Behind The Scenes – Finding A Yoga Mat That Works


What’s the most amount of yoga you have ever done in a day?

For Dean, it was about 12 hours when we put together the first batch of Body By Yoga workout videos. We already knew he was a yoga beast. But even we were surprised when he still had the energy to help the crew put away weights and barbells at the end of the shoot.

Knowing it was going to be a long day on the mat,  we wanted to make sure Dean was as comfortable as possible during the shoot – or as comfortable as one can be demonstrating a downward dog for two hours.

We gave Dean the option of working with any yoga mat that he wanted, but there was only that could sustain the type of athletic yoga we do at Body By Yoga.

We’re very fortunate to have found the perfect yoga mat. We might not have finished filming with out it.

It’s a durable, rugged, and large enough yoga mat for athletes. And most importantly, it is made out of cork, with just the right amount of cushioning – which meant Dean wouldn’t start slipping once the sweat started dripping.

We’re still gushing about how amazing these mats were, and we’re linking to them below with a special discount code. This is the only yoga mat we recommend. If you are serious about yoga and want to go deeper into every exercise without the risk of slipping and injury, then we highly suggest that you give these mats a try.

Use coupon code BODYBYYOGA to get 10% off any yoga mat! Your discount will be applied at checkout. Check out the cork yoga mat by Yoloha now!

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