Think you can’t sweat from yoga? Introducing Yoga Body, our mothership workout system. Sculpt lean muscle mass, shred fat, and tone your core with these highly effective, yet low impact workouts you can use to get that long lean look today.

More than just a yoga workout system, Yoga Body is smart fitness. Get that chiseled, lean, swimsuit-ready body you want – while building a sustainable, pain-free body that lasts.

Challenging yet achievable. Difficult yet rewarding. And no flexibility required! Yoga Body is jam-packed with power yoga workouts for every fitness level. Inside you’ll find Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 workouts from beginners to advanced. And with separate workouts for the upper body, lower body, and total body, it’s now easier than ever to incorporate yoga into your fitness plan.

As a special bonus, this system also comes with a bonus abs section to strengthen your core and tone your abs!