Beginners Chair Yoga – Sun Salutations Tutorial And Practice With Chair And Blocks

This tutorial is from our Yoga Vitality program. Yoga Vitality is a series of workouts designed to help with improved mobility, joint health, balance, pain relief, and injury prevention. Learn more about our unique style of yoga at

Designed for healthy aging, Yoga Vitality is for those who are interested in gently and safely strengthening their body in order to prevent injury, improve functional fitness, move through day to day tasks with more comfort and ease, and to get rid of the aches and pains that hold you back from doing what you want to do. Suitable for folks of any fitness level and age! And no flexibility required!

Featuring multiple demonstrators for every pose, we’ll show you how to tailor every exercise to your fitness level. And by providing modifications with a chair, you can choose to make every pose as easy or as hard you would like. Get ready to tighten that core, move gracefully and without pain, boost your energy, improve your balance and posture, and start living healthier!

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