What’s the difference between Yoga Strong and a typical yoga workout? – Free Yoga Strong Sample Video Inside!

“What’s the difference between Yoga Strong and a typical yoga workout?”

This is a question I have been asked often, and the easiest way to answer this is giving you my story of how I started with yoga.

I started doing yoga back when I was a collegiate lacrosse player. While looking for the tailor, I accidentally wandered into a Bikram Yoga studio. Halfway through the class, utterly exhausted, in disbelief that there was still 45 minutes to go, I knew that I had found a type of exercise that would become a regular part of my training program.

First I was doing 3 yoga classes per week. Then I slowly increased that to 5, 6, and sometimes 7 or more. I was going to yoga studios, talking with instructors after class, searching for tutorials on YouTube, and even booking private lessons with instructors. But something was still missing. Here are the 3 biggest things I was missing:

  1. I didn’t know if I was doing the postures correctly. Even though I was going to yoga almost daily, I wasn’t sure about my technique. I didn’t know what my knee was supposed to be doing in Warrior 2. I wasn’t sure where to “feel” the muscle engagement, or what NOT to feel. Maybe I’m a bad listener – but I wanted more on technique, and I wasn’t getting that.
  2. The poses weren’t lasting long enough. I was doing a lot of Vinyasa flows, and even though I really enjoyed the postures, I needed them to last longer. My tight hips needed more time to open up than all of the yogis and yoginis around me. Weight lifting and lacrosse made me strong, but I was NOT flexible.
  3. Everything was moving too quickly. Moving fast is fun, but it also means you don’t focus as much on your technique. As a result, I was developing pretty significant rotator cuff issues, not to mention lower-back discomfort. I started to dread the yoga push-up, because it hurt me almost every time. I wasn’t taking the time I needed to slow down and make sure I was doing the pose correctly.

Maybe you can relate. But I knew I wasn’t special. If I was having these issues, there were bound to be other guys having the same ones. So I created a solution with Man Flow Yoga. How’s that fit into Yoga Strong?

The Yoga Strong DVD is a perfect representation of the difficult, slow-moving and controlled muscle-building workouts you’ll get from Man Flow Yoga. It’s everything that I wanted in a yoga class, to help improve mobility while toning and shaping muscle. Except it’s not about me anymore. This is about YOU.

Get ready for the next level. The next evolution of yoga.

Yoga Strong goes on sale tomorrow for 40% off!!!
>>> Check out this short sample clip from the Upper Body section and see what the difference is for yourself!

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