Why Diets Don’t Work

We’re not quite sure how we’ve managed to get Elizabeth Benton of primalpotential.com to share this free book with us, but we’re not asking any questions. We’re just thankful that she’s willing to share this amazing resource with our audience.

This free book is a guide to long-term, sustainable weight-loss.

If you are practicing yoga as part of an overall plan to lose weight, the free advice in this book could be indispensable for your fitness journey. Inside, you’ll find must-know topics such as:

  • Counting calories versus carbs
  • The drawbacks to high-impact cardio
  • Long-term, sustainable nutrition advice
  • The low-down on why some fruits are bad for you
  • Common morning meals that can derail your diet
  • Simple dieting strategies
Click on the image below to start reading.
P.S. Don’t me put off by the name. You’ll discover why stress relieving workouts (ahem!) contribute to weight loss, how certain high-impact exercises can raise your cortisol levels and therefore reduce weight loss, and how carbs play a part in your insulin levels, which affects your appetite!
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