare quality cork that provides extra cushion during challenging poses. Experience the smooth, soft and supportive gripping power of cork mat and keep you safe from slipping.” – Yes I Do Yoga

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“Does your sensitive skin break out with the slightest provocation? As a natural material, cork triggers fewer allergic reactions. It’s also naturally sweat-resistant. This model is also longer, wider, and thicker than most cork mats.” – Greatist

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“Large and thick mat that offers comfort, stability and impressive longevity for dedicated yogis… Substantial thickness of 6.5 millimeters and rubber backing provide ample support for regular usage. Resists slips and skid, including when moist. Various designs available.” – KTLA News

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“Cork is one of the best choices for a non-slip yoga mat — it never gets greasy and is unrivaled in its grip — even during a Bikram session where you’re completely soaked. Still, tough as it is, it has a luxuriously soft surface. Another perk of the environmentally-friendly material is that it’s suitable for sensitive skin and never curls up, unlike rubber and other materials.”- Yahoo

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“Body By Yoga’s Luxury Cork Mat was created by yoga instructors based on feedback from their own students. Between its premium Portuguese cork and ample cushioning, this upscale mat lives up to its name. Not only does this eco yoga mat feature a non-toxic rubber base, it’s also at least partially manufactured using recycled materials. If this mat looks thicker than your average cork mat, that’s because it’s made with six times the average amount of cork. Instead of bringing another minimally padded mat to the market, the instructors created a mat with plenty of cushioning and support for a variety of yoga moves.” – Heavy 

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