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Thank you for your purchase and your support of the Body by Yoga workout videos. We are honored that you are open to learning how you can improve your physical fitness through yoga with us. The workouts in these videos were the result of years of critical thought, input from experienced yoga instructors from around the country, and many beta testers, people just like you, who were interested in the benefits that a fitness-centric style of yoga could provide and were just looking for the right guy to teach them.

We are confident that you can achieve the benefits described in our website, product description, and throughout our videos – as long as you put in the time and effort. It might not be easy, but it will be fun; and trust us when we say that the few minutes you put into these workouts on a regular basis will be well worth it when you start to notice the changes in your body in terms of how you look, move, and feel.

We look forward to your results. To get as much as you can from these workouts, set aside about 30 minutes for yourself in order to situate yourself and your equipment, to minimize your distractions, and to get ready to work. The only thing you need to worry during that time is following along to the best of your ability, giving it your all, and pushing yourself just a little bit beyond where you went the day before.

Enjoy the process. Now, find some space, roll out your yoga mat, and get ready to work. Body by Yoga starts now!


Dean and the Body By Yoga Team

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