Yoga Max 33

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4 Fun Challenging Power Yoga Classes
Our Hardest Yoga Program Yet
Push It To The Max in Just 33 Minutes Or Less

Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $39.99.


Yoga Max 33 is an intense, power yoga program featuring 4 power yoga workouts, including 3 unique 33-minute power yoga workouts, and 1 bonus 15-minute core-focused workout. This program is the most challenging workout series from Body By Yoga, and it’s specifically designed to give you an extremely effective, fun, and challenging workout in just over 30 minutes.

These workouts are unique, incorporating creative transitions, non-traditional movements, and other exercises that you won’t typically encounter at in-person yoga studio classes.

Each workout has its own theme, to help you MOVE better, BUILD bigger, and PUSH harder. It’s a program that allows you to grow with it, so that as you get stronger you can continue to benefit from it – even months after starting!

Move – Get ready to move your body, with dynamic yoga postures meant to get your limbs moving, your heart pounding, and your body sweating. This 32-minute routine (including bonus 10-minute section at the end, for a total of 42 minutes) helps you work deeper into the postures and increase strength by focusing on repetitions of movement, instead of just holding the posture.

Build – This workout starts with basic movements and progresses into more advanced postures. Think of it as building blocks – you start by putting together the basic pieces, and then it gets more complicated as the workout builds on the previous exercises, finishing with a challenging, but fun and satisfying ending.

Push – How much can you push yourself? This power yoga routine focuses on encouraging you to push yourself to your limits and beyond. The routine includes a variety of postures and exercises, with each one providing ample opportunities to challenge yourself to push yourself to grow stronger. 

Express – a quick, 15-minute core-focused workout to give an incredible workout in just 15 minutes. This routine packs a punch! 

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  1. Bobby Maglaughlin

    These sessions are a workout! Dean’s focus is on active yoga. You won’t lounge or lazily stretch; you will be engaging muscles and really giving your body a work out. All the while, he is also telling you which muscle groups you should be using, what you should & shouldn’t feel, and how each posture is beneficial. Highly recommend if you’re looking to sweat and get blood flowing.

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  2. KevBoe

    Dean has produced a refined routine here. I really enjoy his approach to yoga. You’ll sweat, you’ll get strong and you’ll feel amazing.

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  3. David C

    Another winner from Dean Pohlman and BodyByYoga! Challenging workouts as intense as you want or need. Had the program only a week and loved working this into my daily schedule. It’s a great add to my BodyByYoga and Dean’s collection. Highly recommended.

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  4. Francis D Roche

    Yoga Max 33 is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to achieve functional fitness. Dean Pohlman is a personable guide who carefully and clearly takes you through the various poses that have been chosen to work together to help you advance your fitness goals in a safe but challenging way. No major investment in equipment is necessary: a yoga mat and a single yoga block will do. The camera work on this video is excellent, as is the training venue, contributing to a focused and satisfying fitness experience.

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  5. Eric Gamez

    Este no es el clásico programa de yoga que te deja con dolores en todo tu cuerpo sin razón alguna. Este programa es excelente para mantener una buena calidad de vida física y mental, te lleva a descubrir movimientos que no sabías que podrías realizar y con ENORMES beneficios. Es lo mejor que he encontrado para mi practica de yoga…. And I love it!!

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  6. Tison

    Yoga Max 33 is one of the most challenging yoga videos/classes I’ve ever used. This video is a perfect gift for anyone who thinks yoga is for weenies. It’s physically demanding but it doesn’t require super advanced yoga flexibility/skill and would be appropriate for an athletic person new to yoga.

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  7. Customer

    Brilliant yoga program, challenging but enjoyable and fun.

    Highly recommended!!!

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  8. Brendan Gillespie

    As with all of Dean’s yoga programs, Yoga Max 33 creates an easy to follow and effective workout for the yoga fan. This one takes it up a notch to really push yourself and makes you sweat. A lot. Highly recommended for someone looking to reap the physical benefits of yoga.

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  9. Customer

    Great program! I was able to do a sample segment online before purchasing the program. I’m also a new member with MFY. So far, the programs/challenges have been easy to follow with noticeable results.

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  10. JMM

    Great yoga program! I am 50 years old and joined online at the start of the pandemic because I stopped going to the gym. I try to do a yoga workout at least 3 days per week. I still consider myself a beginner but my strength and balance have increased. I also notice that my lower back and right hip pain have decreased with yoga. I decided to buy Yoga Max 33 to change things up a bit and challenge myself. I tried the first video “Build” last night. It definitely was challenging but I was able to make it all the way through. It was quick paced and worked my entire body. Dean is an excellent instructor and I really like how he fully explains all of the movements and also offers modifications if a move is too difficult. This is helpful because you can’t always look at the TV screen with some of the poses. The video series is filmed in a very nice gym studio with excellent videography. I think this program is a great investment in yourself for overall fitness and well being!

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  11. Tony

    As with all of Dean videos both online, program, YouTube, etc. Dean is great. He really explains what you should feel, how to engage the proper muscles, when to take it slow or easier depending on the pose but you always feel you got a great workout but still relaxed and rejuvenated. Can’t wait to try all of the Max33 sessions over the next few days. Have to add too, the Facebook group is great and love to see other user comments, challenges, and mostly successes with all the programs.

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  12. steve apple

    Challenging and awesome yoga workouts! Dean delivers great instruction and an outstanding program. I have been doing max33 for about a week and love it. You will be covered in sweat and feel amazing after. I am a subscriber and this is the perfect supplement to your favorite workout. Its a great addition if your looking to change things up. Thanks Dean

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  13. Anthony

    Love love love these four routines!! I only started practicing yoga about 6 months ago with Dean but his instruction style and coaching is quite literally the best I’ve ever encountered. These couple workouts are a real challenge and as someone just stepping into intermediate poses and practice, these routines are still beginner friendly enough to be completed. Push is my favorite routine of the four but you can’t go wrong with any!!

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  14. John Garcia III

    Just got the Yoga Max 33 program and have tried 2 of the workouts. They are great. I have been doing yoga for 15 years and am always looking for a workout that will challenge me. These workouts do that! They are workouts that anyone can do with modifications that Dean gives or challenge yourself doing the most challenging level. Highly recommend for anyone that wants to challenge themselves and improve their strength and flexibility.

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  15. Timothy Stahl

    Great workout for yoga enthusiasts!!

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  16. Customer

    Once again Dean nailed with this great program, Yoga Max 33 makes your whole body workout and motivates you to keep pushing yourself out. As always Den’s guidance is superb! Thanks!

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  17. Ronin

    Even though I’m a Dean’s Subscription Member, I always buy Dean’s Body by Yoga programs. His instructions are easy to follow, even though I’ve only been doing Yoga for under 6 months. I can’t believe the difference these programs have made in my fitness.

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  18. JR

    I have been doing his video’s for six weeks religiously and can’t believe the difference in my overall strength. Regardless of what fitness level you are, I guarantee you will find his video’s challenging and addictive. He also explains each exercise very thoroughly and the reason for doing them. Highly recommend!

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  19. NJ Resident

    Dean understands that in general men aren’t as flexible as women and chooses poses accordingly. He focuses on technique and continual improvement. He gives the reasons for his instructions.

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  20. Jiddir

    I’ve been following Dean’s programs since the start of COVID and this set of workouts is by far my favorite. They are definitely the most challenging workouts Body by Yoga has released. You get that nice muscle-burning feeling the next day. I also love that Dean provides variations that allow for the routines to feel fresh when you revisit them. The variations provided also help adjust the difficulty level so that the workouts are manageable on days you may not be feeling 100%.

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  21. Pat Davies

    I’m 51 years old and in the best shape of my life thanks to Dean Pohlman. I never did yoga until 2 years ago after my doctor suggested yoga for a ruptured lumbar disc and YEARS of chronic back pain. I found Dean’s videos and what a difference they have made! I am two years pain-free and limber enough to do the splits.

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  22. D. Casto

    I do yoga a couple of times a week and during Covid-19 when the studio I go to is closed, I decided to get this video series and I’m glad I did. This workout is not designed to be “easy” but to build strength and flexibility and I found myself sweating and challenged. Dean is an excellent and encouraging teacher and makes it doable for any level of fitness.

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