How Does Yoga Reduce Stress?

Have a lot on your plate? Is the man getting you down? Yea, us too. If the amount of stress in your life is starting to get to you, I’m sure you’re thinking that the last thing you have time …

Not Your Typical Yoga DVDs

Aren’t you glad our yoga DVD doesn’t look like this!


Or this?


These were the firsts couple of DVD cover mockups that came in from our designers.

They look a lot like your average yoga DVD don’t they.

Thing about …

Did Spartan Warriors Do Yoga?

What do you guys think of this potential DVD cover for Guyoga – Yoga For Men!?

We’re trying out a few different designs.

Is it too, shall we say…300?


Yoga When You Are Older – Why You Shouldn’t Say No To Yoga

There are different parlances for every generation in regard to exercise options: Spinning (cycling), Zumba, Pilates, it goes on and on. There are trends in exercise just as there are in everything else.

Yoga is not a new type of …

Flexible Excuses

When something seems intimidating or unattainable, we tend to make excuses for why we can’t or, at the very least, won’t try.  The number one excuse for why a person hasn’t tried yoga yet, is the lack of flexibility.

But …

Pranayama Explained

Does Breathing Like Darth Vader During Yoga Decrease Stress? Sort Of.

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you’ve probably noticed that guy who sounds like he’s moving trucks with his bare hands. Or the woman who may or may …

Yoga . . . For Athletes? Seriously?

Secret is out. We are producing a yoga program for athletes called Yoga Edge. Stay tuned and get ready to run faster, jump higher, and train harder. There’s a pose called the “warrior” for a reason.…