Why we changed the name from Yoga Body to Yoga Strong

As you know, we had to change the name of our Yoga Body DVD because we were worried about a potential conflict with another website.
Truth be told, we’re actually really excited that we had the chance to change the name.
That’s because we feel that the name Yoga Strong conveys everything we want for your program…after all, it means so much more to be Yoga Strong that it does just to be strong.
Being Yoga Strong means having a solid foundation of fitness to give you the performance you need, with the looks you want.
It means working on a foundation that is just as strong as the exterior…so that you’re not just strong today…but for many years to come.
It means making sure that your joints and ligaments stay strong for tomorrow…despite all of the miles and wear and tear that you put on them today.Yoga Strong is our intermediate program from the Body by Yoga DVD Series; engineered, tested, and perfected. A complete yoga workout system to get you results you never thought possible with yoga.Want to learn more about being Yoga Strong? Click on the video below where we reveal more about the meaning of Yoga Strong!
Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 4.43.49 PM
See you on the videos!

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