You Have Been Doing Yoga And Didn’t Even Know It


Wondering why the heck anyone would ever do yoga.

Think yoga is for vegans and for Enya lovers? You’re probably right.

But it’s also for anyone who wants to boost their fitness results.

So before you go knocking on this ancient workout (hey if ancient warriors did it, then maybe you should too), check out this list of ways you’re probably already doing it anyway.

1. Parallel Parking. Also known as a seated twist pose or half lord of the fishes for you new age types. Improves your digestion. Stretches our your back. And works your obliques. Stop hitting that bumper behind you and do some yoga.

yoga twist reverse parking

(image source)

2. Putting on skinny jeans. Also known as bridge pose. Great for your core, shoulders, and lower back. Great pose to release stress and get ready for bed. Unless you can’t get those pants off that is.

yoga pose bridge pose


3. Reaching for your phone or wallet. Also known as basic shoulder stretch or standing twist. Great for releasing tension in the shoulders and for improving digestion. And now that you’re a yoga guru, you’ll have the flexibility and focus to swat at pick pockets!

yoga shoulder pose


4. Tying shoe laces. Also known as a forward fold. Great for releasing tension in your hamstrings and for opening your hips. Helps stabilize your lower back too.

yoga pose forward fold


5. Number two in the woods. Also known as a squat, a chair pose, or a garland pose. Stretch out your thighs, work on your balance, and strengthen that core. Who knew going au naturale had so many benefits.


(image source)

Have more examples. Think you can do better? Let’s hear em’ below in the comments!


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