Yoga Body Strong

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Power Yoga For Total Body Conditioning
Targeted Workouts: Upper, Lower, and Total Body
3 Levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
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9 Classes

Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $29.99.

Yoga Body Strong is smart fitness.

This power yoga for weight loss program is so much more than just sculpting you a lean, toned body.

Some workouts break your body down, leave you aching, in pain, and dreading your next workout.

Yoga Body workouts give you energy, make you feel great when you’re finished, and make you stronger in the process.This is slow-burn, power yoga that has been designed to give you more than just a magazine body.

Strengthen muscles that conventional exercises often neglect, increase your mobility, protect your joints, and turn your body into a well-oiled, efficient machine that can withstand whatever exercises your throw at it next. And don’t worry it will help you achieve that magazine body too

Yoga Body Strong is our mothership power yoga program designed to transform your body, on both the inside & out.


Are they challenging? Yes.

Are they achievable? Yes.

Will you be able to use this system as you grow with it for months, and even years. Yes, and yes.

And you don’t have to be flexible to get started now.

These are fun, challenging, and slow deliberate workouts that have been selected for maximum body burn and for maximum body control. THIS is how lean muscle is built – through slow, controlled movement, instead of repetitive exercise with limited attention to detail.

When you’re moving slowly and deliberately, you’ll also develop more than just muscle. You’ll develop mobility, control, balance – all of the aspects of your fitness that turn your body into a well-oiled machine, capable for whatever you want to throw at it next!



Yoga Body was designed as both a standalone fitness program and as a supplement to your existing routine.

Built for your schedule. Here is what it includes:

The Total Body Power Yoga Workout is divided into three sections to match your fitness goal and lifestyle: Lower Body, Upper Body, and Total Body Workout.

Practice these workouts on their own or easily incorporate them into your existing exercise plan

Upper Body: Sore from leg day? Tired after running and spinning all of those miles? You’ll never have an excuse not to workout again with Body By Yoga Upper Body. You’ll go through hard hitting strength building exercises for your upper body while stretching and releasing that those sore legs. Speed up your recovery, prevent injuries, and get back to doing what you love with this section that targets your chest, back, arms, core, and shoulders.

Lower Body: Want to zap a little energy into those legs after sitting at the office all day? Give your chest and arms a break from all those pushups. It’s time to focus on your legs. Working out your legs is the foundation for every calorie burning workout plan. Build strength while releasing tension and stretching out those all important leg muscles. Not only will you get stronger, you’ll also prevent potential injuries. Get ready to run faster, jump higher, and get fit.

Total Body: Want that lean athletic look? This is how you are going to get it. Unlike traditional dumbbell exercises at the gym – yoga gives you that long lean look by stretching your muscles at the same time that it strengthens them. This is the mothership yoga workout. You’ve been warned. Try it for free below with our free beta rehearsal version.


How is Yoga Body different from traditional yoga?

We have spent years testing, tweaking, and perfecting Yoga Body Strong to create highly efficient, power yoga sessions for physical fitness.

The result is a series of workouts that we call Slow Burn Power Yoga, which utilize a combination of strength building power yoga moves with low-impact body weight exercises that activate your entire body..

While most yoga classes use flows and quick one breath movements to slightly elevate your heart rate, we recognize that many of our students already practice running, walking, weight lifting, and a whole range of sports as part of their fitness regime. We don’t need yoga to try and imitate cardio.

Instead, Body By Yoga combines yoga with pilates, bodyweight calisthenics, physical therapy exercises, active recovery, and emphasizes core strength and isometric holds. Going slower allows you to target all of those auxiliary muscles that conventional exercises often miss and gives your body a chance to open up and sink deeper into the stretches that improve mobility, range of motion, and release tightness.

How is Yoga Body different from Yoga Boost?

Yoga Boost is our beginner’s program, and our first workout series from Body by Yoga. It teaches you the technique, what to feel, and the benefits of each posture. It’s our entry-level program for getting you results with yoga.

Yoga Body is the next level. Longer workouts. More challenging postures for more significant results. It’s designed to help you build lean muscle, lose unwanted fat, and take your fitness to the next level with an incredibly effective, results-driven yoga workout system.

How often should I do the workouts?

Workouts are just part of a successful fitness program. That’s why we’ve also created a ton of resources to help you get the best possible results from Yoga Body.

For a limited time, when you purchase Yoga Strong, you also get the following FREE bonuses:

The Yoga Body Calendar

Eliminate the guesswork of scheduling your workouts, and follow along to the schedule we’ve created for you. Use with your existing workout program or as a standalone routine.

BONUS Yoga Abs Workout

A challenging, dynamic, and FUN workout designed to give you abs of steel. Comes in 3 different levels!


Take your workouts to the beach, to the park, and on the road while you jam out to your own tunes. Your purchase comes with mp3 access to all of our workouts. And the best part is, our app allows you to play your music at the same time as our mp3’s!

Program Workouts

Program Workouts

103 reviews for Yoga Body Strong

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  1. Ariana Fae

    I hate doing yoga! I have done numerous yoga classes and have six programs from the top yoga teachers, and I have to say Dean’s are the best by far. I’m in the gym five days a week training with weights and doing cardio, so yoga or any form of stretching is something I ignore or avoid to get down with my training A.S.A.P. I am the type that is on the move and active. I dislike yoga routines because they are long, hold certain poses way too long, and have the “soothing spiritual voice” to breathe and focus. I love Dean’s approach to yoga practice. His session are 30 minutes or less. I can target a body part I feel is tight/inflexible. I’m getting a workout and becoming flexible. Also, his bonus AB workout, excellent! I brought YOGA STRONG and YOGA EDGE and have gotten rid of my other yoga programs because those two are all I need. I would highly recommend these programs.

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  2. Shaylyn

    I love how the program set includes three different levels and each time you do it, it still kicks your butt and feels like a work out!

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  3. Judy Reeves

    Dean’s program videos are wonderful. I now have 5 program’s of these in my collection and move around for my classes. Dean’s instructions are easy to follow and he helps with proper form and positions. This program includes 3 program’s 1 each separated by levels ie beginner, intermediate and proficient.

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  4. Michael A. Younkins

    Definitely more workout than the Yoga Fix program but I like the ability to pick out the workout and that it progresses with multiple disks. Dean is excellent instructor.

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  5. CT Mom

    Great instruction and a wonderful workout in 30 minutes.

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  6. Customer

    Excellent yoga system,
    Can’t recommend enough.

    Fun and enjoyable and works!!!

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  7. D. F. Jackowski

    I really like this program in addition to my strength training and cardio workouts.

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  8. WKS

    Highly recommended! I have been doing these workouts for several weeks and have seen noticeable improvements to my posture and flexibility. Perhaps the most obvious change is that I can now place my palms on the floor with my legs fully straight. Prior to these workouts, I could not touch my toes. Interestingly, I don’t seem to have lost much (if any) strength despite only using weights once during this period.

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  9. Julieann

    Provided good instructions. Great program. I prefer yoga by a guy, just a preference. So glad I found this program.

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  10. Ricky Miles

    Great program

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  11. Delo

    Great workout for a beginner. Dean takes the time to explain how to do the moves properly. I’ve been using these workouts as a warm up.

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  12. RasaKnox

    I really like this yoga program it really simple hard positions all I was missing yoga sounds recommended

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  13. Jen

    All around good program. Great instructions. He offers descriptions and directions for each move that tell how to get into the position AND how to check if you’re doing it correctly and safely. It is not as intense as some workouts I’ve done, but it definitely works the muscles. I use it on off days from running.

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  14. Trip To Go

    While our Yoga studio was shut down for COVID-19, we started doing Yoga Fix with Dean at home. We LOVED and used Yoga Fix so much that I just bought Yoga Strong for more variety. We also LOVE Yoga Strong. Dean is very personable and helpful in his instructions. Yoga Fix is a bit easier and it felt like we improved our “sitting at the desk” posture on the very first day of the 5 days. Yoga Strong Level 1 was a nice challenge, but still easier than our 75 minute classes at the yoga studio. We feel that Levels 2 & 3 will be enough challenge and that these will be the only 2 yoga videos that we will use (I own many more).

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  15. Marci

    Great workouts! I wish he had more program’s.

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  16. JDB

    I decided to add yoga to my regular exercise routine of hiking, weightlifting and running to help with flexibility and recovery post strenuous workouts. I found Yoga Strong to be a great addition to my regular regime and now mix it in 3X/week with my other fitness routines. I have also found the Body by Yoga’s additional programs, such Yoga Edge great recovery stretching the day after a heavy workout. I highly recommend Body by Yoga’s program’s or online courses, especially for men just getting into Yoga and have limited flexibility.

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  17. K. B. Layne

    Prior to the Pandemic I went to the gym, stretched lifted weights and that was about it – thought I was in shape for a 56 year man – that is not the case. Dean quickly made me realize where I was deficient, Yoga will challenge you in ways you never thought of. I always thought is was a female workout, that is NOT the case, Dean has provided a new path for me to become stronger for not just my muscles, but ligaments, cartilage and bone structure. It is an intense and demanding workout that is incredibly well done from levels 1-3 and then the extra Abs workouts are awesome. No question this is quality and I will never stop doing Yoga, I am hooked, great job Dean!!

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  18. stephanie

    Just got this and started it last night . so far so good

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  19. Dennis

    This is a great yoga video. if you can get through these, you’ve got a solid core, a clear mind and a strong body!

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    My husband and I have purchased three of the Body by Yoga programs: Yoga Boost, Yoga Fix, and now, Yoga Strong. Never disappointing, this series-done at three difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert-are very challenging but extremely rewarding as Dan helps you sculpt your body to how and where YOU want it to be. He shows you alternate techniques to doing the exercises whether you’re a neophyte of an expert. YOU WILL BE CHALLENGED, which is the point! My husband just started, but we see an immediate difference in our stamina, posture, and ability to sweat a lot and enjoy what we do and why we’re doing it! My words mean nothing until you try it our for yourselves. I promise and guarantee you will notice the difference!

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  21. Customer

    I am a weightlifter and am in extremely good shape. This yoga series is challenging me regardless of the shape I am in! It demands a different kind of muscle engagement that complements one’s usual workouts. This series leaves me sweating!

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  22. Christopher Robshaw

    This is what I was looking for as a good workout focused on strength, conditioning and flexibility, without tearing up my joints. Well presented, relaxed in attitude but will get you sweating!

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  23. necat

    Very well tailored yoga work without complicated poses and excessive repetitions. Very easy to follow instructions. Even after hard workouts, I find this yoga very restorative.

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  24. Stevi

    Great ! Shipped fast and love the yoga

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  25. kcampbell2

    The moves are well explained. Nothing chatty . I like ut

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  26. RTR

    Great workout. Enjoy Dean’s (BBY) other workouts as well. Recommend.

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  27. Mnr A. Jordaan

    It is the first time that I have done Yoga, Dean is a very good instructor, he tells you exactly which muscles you are working or stretching. As an athlete it has helped allot, I don’t have the stiffness and soreness the day after anymore. I can highly recommend all his program’s because I have them all, If you do the sessions you will have a happy result! Thank you Dean!

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  28. Laura Altenbach

    Great yoga workout for those who are not experts!! Definitely helped me loose weight!

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  29. Clifton

    I had rotator cuff surgery about 6 months ago. I started with the Yoga Boost which I enjoyed so much I purchased the yoga strong. I will tell you this my flexibility, strength as well as stamina has greatly increased. I am slowly lifting more weights on weight days plus aches that I would normally have are slowly disappearing I really look forward to these workouts. There are three levels to fit your level of experience for Yoga Strong. I have tried all three Total levels. It is very challenging but the reward is so great. I look forward to continuing this series as well as his online yoga classes for a mere monthly total. Thanks for taking time and making Yoga great again for me.

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  30. Rita

    Excellent program!

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  31. Eric Cole

    Excellent work out video. Just the right length, nice variety of programs.

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  32. Crystal

    I finally got a chance to do yoga at home and this program was great! Will definitely be using this several times a week! Started with beginner, the instructor went at just the right pace, explaining as he went.

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  33. Customer

    Love this video! I love that there are three levels and I have a choice of upper, lower, or total body. He moves at the perfect pace and the workout is fantastic. I no longer have to feel guilty not going to the gym.

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  34. Ryan Prestimonico

    Excellent workout yoga. Three levels allows for healthy progression. Videos range from 20-40 minutes depending on the level and workout.

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  35. Jaie

    These videos are excellent – perfect for the level that I am at!

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  36. James Hubert

    Great program. I started with Yoga Boost in April 2019 after double hip replacement. It was perfect for a great beginning. I’m now doing Yoga Strong which offers the continuing challenges and progression. Dean is a straight shooter, no fancy music, scenery, humming or any of that. Just down to earth workouts with sound results. I’m waiting for the next series to come out so I can continue. P.S. I’m 65 years old and in pretty good shape now. Thanks Dean!

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  37. Karen Slavens

    It was a very good

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  38. john Kauer

    Great for men, use it every day

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  39. Customer

    I have thoroughly enjoyed adding yoga to my routine with this series of workouts. I had some repetitive motion aches and pains from running and swimming and was able to remedy them with this series of videos. the slower movements and holding poses really strengthens those smaller muscles that we often ignore, the emphasis on stretching the entire body also contributed to my ability to overcome some of those persistent injuries. No nonsense, but guided, even down to the breath with constant reminders to focus on your core. I started at level 1 and now do level 3….and it never stops being challenging…you will tremble and sweat, but it is awesome.

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  40. Deb

    More people would love Yoga if they started with these routines. The first one I tried was the one that comes free with Prime, which is Yoga Sweat. I was an instant fan and wanted more options so I bought the series. The instruction is great for those of us who have never taken a yoga class. He makes it easy and provides options for those of us who are not flexible.

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  41. Diva Mom

    Great video to keep your body limber for the game of golf.

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  42. Kate

    I have been doing Beachbody 3 week yoga for 3 months, going slow. This is more advanced and starts with advanced moves in the first program. But it is well versed and a challenge.

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  43. Joseph

    I have done yoga off and on through the years. I do it mainly for the physical benefits. Most other videos I have used inevitably get heavier and heavier into the spiritual aspect. My other complaint is that form isn’t stressed as much by the instructors as it should be. In yoga, form is everything.

    Dean keeps this simple. He skips the metaphysical crap and just does 25 minutes of butt-kicking yoga. He concentrates heavily on form. After all, if you don’t do the pose correctly you won’t get the full benefit.

    And when I say butt-kicking, I mean exactly that. You will be sweating after 25 minutes. And you will definitely feel it.

    So if you are a novice or even someone who has done yoga before, I highly recommend this video.

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  44. John

    Our 3 1/2 year old loves listening to these stories of classical composers while riding in the car. They are very well made.

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  45. Pat

    I did the first one, upper and lower body, wow excellent. It is very rare for me to give a 5 star review, this is real!!

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  46. Joe Cashin

    Love the pacing of the program. The length of the videos are tremendous. I use this in conjunction with my regular workouts and it has helped me feel stronger while learning out.

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  47. Sunshine Girl

    Took a chance on this one based on friend’s recommendation, and am pleasantly surprised by how much I’m enjoying using this as a morning workout…a few days per week.

    Since I typically do advanced yoga, advanced Pilates and really high-impact workouts, I started with and have only done the Level 3 workouts of this (my favorite being the Total Body one which is just under 40 minutes). The top selling point is the amount of time you hold each pose – there is no rushing through the poses so you actually feel as if you are challenging your body and getting a proper stretch in.

    The setting is simple, the music (which is at the perfect volume) is quite pleasant and the instructor is thorough and has a nice voice. I would definitely buy another product featuring this instructor. Overall, this one is a keeper.

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  48. JM

    I really love Dean and how he teaches yoga. While doing each pose, he guides you along so you can tell whether you are doing it correctly or not. It is like he is sitting in your mind, understanding what you are into, and answering your questions right away as soon as they start to form in your head.

    He always has modifications if you feel any pain or difficulties doing some postures, even encourages you if you are shaking or lose balance. I particularly like it when I hear him breathe along as if he were really there right in front of you, and this also makes you stay more focused.

    His yoga is not difficult to do. I rather find it simple and very practical. Plus, it is a lot of fun and motivating. Dean made me want to do yoga everyday because his yoga makes me feel great and stronger. And because I feel so refreshed and stronger, it automatically motivates me to do more exercise at the gym.

    I have suffered from pain in shoulder blades, shoulders, and neck for more than a year now. Acupuncture, physical therapy, mattress change never really helped but Dean’s yoga did! After my first try on Level 1, total body, I could feel that my whole body’s muscles worked out. My posture improved and the upper back pain is gone more than half of what I felt in the past. Before I realized it, I don’t use muscle pain cream anymore.

    I am grateful I found Dean’s yoga and would recommend his programs to anyone.

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  49. Donald Post

    I can’t thank body by yoga enough. I started using their programs in August and changed my eating habits slowly changing my lifestyle so that it’s a permanent change. These workouts while challenging are so effective within the first few days I noticed my muscles returning that I haven’t seen in years. Having 2 kids and working full time doesn’t leave much time to go to the gym so being able to do it at home is great. Each workout is 30 minutes or less which is about all the time I can get in. My youngest even tries to copy me while I’m working out. This program has motivated me to change my lifestyle and I’ve been able to go from 170lbs in August to 147lbs in Feb and still going strong even with a few weeks here and there of slacking. I’ve never felt stronger and love that it’s not typical yoga because I’m not really cut out for the meditating and chanting side of yoga. I like the feeling of power I get after the workouts and Dean is an awesome instructor.

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  50. tap0615

    This Yoga workout works a lot more muscle than your normal yoga! Also it not super advance that even an average guy like me can do them!

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  51. K. Baker

    I really like Dean videos, each one gets better, little more intense. I haven’t made it to level three yet though. I would like to see more options for sale if I am unable to download the free videos, they are useless to me cause I cannot view them on my tv. I would request that the abs series and more difficult poses, like crow pose and other ones be incorporated into the levels. Again, I haven’t made it to three so sorry if it’s on there. I did see this on the upper body routine on YouTube. I hope to post a before and after once I am consistent in doing the programs.

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  52. Jon Stalcup

    Just getting back into yoga after a two year hiatus. These tapes have really improved my form and helped me relax. It also doesn’t hurt that the Dean the instructor is smoking hot.

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  53. Customer

    I’ve used many different yoga videos over the past 10 years from simple to complex. These have become my new favorites because I can really feel results. Other yoga programs are relaxing and offer good flexibility, but I often walked away wishing they would more effectively affect my overall health and strength. These programs do just that. I can feel a distinct difference in how I stand, sit, walk and my overall fitness level after doing these routines. Dean incorporates yoga poses into very real and practical exercises that help to increase effectiveness of the practice. Some very small modifications to traditional yoga poses are offered in these programs which have made all the difference to me. Each routine is about 20-30 minutes long, good for my busy schedule, while still having a positive impact. There are 3 programs in this set each with an increasing level of competency. I’m still working on the beginning program and am finding value. Can’t wait to comfortably work my way up the more advanced programs.

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  54. Pat Davies


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  55. Customer

    I LOVE the detailed instructions that Dean gives. Although I’ve done some Yoga before, the details really help me hold the poses longer and balance better. I use the workouts in conjunction with my other cardio and weight training excercises. The bonus abs workout is great!!

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  56. Kimmie

    This video is amazing and makes my body feel strong and healthy.

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  57. M. Keilman

    Love these videos, so helpful and they way he explains everything is awesome. This is the second set I got from this guy Dean and I highly recommend. There are different levels so you can work your way up.

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  58. Caramel Crusader

    Love this program yoga set. I do a yoga exercise everyday before work. While doing the program it doesn’t feel like a work out at the moment because it is so calming but you really do strengthen your core and stretch out your muscles. I was doing T25 in the past but my knees are not what they use to be so low impact is the direction I am moving in

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  59. poodle59

    I am a 55 year old female who has been doing yoga for years. Based on the reviews I ordered it, and I am glad I did. He gives excellent information on how to do the poses. It is functional strength with flexibility and I have noticed better posture and my shoulders feel limber and stronger. Listening to his cues, I find I totally focus on what my body is doing and how to tweak it. I also do Seane Corn’s yoga programs… I feel this helps add to them .

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  60. debbied

    I bought this program because as a yoga instructor, I am trying to attract more young men to my classes. I was looking for poses, cues, and language that would be more appealing to young, fit men who often believe that yoga (a) isn’t a “real” workout, (b) can’t offer them any benefits, or (c) is just for women. This program really helps–and it is a great addition to my own home practice.

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  61. anonymous

    If there is no exercise program you have found that meets your patience level or fitness goals then give this a try. Dean is amazing, easy to follow along with and with his yoga does not use yoga terms and Mother Earth language as other yoga programs do. This is about fitness, flexibility and health through proper technique and breathing. I have lost weight, gained flexibility and improved my blood pressure with this program and with the three levels of mastery on the 3 programs have room to intensify and improve.

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  62. TEV

    LOVE this yoga practice/video. The teacher is knowledgeable not just about yoga but overall fitness, flexibility, and strength building. His style/voice is pleasant yet firm and straightforward, which makes it easy to want to do this yoga practice often. It’s like he’s your best buddy who happens to also be lean, strong, and fit, yet encouraging with a knack for teaching. There’s no frill, no pretension, no distracting music or setting, no perfect yoga guru attitude, no reciting the formal names of positions. But it brings you the most important elements of traditional yoga, including reminders to breathe and making the mindful connection between strength, balance, flexibility and movement. As the teacher says, it’s one thing to build strength and to have muscles, but it’s another to be able to move them in a balanced, fluid way. It’s so that your muscle tone is not just for “show,” it’s for “go,” too. And the results are amazing! My husband and I look forward to this practice 2-3x per week and we feel stronger and more limber from head to toe! Highly recommend!

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  63. Customer

    I’ve only had this program set for a couple of weeks, but I had to share a review as a newcomer to this type of yoga. I’ve been using the Yoga Studio app for about four months, and I love it, but was looking for a different approach. I am using Level One and it is a workout! I am female so the upper body is probably the toughest for me but all the workouts are challenging. Dean is straightforward and no-frills but a fantastic instructor. He does talk a lot but it’s all relevant to how each movement/pose affects your body and why it is part of the workout. The music is just enough to enhance but not distract from the practice. In spite of how tough some of the moves are (for me anyway!) Dean is not intimidating and stresses modifications if you need them. I can already feel the difference even just going for a walk or using the Yoga Studio app- I’ve improved on certain poses that used to be a lot harder, like Half Moon and Reverse Warrior. About me: I am in my mid-forties, used to jog and do weights all the time. Injuries and stress sidelined me from my workout routine for a good 2-3 years, but I started exercising regularly again at the beginning of the year (yoga, walking, spinning but mostly yoga). I am finally starting to feel a bit more in shape and Yoga Strong has helped in that immensely. Update 5/31: I have also tried a couple of the Level 2 workouts, which build on the same ones in Level One. They are definitely hard but doable! Last night I was actually able to hold both a revolved half moon pose and a single extended leg balance pose, neither of which I had been able to hold more than a few seconds previously. I should add that I haven’t changed my diet nor have I been doing much else to exercise except yoga, either Yoga Strong or my app, so I definitely have to credit Yoga Strong for the improvements.

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  64. Henry

    I just got back in the gym and working out again. While lifting weights is great, I wanted something that would help supplement. This program fits in because it adds a different element of fitness without taking too much time. Dean does a great job getting through the yoga workout program and taking it slow enough for me to follow along. Another bonus, it’s not all “om-y” or “namaste”.

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  65. Alan Griffiths

    I’m a 40-year-old father of 2 kiddos under 5 years old. I haven’t been what one might call “athletic” for quite a while. Running around and playing with them was tough and I wanted something that would make me feel younger and improve the quality of playtime with my kids. Dean’s programming has done all that and more.

    Within the first week, maybe two, my mobility has increased tremendously and I feel stronger and healthier than I have in a long time. I’m able to jump up to chase my kids without being slow to start and without any pain. Leaning out has been another added bonus.

    I’m still a beginner, but I would recommend Yoga Strong and Dean’s programming to anyone looking to improve their health and get stronger.

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  66. Austin Zack

    I’ve been lifting weights for a long time and never really tried yoga before. A friend told me about this program and how it would change my opinion about yoga and help me add flexibility and stress relief back into my routine. BEST MOVE EVER. I still hit the weights hard but Dean’s program helped me regain a range of motion that i’d lost along the years and I wake up every morning fresh and ready to crush the day. Yoga for guys who hate yoga…nuf said

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  67. C.C.

    As a busy new mom, these workouts have been great for me – short (30 min or so), something I can do from my living room whenever I have a moment, and very effective. I’ve noticed my muscles feel stronger, my core is starting to feel tighter – in general, feeling more like my pre-baby self! I really like the emphasis on technique – the instructor walks you through each posture so you know how you are supposed to be feeling. I’ve done yoga in a studio for years and I’ve found myself looking around the room trying to mirror what other people are doing, but with these workouts I feel like I really know what I should be doing.