Core and Spine 2 Minute Mini Workout – Do This REGULARLY to Protect Your Lower Back and Get Stronger

This clip is from Yoga Max 33, our challenging power yoga program. Learn more at

Like the yoga mat in the video? Need a non-slip yoga mat that’s extra long, extra wide, and one that’s going to protect your knees? Check out the yoga mat you see in the video here:

Need a yoga block to raise the ground to match your level of flexibility? Discover our performance-grade cork yoga blocks for non slip support during balancing. We know that safety and support matter, and our blocks are created to help you comfortably go deeper in your practice! Learn more here:

Body By Yoga makes products and classes for functional strength, mobility, weight loss, and recovery. As yoga instructors first, and product designers second, you can expect that all of our workouts and training equipment are carefully engineered with out students in mind.

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